30 species of photo frames, how to make photo frames from paper, painting and others

Photos - the storage of various moments. They keep their lives. That is why always, even in the era of digital technologies, people put on the table, placed on the walls of photos related to one or another event, or man. Spectacular and unusual frames for photos are not cheap, and you want to decorate a dwelling decorative decorative element to everyone. Therefore, the decor of the photo frame was always, there is also in demand. The decoration of the framework with their own hands is quite practically everyone, it is fascinating, makes you feel like a real creator.

Photo frames from paper

How much can you do from paper? Countless products, interior items, crafts and many more, many things. The Internet is sisit of ideas, one is better than another.

Photo Frame in Origami

Required materials: - Color one-sided paper; - scissors; - simple pencil; - PVA glue; -limaka.

The base is 4 square 15x15 cm.

Fold the square diagonally with the color side inside.

Expand. Put the square facial side up and bend the lower side of the square to the fold line, as shown in the photo.

Turn over the workpiece and bend the lower angle.

Turn over the workpiece on the front side and bend along the fold line.

Turn over. And the bottom of the bend along the fold line.

Lay the side in pockets. Module is ready.

Reverse side of the module.

To assemble the photo frame, we need 4 modules.

We apply glue to the sharp angle and insert into the angle of the 2nd module, as shown in the photo.

Then the 3rd and 4th module.

Photo frame is ready.

The reverse side of the photo frame.

Insert any photo or cheerful picture.

Volumetric photo frame

The idea of ​​this frame is good in that it is only a sheet of paper and scissors for its creation. It is also great that the frame is obtained volumetric.

Frame size and depends on the size of the sheet of paper. And this means that you can make a frame of any format. And use it to accommodate a photo or collage, as well as for the design of the crafts made with your own hands.

Print frame template

If you do not have the ability to make a printout, then make a template for a homemade paper frame with your own hands. To do this, in the center of the sheet it is necessary to place a photo and circling its outline (or simply draw the rectangle of the appropriate size in the center of paper). Then postpone the strips of different values ​​on the sides (we alternate a strip of 1.5 cm wide and 1 cm). Make recess in the upper and lower part - as shown on the template.

Next, we curb the battered strips on the line. We start wrapping the future paper frame for photography. We do it carefully, so as not to remember the craft.

First there are short sides, and after them are long. We need to insert the angles of the long sides of the paper frame into the corners of its short sides to tightly fix the design.

If the paper is very dense and glossy, it makes sense first insert a photo, but only then turning the sides. So she "sits" is denser. If you are worried about the design, you can drop some glue or use double-sided tape.

Paper frame in Quilling technique

Option 1:

To work, you need to prepare tools and materials:

  • Frame for photo from light wood.
  • Acrylic white paint
  • sponge or sponge for paint
  • Paper for queening white and blue - 3 mm wide strips
  • tweezers for quilling
  • Shilo for queen
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Glue moment
  • Acrylic contours - imitation of pearls - white and blue colors

Let's start with the preparation of the frame. It is better to take a frame of a light tree. Then it is not necessary to pre-frame to primitive, and the white paint perfectly feels on the tree. If the dark wood frame, then it will be necessary to impose a pre-soil to disguise the dark color of the tree. Highlight glass from the frame. Sponge by the missing movements we apply paint on the frame, on all sides. It is better to impose 2-3 layers. And we leave the frame until complete drying (an hour after 1.5 the frame will finally dry). While the frame dries, we will deal with the preparation of decorative elements, which subsequently the frame and will be decorated. Immediately, I note that when creating such elements there are no uniform circuits or rules. All this is exclusively flight of fantasy and work skill with paper. Web 8 white strips and glue them with a ladder, that is, each strip is glued to the previous tip, while the tip of the strip is located just below. With the help of sewn twisted glued strips, while wrapped the strip so that the places of gluing are inside. Fragment of the twisted role. Here is such a beautiful curl turned out. Now glue the strip between yourself in one place, just below the curl. When the connection site dries, give stripes the wave shape, and glue strips again. The remaining free ends cut off so that each strip is longer than the other. And twist each tip. Pay attention to the fact that it turned out a great difficult element. Now this element is glued to the already dried frame. The element can be flexing in the form of the frame. In the decor of this frame, I wanted to beat 2 colors - white and blue, as well as a smooth transition from one color to another, so I will proceed to create a central element, but already blue color. Close the ladder of 6 strips of paper and twist them in the ROL.

We glue the strips among themselves in one place. The tips cut through the same way as the white element: each strip is longer than the previous one. And screw each strip on a sewer for queening. Now we spin the previously twisted roles. It is easy to do, spending on them a seboard. Now we glue this element to the frame. It is better to use glue moment for this. At the same time glue this element into the upper left corner, as in the photo. We put curls so that they lay in the same plane, glit. In order to make a smooth transition from one color to another, glue the strips of white and blue, 4 - each color. And twist into curls. We glue on the left side of the frame. To fill the emptiness, do and glue the curls on the frame. Left - white, right - blue. Add another curl of blue, but already larger. Now we return to the bottom of the frame. For decor twist a lot of small curls. To do this, cut the strip on parts of an arbitrary size tighten the ends. We glue the items so as to fill all the space. I always urge not to be afraid to combine various techniques, and in this case I took advantage of acrylic contours for painting. The contour with the imitation of pearls of natural color put a number of points. The size of the points is increasing, from smaller to more. In the upper part of the frame where the curls of blue color, draw points the contour of the appropriate shade. I drew wavy lines so that one color of the points smoothly moved to another. And here is the result. Insert your favorite photo into the frame, and let it pleases the eye for many years.

Option 2:

For the manufacture of quilling frames for photos, the following ingredients will be needed:

- Dense paper for the background (minimum 300g / m2) - less dense paper for flowers (from 120 to160 grams / m2 - it is no more densely, because strips of this size will not be tightened so obedient and smoothly) two colors. In my case, it is white, which will be highlighted, and a more gentle shade of background color, which will allow our flowers to be successfully combined with the main color and will help to highlight parts. - a paper knife and a steel line for cutting strips. Scissors cut the business tedious - PVA glue - toothpick or other roller spin fixture

Cut a strip of a long 30 cm and a width of 5 mm, the number is pretending, leaning on the conceived plot. There are many ingenious ways of fast cutting, for example, cut several paper layers at the same time, but with such a density (120 to 160) it is quite difficult. Therefore, in order to not be wiser for a long time, I brought paper for flowerflowers with a notebook sheet into a cage and, Vzhik-Vzhik-Vzhik, moving a line of cells, but for the beginning we will make a frame, and the most pleasant thing is for the start.

We place our most dense leaf. I recommend pre-drawing a detailed scheme on paper so as not to cut off too much, take into account all sizes. I counted in the photo 13x18, based on these sizes, choose the width of the frame, my left and bottom is slightly wider. Having finished markup, cut out the window for the photo, which should be a little less than the photo itself.

Now we will deal with "pocket", in which the photo will be inserted. The photo paper is very dense and has a significant thickness, so that the frame is not deformed when the photo is inserted into it, we will give the pocket a little width. We stick from the back by a narrow strip of thick paper from the back, and now you can stick the "pocket" itself, which will not let our snapshot fall out of the frame.

The basis is ready

Go to flowers. So, for the manufacture of the petal we will need a paper strip, which, with a split toothpick (or a more noble tool), twisted into a dense roll. The roll in turn is unwinding to a certain diameter, then the end of the strip is fixed by the PVA glue and the roll is given the desired form using the fingers. My hands so that there are no inspired dark spots at work. Particular cuts are especially easy, for white paper is just a catastrophe, it is easy for her very poor look.

For the manufacture of the same petals, it is convenient to use the template to unwind the rolls to one diameter.

I still really like the flowers of such a form

And leaves, of course

In general, we cool how much the soul please, do not forget to create a flora of a variety of dimensions. When the main elements are ready, we have from the frame and glue. This is not the final version, but the point, I think it is clear.

Now add details until the composition does not seem full enough.

The last step remained - we attach a standing stand on the reverse side.

Frame ready!

Photo frame made of paper tubes

Option 1:

We will need:

  • old newspapers or magazines;
  • Frame base;
  • glue;
  • wooden skeletal;
  • scissors.

Before making a frame from the newspaper, you must prepare several dozen tubes. To do this, divide the printed edition to individual sheets, and then screw, starting from the corner, each piece on a wooden skeletal.

To fix the tube, lubricate the corner of the sheet with a small amount of glue. Wait until it dries, and carefully remove the skewer. Similarly, make some more dozen paper tubes. In our example, such tubes will need about 55 pieces.

Check, or sufficient tubes length in order to cover the frame. If they turned into shorter than required, glue two tubes by inserting one to another. Now you can proceed to creating a frame from newspaper tubes. Apply a thin layer of glue on the base frame. You can use the primer if the color of the base is not suitable for you.

Lay out the tubes in parallel to each other so that there are no gaps between them. You can stick the tubes vertically, horizontally or by oblique - it all depends on your imagination.

Spread the rectangular frame from four tubes, the size of which corresponds to the photograph or the picture you plan to place. Carefully remove protruding the edges of the ends of the tubes, and the handicraft is ready!

Option 2:

Cut the strip for the entire length of the leaf i. 30 cm. Strip width 5 cm.

Glue is better to use this, not liquid. And you will need a wooden wand. Put the wand so that the ends of the strips remain empty, I have 5 cm. It was not so easy to twist the tube that I thought first and I came up with my own method that I share with you.

First step. We do first the side of the shape of a stick. So then it is more convenient to glue it. If you do not have such chopsticks at hand, you can replace them with paper tubes. Which are twisted for weaving. For us, the main goal is a frame of straight tubes (without cheating).

Step 2. With pencil glue, we rub the wand on all sides and glue the side to it. We leave to lie down (wand and paper should be glued), at this time glue the following. And so made the blanks proceed to the next step.

Step 3. The first turnover of the sticks make firmly pressing and correlacing the ends of the tube. Then do not try to twist tightly, only pour paper. You only need to give the shape of the tube. Then on the floor on the rug, start swing the sausage (as with the test) first slightly, then you will feel that it turns out. Then already firmly press and rolling until you feel the wand. Try to make the ends in which there are no sticks in thickness the same with the center. And yet, if you rolling the tube, and it does not twist it - it means the wand drank.

Step 4. The tube is pinned with clothespins. The clothespins have two values ​​of deepening, fix in the second - smaller. You can three clothespins.

Step 5. Bonding first between the clothespins, then we remove them and end the glue where the clothespins were. Adhesive glue PVA neatly needle. The tube is ready.

So I glued two tubes together. Tubes, if they stick it in this way does not behave. Will be flat. The glue applied toothpick between the tubes directly from the top. And also, all the tubes do not forget to lay the seam to the top - it will be the wrong side.

Only two tubes are included in my clothespin, in a large deepening.

Here are such strips turned out for the frame. There is not enough one photo, as 4 tubes glued. There is already simple, cut out the strip is not wider than 4 tubes and stick to it.

I needed a frame for this picture. Descended as I thought it was necessary, measured the inner size.

According to the ruler, I made a tag from an angle at an angle and cut a very sharp knife.

Cut the corner and glued on it.

The frame constantly frozen so that it did not turn out to be a curve.

And here is the corner. It turned out!

Photo frame from paper under the bamboo

For a bamboo frame, thin dense tubes from foil or food film are needed. The tubes may differ slightly in diameter, the same bamboo, and in nature it is different.

I cut the tube, but it seems to me, too, I can, for example, saved, because I had little tubes and I like it more when the flat side in the frame.

First fitting. The subframe glued out of 2 corrugated cardboard sheets, the front side was covered with velvet adhesive film, back wallpaper. On the upper crossbar it can be seen that the size of the tubes is different.

Every prepared "stick" pasted by pieces of some packaging paper (found in the covers) under the paper in several places pasted the jute rope (future bamboo rings) there, where the difference between the diameters of the tube, too, wound the thread, pre-gluing the tube with the imposition of more on smaller.

Dropped from glue tubes cover a brown putty (I'm fine with my finger, everything was missed, paying attention to jumpers).

When the tubes were dried, I carefully treated with shallow emery paper. In places of jumpers hovered with a brown paint with brown paint and, without waiting for her drying, as it were, it would stretched the paint away from the jumpers, thereby making the transition of the color smooth and natural.

Photo frames from cardboard

Option 1:

Create a beautiful framework without the appropriate inventory is problematic. Therefore, collect a minimum set of tools. It should include:

  • big scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • PVA glue;
  • simple pencil;
  • Scotch;
  • small scissors;
  • small-grained sandpaper;
  • Line.

Note: It is advisable to get a cutting rug, it is much easier to place the details of the future frame.

If the color of the cardboard for the frame does not suit, purchase a spray with aerosol paint. To decorate frames for photos, use seashells, pebbles, glass, rhinestones, beads, etc.

In addition to the main tools, use the painter brush with a soft bristle, a spray gun, water and tongs. They will need to prepare material for use.

Preparation of material

The best material to make frames for the photo with your own hands is the cardboard. Why? It is cheap and suppleped when processing. In each house there will be at least one cardboard box and glue with scissors.

In the raw form, the cardboard is unsuitable in order to make a photo frame. Its preparation comes down to the following - separate the upper layer so that the corrugated part appears.

Sometimes it is not easy to achieve this, since different types of cardboard make with different amounts of glue and they have different thickness.

How to quickly separate the top layer of cardboard:

    Moisten the part of the paper to be removed. Equally distribute moisture on the surface with the help of a brush. Wait 2-3 minutes while soaked. Follow the edge or knife to the edge of the layer and try to remove as a larger piece. Repends cut. Dried glue to consider emery paper.

The method described above is applicable to large pieces of cardboard, sometimes enough to lose the top layer.

Note: Spray water carefully. If you go over, the cardboard will splash. At best, you will have to wait until it dries. At worst - start working again.


First you need to decide for which photo the frame is created. It is not important to content, but the size and orientation of the card (vertical or horizontal). Based on this, proceed:

Step number 1. Cut the basis.

From a large piece of cardboard cut the base of the frame. Its dimensions must exceed the size of the photo at least twice. Next, you will understand why. Using a ruler and pencil, mark the outlines of the future part. Then cut it with scissors. Step number 2. Making the photo compartment.

On the middle of the base, the rectangle is a bit of smaller than the photo for which the frame is manufactured. Carefully spend on the contour by the stationery knife and cut down the window.

Cut a rectangle that will close a hole for a photo from the back of the frame. Stick the door to the tape with one of the sides.

Step number 3. Complete the workpiece.

Make a few cardboard tapes of different lengths. Four of them stir around the photo compartment. The rest use to create the structure of the frontal part. For clarity, look at the drawing below.

So that the frame is tightly adjacent to the wall, glue the corners of the rear of the triangles. They compensate for the thickness of the door and allow the photo frame to hang smoother.

Make triangles easier simple. Cut one, outward contours pencil, and then use it as stencil.

Step number 4. Decor.

All that we did before, had little in common with creativity. It's time to turn on the fantasy to the full coil. Here is one of the options for designing the frame, but this is just an example, you can come up with your version.

So, for the decoration of the photo frames, we use all the same cardboard. Take the prepared material with a naked corrugation and cut on the tapes. Several of them separate the items as shown in the figure below. Next, make decorative parts to the front of the frame. As a result, we get an asymmetrical embossed pattern. Such a photo frame is unique and with a proper approach to the manufacture will give odds designer counterparts.

Additional options for making photo frames such:

Traditional photos have energy that is deprived of digital images. Enclose them in the framework made with your own hands. It will make the brighter moments brighter, and the design of the room is unique.

Option 2:

You will need: Cardboard corrugated, self-adhesive paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, napkins Paper colored or corrugated paper, stapler stationery, thermo gun, photography.

From the cardboard, cut 2 rectangles 16x20, one 5x15. On one of the rectangles in the center we draw another rectangle, retreating from the edge of 3 cm., The inner rectangle is obtained 10x14.

On self-adhesive paper, we put our rectangle, we supply a pencil and add 2-3 cm., As shown in the figure, cut out and gently glue two large rectangles.

Little rectangle (hereinafter) cut from one edge diagonally as in the figure and also glue.

For the manufacture of florals from the napkins, we will need 9 napkins, of which we get 18 flowerflocks. We cut into two parts at the middle.

From the cardboard, we cut the circle with a diameter of 5 cm. We fold the cropped napkin in half and fasten the stapler. We supply our circle.

Next, cut out and form flowers.

We glue the holder using the thermo gun on a whole rectangle from the attached side.

On the other hand we glue a photo.

We collect the frame, gluing both parts and flowers.

Photo frames from wood

As you know, a tree is an ecological, dear and exquisite material.

A tree in any interior emphasizes aristocracy. Placing a wooden product in your house we are a little approaching nature.

Step 1: Materials

For the project, you will need a pair of pallet boards, although any other tree is suitable. In my case, a slightly shabby type of pallet wood is perfectly combined with the same familiar sign, so I used it. If you want to achieve a more gluable appearance, then the pallets can also be used, just the boards will need to be cooled to polish and, for example, to cover with varnish or paint.

For the rear wall of the frame, it will take something flat, such as MDF, or DVP. Thin plywood or tight cardboard will also fit. The only requirement for the rear wall is the size. Dimensions should be slightly more than the sizes of the visible area of ​​the frame, and less than its edges. In other words, it can be in size with a frame, but a couple of centimeters is less than each edge.

Step 2: Fresh the subject of adoration

The frame we do not quite ordinary, it can not be inserted into it, for which the photo is placed. Since there is no glass, then that the photo does not drop it will have to be glued. I used a car sign instead of the photo, and glued it to the MDF (rear wall) on hot glue.

The glue can be any, but with a hot deal goes faster.

Step 3: Cut the frame

Now we need a ruler, and the basic skills of working with hacksaw (which are all men by default from birth). All you need is to measure on the board the length of the inner edge of the frame, and spread the corners of 45 degrees, and then cut the board on them.

Step 4: Collect all pieces together

I just glued every side of the frame to the rear panel on hot glue, and was such. As can be seen, there are small gaps between the boards, and I like this species even more.

Step 5: Sit down a little more

At the edges of the back wall, I inflicted another thin layer of glue, for an additional hitch.

Step 6: Hole for fastener frame

A hole for fasteners is made on the back side, and here the main thing is not to make it through.

Step 7: Recent Strokes

Frame from branches of trees

We need:

  • Thin branches;
  • cardboard;
  • adhesive pistol or superchalter;
  • MOSH (real or decorative);
  • decorative flowers;
  • acrylic paints;
  • Local varnish (not required).

To make such a frame, you need to accommodately approach the selection of material. Try to choose branches of one or two sizes (thickening and persistent). The rod with slippery bark is better not to take, because over time they will start drying, which will make them not too beautiful. Yes, and work with slippery crust is harder. The dry branches collected from the ground are best suited, and not torn from trees.

The workpiece for the photo frame needs to be cut out of thick cardboard (and glue several layers among them) or plywood. Next, paint the future frame in brown or any other color. The main thing is not to leave it white, as it will look too beautiful.

Spreads free from extra bark and align. Cut the size of the frame. Put the first layer four branches thoroughly, stick them.

Next, lay out another layer of branches. Increase their mass on the photo frame gradually, gluing each separately. If you are using superclauses, the reliability of which is not too sure, gripe the twigs with a wire. It is advisable to choose a wire of an imperceptible color or cover the finished photo frame of the aerosol paint completely so that the attachments do not catch the eye.

Still on the edges of the moss frame. If you do not have anything like, add leaves or cones that can be pre-painted.

Add decorative flowers or beads, painting them acrylic to decorated under berries. At the end, the cracker can be closed with non-toxic varnish for wood processing.

Photo frame from sticks for sushi

Option 1:

Making layout

We put sticks in the form of a lattice. To do this, two sticks are parallel to each other at a distance of about 20 cm, then they are perpendicular to lay 5 sticks at a distance of 2.5-3cm.

Prepare composite parts

We fasten all parts of the layout with thread. Then repeat the same again. We should get 2 lattices, the same as in the picture.

Connect composite parts

We fold the lattices together, and we associate them with each other.

Photo frame is ready!

We make a loop so that our frame can hang. Then we glue a photo using two-way tape. That's all, the product can be placed on the wall!

Option 2:

Wooden pinch frame

Slips can be purchased in building stores and shops for home comfort.

This framework will be an excellent gift. And you can use it not only for the mirror.

Such a frame design will be appropriate for the photo and for hours, and it is possible to accommodate some beautiful composition of flowers or glass in the center.

Photo frames from girlfriend

Cleated decor

You can glue the frame very much, everything is determined by the taste and fantasy of the wizard.


The framework for photos decorated with buttons will look original, especially if you choose their own color. However, this is not a prerequisite. The desired uniformity of color can be obtained using acrylic paint. For example, buttons covered with gold paint are converted beyond recognition in a happy chance that did not have time to get into the trash can an old photo frame.

Beads, rhinestones

Over time, such things in abundant accumulate each woman. All this can be a unique assembly of materials for registration with your own hands of an elegant frame with a favorite photo, it is worth sticking them to a pre-planned pattern, ornament. Tip: You can use whole brooches, beads, beads, pearls, interesting glass, fragments of a broken dishes, mosaic elements.

Natural materials

The tastefully performed decor frame in natural style always attracts attention. After all, we are all children of nature.

Coffee beans, seashells

Coffee beans

Coffee beans will use you not only to make an invigorating drink, they turn out to be an excellent material for decorating with their own hands photo frames: they have a wonderful smell, the original texture, noble color, they do not deteriorate. A lot of time work will not take it too: it is not so difficult with the help of an adhesive gun or PVA glue tightly bonded with coffee beans standard frame for a photo, which in a new guarantee will be guaranteed to be the leading interior accessory.

To make the frame of the fragrance made by their own hands, buy Anisa and Badyan asteris and find them place in the overall decor.


This is one of the grateful materials for decorating with your own hands a photographic frame. For registration we need seashells of various shapes and magnitude. In addition to the shells, inlaid is appropriate to use interesting glass, sea pebbles and other finds made on the sea or river bank.

Photoframes from egg trays

These roses are made from the usual jump cardboard, which sells eggs wholesale. All you need is: mirror, several boxes from eggs, scissors, glue and aerosol paint.

1. Cut the cells of petals

2. Cut smaller petals inside the bud, and glue them with a slight displacement of petals.

3. Repeat until you collect a complete rose.

4. Stick roses on the mirror. The mirror is better to stick with painting scotch, you still paint it.

5. Color from the spray gun, let dry the paint and remove the tape.

Photo frames from Foamyran

Materials and tools

To make bright butterflies, prepare:

  • Foamiran (plastic suede) 2 mm thick, black and two types of color;
  • Foamiran thin white and lilac;
  • glue "moment";
  • scissors;
  • pastel;
  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • cotton buds;
  • Spin.

Manufacturing technique and photos

On folded in half paper arbitrarily draw a pencil template - half of the silhouette of the butterfly, or download the finished picture. You can translate the silhouette of an insect from a book or children's coloring.

Cut out the pattern with scissors, put on a black foamiran, circle the needle, slightly pressed on the plastic suede. Material for the base may be dark blue, brown, the main thing is that the top layer is much lighter. Repeat for the workpiece of another size and shape.

Quick the paper pattern again in half and cut another silhouette, repeating the first contours of the first, departing 2-3 mm from the edge. Repeat actions with another paper pattern.

Call all four butterfly silhouette from Foamiran. Decorations Perform from thin material of different shades.

Upper workpiece Toned pastel, gaining it on a slightly wet cotton wand. Color without using strong push, movements should be easy to get natural "live" shades. Colors Apply symmetrically - in nature, these insects are always mirrored.

Also paint the detail of the second butterfly.

Folding painted parts in half, arbitrarily cut them into the same parts. Immediately lay out symmetrically the resulting elements on black, otherwise it will be difficult to choose the same one.

The resulting figures, if desired, also cut into smaller. The smaller they are, the more interesting the drawing of the wings.

Put the whole drawing of the wings and begin alternately glue the decor to the base. It is advisable to act from the edge to the center, leaving a small black gap between the blanks. This will create the effect of the volume and make a craft more interesting.

Try all the elements to be stuck symmetrically. Remember the perfection of nature.

Now you need to prepare a photo frame. From thick phoamyran, pick up two circles constituting the base of the frame, in this master class diameter is 22 cm.

In one of them, make a smaller hole (for the desired photo).

Cut the workpiece corresponding to half the upper frame for the photo. Stick it to the lower base of the photo frame. At the top glue the front part. Act the instructions printed on the glue tube.

Start the received butterflies on the photo frame, picking up good places as in the photo.

Cut out arbitrarily small butterflies from colored phoamyran for an additional decor of the photo frame and stir them on the front part.

Apply pastel on the already described method on the frame and butterflies.

Enclose the magnet if the frame will be located on the refrigerator or attach the holder for the photo frame.

Photo frame with butterflies from Foamiran is ready to decorate the interior or become a gift.

Photos ... They keep the most interesting moments of our life. How to save the pictures themselves? It is best to conclude them into the frame and put on a prominent place.

But unusual and suitable accommodation accommodation accessories can cost big money. Yes, and find a truly exclusive framing model, most likely, will not be easy. Or maybe a photographer is collected with your own hands?

Of course! Moreover, from the most incredible materials. And be sure that such a thing will not fall on the shelf, it will be put up for everyone to see.

Where to begin

Like any case, the collection of frames for the photo begins with the selection of consumables and manufacturing techniques. As shown Master Classes, Photo Frames Most often do:

  • from wood,
  • all kinds of paper,
  • Cardboard.
фоторамка своими руками

Wooden photo frame with your own hands

But this is just the top of the iceberg. Fantasy craftsmen are limitant, and Picture of paper For them, the stage has long passed. They work literally with all that falls under the hands:

  • plastic;
  • foam;
  • matchboxes;
  • pencils;
  • CDs;
  • straw;
  • twigs;
  • fabrics;
  • dough.
фоторамка своими руками

Photo frame from pencils

Let's try to understand the intricacies of the manufacture of the most interesting options.

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Photo frames from cardboard

Tight material will allow you to collect a sufficiently strong frame for a snapshot. It can not only hang on the wall, but also put on the shelf or desktop.

The technique of assembling the photo frames is simple. It is necessary to cut two parts in size slightly more than the planned snapshot planned. In the standard case, the frame is placed rectangular shape, but if desired, you can experiment. In one of the rectangles, the central part is cut out so that the strips remain with a width of at least 4 cm around the edges. If the accessory is planned to be attached to the wall, then the back will need to stick the loop from the rope or thin ribbon. How to make a supporting leg with a photo frame from cardboard, you can see the Internet.

фоторамка своими руками

Details of photo frames from cardboard

We collect the design on the glue, after which it will only have to re-organize the resulting. Just painted cardboard will look sad. Since this pattern is different from the photo frames from paper strength, you can decorate it with any liked way. Make an application by cutting out blanks from colored paper, or take a packing wrap clipp. In the latter case, in the additional decoration, the cardboard foundation will not be needed. On top of a fairly beautiful picture, it will look like analyapo and spoil the impression of an unusual photo frame.

фоторамка своими руками

Puck the frame of beautiful packaging paper

It happens that the finishing paper is a magnificent texture and completely ridiculous color. Do not rush to postpone her aside. Just repaint material into a cute shade, and boldly use to implement ideas.

In the house full of old postcards? Fine! Look at the master class on Qwill Photo Frames. The idea will probably like it.

фоторамка своими руками

Decor of the photo frames in the technique of quilling

It is possible to decorate the workpiece with colored paper napkins. They are cut into squares, fmines in loose lumps and fixed on a cardboard basis. This beauty will not be made even to the most distant from creativity.

фоторамка своими руками

Can decorate frame with colored paper napkins

To decorate the photo frames, sequins and beads, broots and coins, buttons and residues of old puzzles are suitable for decorating . It can be seeded with cloth, tied up, lagged threads. Felt, guipure, lace, atlas, velor - the list can be continued endlessly. There is always a way to attach to business what is found in the covers.

фоторамка своими руками

Decoration of photo frame buttons

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Picture of paper

There is a desire to do needlework, but there are no ideas, from which materialize the dream? Look around. Surely in the house there are remnants of wallpaper from repair. Of these, you can build a magnificent bulk frame in the photo.

Do you own the art of origami? Then you can do more complex products that are collected from several sections. To such an exciting occupation should attract children. Arrange your home master class creating a photo frame. For origami, you can take the most unwashed paper and subsequently decompose it at your discretion.

фоторамка своими руками

Photo Frame - origami

There is nothing in the house except for newspapers? But they also may well be put into move. By the way, unusual photo frames are easiest of such material. You can work with newspapers with various technicians. For example, they can be folded into the tubes, from which frames for photos are mounted.

фоторамка своими руками

Photoframe from newspaper tubes

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Photo frame with your own trees

"Those who do not appear to know the process of weaving, can safely create photo frames from such girlfriend as a vine and bar"

Also excellent handmade material. The easiest way to assemble the frame under the photo from the twigs and twigs. To fix items to one whole, organza or not too thick rope. If you wish to make the design as reliable, you can additionally smoke parts with a glue gun. To preserve the natural texture of the material, the product is to operate with colorless varnish.

фоторамка своими руками

Photo frame from twigs

Those who do not appear to know the process of weaving can safely create photo frames from such healthy materials like a vine and bars. Use the Willow Spreads, Cameca, Evnyak. Do not throw away sticks from the pop. They can also be the basis of the frame.

фоторамка своими руками

Sticks from popsicle can be the basis of the frame

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Unusual Photo Frames: Decor Ideas

Do you know that a photo frame from undergraduate materials is the subject of multifunctional? This is not just a stand for a successful snapshot: it can be used as an element of the interior decor, and not simple, but an accent. If the collected photo frame seems to you boring and too simple, try to improve it and enter into the surrounding environment. In order to turn an unbroken product into an exclusive thing, everything is suitable in the sewing box and storage rooms. Let's see how can this be used?

Eco-style in the decoration of photo frames from cardboard


So that the souvenirs are brought from the resorts did not lie in a dead cargo and could perform their role of "reminder" about the perfect vacation, remove them from the caches and use for the design of photos of the appropriate subject. An excellent decor will become small pebbles. Pebbles can be left in natural form or paint them into fun.

фоторамка своими руками

An excellent decor of the photo frame will be small pebbles

The elements can be spread by sorting in size, trying to create some ornament or simply in an arbitrary order, diluting other gifts of the sea coast. In any case, it turns out nontrivially and pretty.

фоторамка своими руками

Frame from seashells will remind the perfect vacation

Magic nuts

Remember the lines from the "Tsar Tsar Saltan" about nuts are not easy? We also need gold shells for the decor of the photo frame, and we will get them with spray paint. Divide the walnuts in half, spread the halves on paper and treat the gold paint. After drying the decor glue on the frame. Just and magical!

фоторамка своими руками

Camera decor Golden shells


The simplest way to get unusual photo frames. From the gifts of nature will be required:

1. Shell from eggs.

2. Small shells.

3. Thin branches.

We beat the shell in fragments (not in the dug!), Chopsticks in white paint. Now it remains only to stick on the basis.

This lightweight mixture can be made and a paper photo frame. The center of such a craft can be not only a photo. Position there the thematic decor, such as a solicky from large seashells and bright autumn leaves.

фоторамка своими руками

Make a photo frame with eggshell


The photo frame can not only be decorated beautifully, but also flavored in addition. Pretty pleasant smell exuded anise sprockets, cinnamon sticks. Elements simply glue on the finished frame. Their quantity and location is determined arbitrarily.

фоторамка своими руками

Materials for aroma decor

Photo in Bereste

A truly unique version of the frame decor. A piece of unusual material finish can be dealt with florists.

Master class photo frame from Berestov

Barriest reservoir cuts 4-5 strips. Their amount depends on the type of fastening of the framework. An additional barrest strip is the role of a stubborn leg, so it will only be needed to create structures that will be exhibited on the shelves.

фоторамка своими руками

Berestra strips

Cut out the workpiece of the photo frame from the cardboard of the desired size and the selected snapshot is glued to the front part. Use color cardboard, better green shades. Cut the birch strips around the perimeter, decorated with an unusual shape (in the form of leaves or flowers) buttons.

фоторамка своими руками

Stick around the perimeter birest strips

Plut the stand and send the original accessory to the place intended for it. A more effectively in such a natural framing will look black and white photos.

фоторамка своими руками

Previous Photo Frame from Beresta

In business

Vintage charm

Attracting simplicity technology. For greater effects, the photo frame from cardboard is better painted in purple color. Now it can be glued with a snow-white lace braid. To give the completion composition, add across the corners of the buttons of various diameters and colors. Exquisite stand for the photo is ready.

фоторамка своими руками

Photo frame in vintage style with lace

Lady spirals

Multicolored curls from a twin cord and double-sided adhesion - that's what you need for the transformation of a boring frame. We free one side of the tape from protection, we apply the tip of the cord and begin to lay it, twisting on the spiral. When all the curls are ready, fix the strip on the paper photo frame.

фоторамка своими руками


Frame in belongings

Very interesting design frame. To work it takes a braid with small dense bubrels and transparent glue. The master class on creating a photo frame will not need. All actions - at an intuitive level.

The braid is glued along the perimeter of the product. The frame is placed on the surface. The inner part is carefully closed by a protective layer of food film. Pompons are laid out and laid out beautifully, after which they are treated with adhesive composition. The latter will need to spray from the sprayer.

фоторамка своими руками

Bright photo frame with pompons

After drying, the braid will become tough and bubos will not be saved.

Options for decoration of photo frames by other priest materials

Denim design

Even a child can dress the photo frames from cardboard in jeans. Call the old things from the old things and just take them to the base. For a better clutch, press the workpiece with something heavy and leave to dry in that position. Now highlight the internal perimeter not by a thick twine or orange twisted cord and in an unusual photo frame you can insert a snapshot.

фоторамка своими руками

Photo Frame from old jeans

Surgical decor

From this mail accessory you can make an excellent decoration for the frame. We recruit a multi-colored surguck and calm it. With the help of the stamp, we make prints based on. The final stroke will be a packing twine bow

фоторамка своими руками

Color Surguche

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Photo frames from girlfriend materials

"Impressively look at the photo frames from cardboard in the frame of knitted threads"

Perhaps it sounds and paradoxically, however, the easier the material for the manufacture of the frame under photo will be used, the more effectively the result will be. Check out ideas in practice.

Incredible beauty The frame will turn out of a piece of ceiling tiles. All you need to do is cut in it a stationery knife figure of the conceived shape. It may be not only a rectangle: give an unusual photo frame more original proportions. Make it oval, hexagon, triangular, in the form of a heart. Finished work - stage decor. The basis can be painted or placed by sticking details.

фоторамка своими руками

Ceiling tile photo frames

No less pretty framework will be made of coffe or wall plunths. Cut the segments in the size of the structure and collect the parts in a specified form by gluing the end parts. Decorating at your discretion. Fast and spectacular!

фоторамка своими руками

Wall Plinth Photo Frame

Impressively look the photo frames from cardboard in the frame of knitted threads. The basis is wrapped with a mohair, color acrylic or other types of yarn. Especially gentle in such a framework will look for children.

фоторамка своими руками

Photo frame from cardboard in the frame of knitting threads

Photo frame from paper is boring? Try to make it from the glossy magazine. From its multi-colored leaves, screw the tubes, which are then collected together. For the convenience and speed of the process, the sheets can be checked onto the handle or pencil.

фоторамка своими руками

Photo Frame from the glossy magazine

Debate the old frame with discs. They are broken into fragments and already out of fine elements lay the pattern on the decorating surface. For consumer decorativeness, the formed voids between the details are crossed by acrylic paints. It is more convenient to use tubes. Through their sharp nose, it will be easier to make emptiness gently.

фоторамка своими руками

The process of laying out the pattern of disks

By the same principle you can work with colored glass. The stained glass decor will look great!

But perhaps the most unusual photo frames can be called products from ... test. He is kneaded by a special recipe. The glass of flour will need half a glass of shallow salt and water, as well as 50 ml of vegetable oil. If the color model is conceived, food dyes are added to the dough. Mix dry ingredients and pour them with painted water. Emboss the mass and fuel vegetable oil. Mix the dough until readiness. Rock ball and leave it to lie down for a couple of hours under a towel.

фоторамка своими руками

Required materials for making a frame of test

From the rested test, cut the frame and dry it in heated to 100 (no more than!) Degree in the oven. The process stretches for several hours, but the dough does not crack. Do not forget to turn the unusual photo frame. At the end of the procedure, the product is allowed to cool and operate with varnish.

фоторамка своими руками

Finished frame paint in the right color

It is not necessary to make a frame initially color. Leave it white and decorate after baking at your discretion.

Not ready to work on a photo frame with your own hands, and add to the exclusive home I still want to use transparent glassware. Roll into the tube and immediately push it into the neck of the bottle. For greater effect, fill the bottle emptiness with glass balls of different colors, dried grass, cereal.

фоторамка своими руками

Original bottle photo frame

Make a whole photo collage, securing pictures on an authentic wheel hanging on the wall. In the decor does not fit the abundance of small pictures in photo frames from undergraduate materials, and I really want to put them on the review? Combine them in one picture. To do this, you will need to assemble a frame of a tree or plastic, according to the type of picture. In addition to it, please: small cloves or a set of non-ferrous stationery buttons, jute, measurable ribbon, clothespins.

фоторамка своими руками

Photocollage in a wooden frame on clothespins

The size of an unusual photo frame is determined by the number of pictures that should fit in it.

Spread the photo on paper in order in what exactly you would like to see them inside the picture. Make measurements and collect the photo frame with your own hands. Now, in the appropriate places, learn nails and pull jute on them. With the help of clothespins, trees on stretched threads, like underwear is not a rope. Your picture is created!

The charm of such a decorative element is that the photo collection in it can be changed regularly. You can make thematic or nostalgic collages, photo spatis of recent events in the family. Creative and always relevant!

фоторамка своими руками

The contents of the photo collage can be changed regularly.

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As you can see, the photo frame can be created from anything in a matter of hours. The main thing is desire!

Photo gallery - Photo Frame with your own hands

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40 amazing photo frames that can be made independently

from Aleksey | For children crafts Vintage for familiar gifts for loved ones Decor for men For women Workshop Accessories | Wednesday, April 15 2020

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Can't come up with any interesting gift for your loved one? What about making it yourself?

What can be more beautiful than photos of your loved ones in a beautiful frame made by your own hands. If you can't decide on the style, I suggest you look on 40 ideas that you will inspire you . Enjoy ...

A detailed description of the project on the link under the photo.

Minimalist photo booth


Old book as a photo frame

The photo - ItsalwaySautumn.

Carousel photos from twigs

Photo - Instagram.

Modern and bright frame

The photo - ProjectNursery.

Miniature frames on buttons

The photo - Marthastewart.

Puzzles with photos of children

The photo - Icanteachmychild.

Insta calendar

The photo - Harriwren.

Simple frame for photos from paper

You can download the template here .

Photo - Blog.KreatIVBuehne.de.

Luminous photos

The photo - thatswhatchesaid.net.

Color adhesive tape as a frame

Simple Wire and Mineral Stone Stand

The photo - abeautifulmess.com.

Photo frame from vintage mirrors

Photo - Pinterest

Photo Frames from old branches

Photo - Pinterest

Concrete frame

Unusual frame from cardboard box for eggs

The photo - Thewhoot

Colorful option from magazine pages

Photo - recyclegirl-ren.blogspot.hu.

Simple bulk photo frame

The photo - Popsugar.

Another version of the photo frames from books

Bright colored pencil frame

Amazing frame from old hours

Photo - Pinterest

Simple frame from chipboard

Wonderful idea from glass cans

More ideas about how to keep memories after traveling, you can find here .

The photo - Acasadopedrinho.

Great ideas Display a large number of photos

Photo - Pinterest

Brilliant use of old window frames

Photo - Pinterest

Photo on a tree

Updating the old photo frame

The photo - ThecraftedLife.

Suspended frame for large photos

Live photo frame from succulents

The photo - Ruemag.

Bright photo frames from wood

Copper Pipe Frames

Frame decorated with stones

Amazing triangular frames

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40 Потрясающих фоторамок, которые можно сделать самостоятельно

Can you imagine your life without photos? They allow you to capture the best moments of our often boring and inexpressive everyday life and at any time of the day and night enjoy pleasant memories, being placed in the frame and installed on the wall or on the table. Alas, but sometimes the immersion in the photographic space is preventing pretty boring frame design - the magic of the picture does not work, and the captured moment seems to be anything, but not the element of your past life experience. Even the most beautiful template photo frame is not compared by expressiveness with the one that is done with their own hands, according to the ideas and sincere spiritual impulses in the head. Frames for the photo on the wall can be made with their own hands beside the most unexpected girlfriend - and the result will delight the amazing synergy of the artistic concept with the energy of the snapshot.

  1. Influence on the interior;
  2. Wooden frame with buttons;
  3. Stones and shells as decor;
  4. Cardboard + yarn or felt;
  5. Use the dough as the basis;
  6. Collages - a spectacular solution for the modern interior;
  7. Decoupage - stylish scenery;
  8. Even more photos with steep ideas for frames;
  9. Useful materials: 3 videos with interesting examples;
  10. Conclusion.

Impact on the interior

Even the smallest item can affect the perception of the visual appearance of the room. Let's even more: she should do it. Modern interiors, as a rule, have limit optimization of space, and therefore the decorative load is often assigned to seemingly very minor elements (familiar with

Best ideas of wall decor in modern style


Also, no need to forget about the revival of space. Often you can find the interiors in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail, but it is difficult to call a lively tangible atmosphere in them. Overcoming some synthetic nature of space help just such non-sabroval things made with their own hands, and not purchased in the first-hand shop.

If you come to the manufacture of frames for the photo with your own hands with all the soul, it does not matter at all even what kind of soul material will be used for this - being placed on the wall, they will become an integral part of the interior and will directly affect how you perceive it you and your Guests.

How to choose the most suitable material? Nobody canceled creative intuition, and Handmade's attractiveness makes her thing: sometimes you catch yourself on the thought that absolutely all that is done with your own hands, has a kind of hypnotic fler, some kind of aura. Is it really or just in perception interferes with a purely human factor? It is possible to argue about it before planning, but we choose a much more constructive way - to create frames for photos of those girlfriends, which is at hand.

Wooden Button Frame

As the basis, you can take a standard photo frame, and the decor will serve ordinary buttons, massively slaughtered throughout the area. Of course, it looks very profitable with a button colored with a single button. Especially if it is great in harmony with the color range of your interior. In order to get a beautiful and even shade with their own hands, it is best to use acrylic paint. Alternate big buttons with small, beat immediately several of their shapes - so you get a much stronger visual effect.

No under hand old wooden frame? Well, it is not difficult to make it with your own hands:

  1. Take the usual ceiling plinth;
  2. Cut into 4 parts;
  3. Paint in the desired color, which will be background;
  4. Gently glue - and then then boldly stick off the buttonholes.

Stones and shells as decor

Almost each of us was at sea. And, of course, brought out the uncountable number of beautiful seashells, expressive naval pebbles - as a memory of those happy moments that were experienced on the sea coast. And of course you did not fail to take advantage of the opportunity to move there to pofotkat. Choose one of the most successful photos and place it in such an improvised frame made with your own hands - the wonderful organicer of the decorative material and the moment captured in the photo will be tangible immediately. Remember that to glue the frame with your own hands, it is best to take flat and not too heavy peasons: so that after there is no surprises in the form of periodic digesions from the base. In general, such an inlay has every chance to fit into absolutely any interior and will delight the owners every day about the wonderful holiday held.

Cardboard + yarn or felt

If you still don't really want to mess around with a wooden basis, then a good option is an ordinary cardboard. The advantage of this option of the frame for a photo made with your own hands is that it is not necessary to glue fragments: just pick up the best cardboard sheet and carefully cut the rectangle suitable for the image format. Immediately after wrap Big The desired color cardboard is a very soulful and pleasant eye frame option for a photo that can be hung on the wall and proudly demonstrate to the guests of your home. By the way, you can use and felt - Visually, this material looks even more advantageous.

Use the dough as the basis

Gol on the fiction of the cunning - and sometimes the cool frame for the photo can be made of such a girlfriend, like salty dough. All you need:

  • flour;
  • Small salt without an impurity iodine;
  • water;
  • vegetable oil;
  • Food dyes to choose or gouache.

Water is added to dry ingredients with the dye and oil you need. You can do without a dye, but then you will have to decorate the dough gouache with your own hands, which takes a lot of time. The dough is carefully laid out, and after you need to give him a little time - a couple of hours - in order to work comfortably after it was convenient. The next stage is decor finishing. You can add any item to your taste: Buttons, shells, beads or rhinestones . Final barcode - drying. Avoid too high temperatures by placing a photo frame to avoid cracking test. After you can thoroughly prolapse the resulting frame - it will look even more interesting, especially if you hang it at a profitable wall.

Collages - spectacular solution for modern interior

Collages, along with pictures of several parts, are a good alternative to ordinary photo frames, where, as a rule, one shot is used. For the manufacture you will need a sheet of plywood and electrolybiz. The main advantage of creating such large impro -ivated frames for the photo is the possibility of placement on a small area of ​​several tens of pictures placed in the specified order. You can select one central, for example, the area is more, and paste small pictures around the perimeter. Here your fantasy is not limited to anything: it is allowed both a collage on a free topic, and a narrow thematic concept dedicated, for example, one family member. See how beautiful it looks like such products in the interior - fresh, modern, ingeniously.

Decoupage - Stylish Decoration

About such a decoration technique they say more and more - it is very popular among those who do Handmade. The advantages of such frames made by their own hands are obvious: elegant expressiveness, simplicity of design, absolute neutralization to materials. That's what you need if you decoupage:

  • any photo frame;
  • sandpaper;
  • PVA glue diluted with water;
  • a couple of tassels;
  • Decoupage materials for finishing.


  1. Personally walk on the frame of the sandpaper;
  2. Apply glue solution on the front part of the frame;
  3. Cut the desired fragment from the decappace material and turn the place to the glue marked;
  4. Schedule very well to come after there are no bubbles that can spoil the impression of work;
  5. Leave the frame under the press for a few minutes;
  6. Delete everything too much, consider the plane and thoroughly dry the resulting frame.

In the interior, such a framework for the photo look amazingly, and a large selection of material allows you to bring to life the smallest of your idea. Act!

Even more photos with steep ideas for frames

It is possible to make an interesting and unusual frame for a photo from any submitter material - already in example, you could make sure of it. We suggest you look at a dozen nontrivial options made with your own hands and surprisingly a non-standard approach to quite ordinary things.

  • from the oversized ceramic tiles;
  • from old newspapers and magazines;
  • from comics;
  • from broken glass;
  • Coffee beans;
  • From sticks for sushi, etc.

It is possible that some of these ideas will like you so much that you will certainly import them into your interior. Or maybe it will be accepted for something new.

Useful materials: 3 videos with interesting examples


In order to make such a cool framework for the photo with their own hands, you do not need any formation from your hands - only straight hands, interesting ideas in my head and an insistent desire to uniqueize your interior. Someone such a serious approach to such trifles, as a frame for a photo on the wall, will seem stupid and unnecessary, but if you look so, then our whole life consists of such little things. Modern design standards tend us to optimize the useful space in any room and, thus, make more attention to pay attention to small details capable of "shoot" in the right place and become a real business card of your outstanding interior.

Photo: vk.com

Making photo frame options with their own hands

The photo frame is a decorative element that can be done independently, it turns out even more interesting than the shopping purchase. Moreover, there are practically no boundaries in choosing materials. As soon as a successful job comes out from under your own hands, it will definitely pull something else. Fortunately, all this really quickly do at home.

Mastery paper frame

Such a beautiful and affordable option is an openwork paper frame. She will be able to make their hands from 8-9 years old and older. List of necessary:

  • 2 or 3 dense paper leaves and 1 sheet standard office paper A4 format;
  • stationery knife;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • scissors with sharp tips;
  • Colored paper-self-styling;
  • Any decoration to your taste.

The manufacturer's algorithm is simple.

  • Initially, you need to find a suitable openwork sketch for subsequent cutting. It will be exactly through cutting. This sketch is required to print on the usual A4 sheet. Fragments for each layer should somehow mark - it is more convenient to make it with multi-colored handles. These fragments will be fixed at a certain distance from each other.
  • Each layer according to the template is transferred to a dense sheet. You can do it with a copy-step or old way - through the glass.
  • Now each element is placed on a solid surface, cuts out the stationery knife.
  • Two-way adhesion glued on the offside of each layer. From the thickness of this scotch and will depend on what distance from each other there will be layers. Sometimes it is worth sticking another scotch strip so that the volume is more pronounced.
  • Layers must be sticked up to base. It can be a dense cardboard or designer cardboard, Foamiran. There you must create a loop for hanging the product or the leg so that it stood.
  • After all the layers are glued, you can estimate the volume of the resulting crafts. Decor options are diverse. You can take sequins and rhinestones, braid, lace, thin satin ribbons. You can simply be initially used not white paper for layers, but multicolored. Or yourself to paint it with watercolor. And you can make decoration with sparkle hair varnish.

And this, of course, is not the only way to use paper. From small works in the Origami technique, you can make a national team, also a bulk frame. Quilling is an excellent technology for a gentle, openwork frame. And if you print on ordinary sheets of the old book page (stylization), they can subsequently soak them into coffee, and put the cardboard blank with them, cover with colorless varnish - there will be a wonderful retroram.

How to make from cardboard?

Cardboard - more durable material than paper. And it is usually not a problem to find it. You can make an excellent framing for photos on the chest of drawers, the cabinet, the shelf, the wall, etc., and so on.

  • 2 Cardboard blanks with dimensions that are more photographing 4 cm all of its faces;
  • 3 cardboard elements that will be equal to lateral parts and bottom faces, and the width of these elements on a half-meter less frame with a recess for the picture;
  • Cardboard rectangle to create legs - 30 by 5 cm;
  • stationery knife;
  • glue pistol;
  • Beautiful decorative napkins;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paints.

The course of work is presented below.

  • First, the billet is done under the frame from the cardboard on the specified dimensions, the core is neatly cut out.
  • The bottom wall is applied to the second cardboard blank and the side, they stick and thicken the craft.
  • A blank with a cut-out hole is glued on three sides. The snapshot itself will subsequently inserted through the upper slot.
  • The blank for the leg is folded with three faces. Ends glued. The leg is glued to the wrong frame.
  • Napkins need to narrow the strips, attach them crumpled by the piece, sneaking the PVA. First processed end faces, then you need to move to the middle. And the inverse framework is also decorated.
  • Napkins are delicately referred to the groove where the snapshot will later be inserted.
  • After the glue dry completely, the frame is painted with black acrylic paint. In hard-to-reach places, painting is performed by a thin tassel.
  • After the paint is driving, it is necessary to walk the mother of pearl enamel. Dry tassel on irregularities are made small strokes.
  • Fasten painted with transparent varnish.

As soon as the frame is dry, it can be used - to insert children's or family photos.

We make a photo frame from a tree

Wooden photo frame looks even more solid. Moreover, the material does not always have to go to constructionarket - the original frames are made of branches. But the processed planks, of course, look excellent. Materials and tools:

  • wooden planks of arbitrary size (the author's taste);
  • PVA-glue (but also carpenter is also suitable);
  • hammer, carnations;
  • glass;
  • blowtorch;
  • Wrapped wooden bar wrapped.

Make a wooden photo frame independently easy.

  • It is necessary to prepare 4 strips with recesses in the connection zones. These planks must be cooled well.
  • The glue is applied in the removal of two planks, then they fold in the form of the frame, small carnations are nailed.
  • Soldering lamp should be handled joints and end sides. This type of work is recommended to be performed in the fresh air.
  • The solder lamp is also processed by the front side of the photo frame.
  • Now it is necessary to take the glass and make marking on the future photo on it. According to this markup, glass is cut out for an almost finished product. Slices are fixed by sandpaper, which is fixed on a wooden bar.
  • The glass on the reverse side is attached by self-draws. And for the frame to reliably hung on the wall, the twine is fixed in the right place.
  • The finished frame can be covered with a mourn or varnish.

The frame from the twigs may be even more pretty. The easiest way to make it is a cardboard dense base to which the same base will be attached only with the cut-off core (as in the example above). Side and horizontal cardboard glands on hot glue are fixed by prepared twigs. They should be approximately one diameter and length. If the framework of the frame is timed to the new year, the twigs can be made snow-covered (it will help the usual salt, which is covered with the base from the twigs for glue).

Stand (leg) for the frame is easier to do a cardboard, triangle - it will be more stable. If the mounted frame, you need to make a loop: it can be made from the twine, to tie, sew from linen fabric, for example. Healthy looks with twigs in one composition - two diverse frames and a candle framed by the same "branch" handmade candlestick.

How to make from other materials?

Paper, cardboard, wood - probably the most popular materials for the manufacture of photo frames, but, of course, far from the only one. In the same home environment, you can quickly make a beautiful homemade frame. Some photographers for promoting their own services, for example, give the client together with the result of a photo shoot such homemade frames. Creative ideas:

  • felt - a comfortable material that does not need the edges processing, and the photo frames from it are soft, cozy, warm;
  • Shelli - Brought seashells from the sea and memorable photos, everything can connect in the same composition, the framework of the frame will be dense thick cardboard;
  • collage - from the glossy magazine (or rather his pages), from the thematic pictures selected on the Internet, you can make a collage that sticks on the cardboard basis;
  • scrapbooking - more than just equipment, elegant decoration affects all the notebooks before postcards, does not bypass the side and framework;
  • From wallpaper - Interesting will get such a frame if there is a partner wallpaper in the room, then in the zone where white wallpaper are pasted, for example, a frame of neighboring blue wallpaper will stand;
  • from plaster - even ready-made creative sets for such work are sold;
  • from dried plants - True, they will have to be poured with epoxy resin, which does not happen for everyone, but the output is also here, simply laminate the composition of flowers, thin branches, leaves, etc.

Any material is able to become an inspiration for the manufacture of an unusual photo frame, and even the whole photowons.

From the ceiling tile

If the square of the ceiling tile remains, then with the help of a simple master class, it can become a material for the frame. What to take to work:

  • Tile trim (with a pattern, laminated fits perfectly);
  • stance or medical scalpel;
  • templates of arbitrary sizes;
  • Paints and acrylic contour;
  • Flomaster;
  • Tassels.

Consider the work process.

  • From the reverse side of the tile, a dark felt-tipper need to circle details templates, after which it is gently cut them along the contour.
  • In the center of the Great Heart Carefully need to cut small.
  • To collect the photo frame to one whole, you need to cut off the bottom tip in a large heart, in the center of the stand cut through the slot in the size of this remote tip.
  • And now it is time to paint the basis without disturbing the texture of the material. On already painted and dried hearts, the contour can be put point.
  • Special glue for the tile should be glued to the framework details.

That's all, you can insert a photo - the scheme is very simple!

From Plintus

And this material is an excellent basis not only for the photo frame, but also for a decent frame framing. What to take to craft:

  • ceiling plinth;
  • Stuslo;
  • marker;
  • Metal hacksaw;
  • PVA glue or hot glue;
  • acrylic paints (only on water);
  • Chancing.

Next, we act according to a specific scheme.

  • The first corner of the plinth is diverted under 45 degrees using stusl.
  • The plinth is applied to the desired picture, and it is necessary to measure it so that the length of 5-7 mm is less than the length of the picture itself.
  • The second angle is diverted.
  • According to the first part, the second one is scolded.
  • All covered parts hot glue glued together. The painting (either snapshot) must be placed on the frame, 2-3 mm with each of the parties.
  • Now the frame must be painted with acrylic, any colors: gray, black, bronze, silver.
  • In the foam, the slots on the corner of the frame are done, the chazinessinks are immersed in the slot and poured with hot glue. It turns out reliable fasteners. But you can attach the frame to the painting of PVA glue.

Few people guess that this is not a heavy bronze frame, but the usual transfigured plinth.

From knitting thread

Everything is very simple here. Base cuts from cardboard. And then the threads are taken, which tightly envelop this base. You can envelop it strictly horizontally or tilt. You can take threads of one color or different, it will turn out a frame with transitions. But such an additional decoration is still required. To do this, you can take buttons, flowers, cut from felt, rhinestones and a different decor. A child will cope with such a cradle.

For an interior in Eco-style or boho-eco frames, envelop the color of natural flax, the twine. It looks natural and is an interior colors.

From the glossy magazine

You can create a catchy frame from sheets of glossy magazines yourself. It will be a job in newspaper technology (in this case - journal tubes). To work, you need to take:

  • Magazines themselves (eliminated sheets);
  • glue stick;
  • Knitting knitting needles or a wooden lamp skeletal;
  • scissors;
  • Wooden blank under the frame;
  • PVA glue.

Follow the items below.

  • You need to cut pages from magazines, they must be square shape, about 20 by 20 cm.
  • An ordinary needle should be twisted in thin tubes, fix at the end each, using the usual adhesive pencil.
  • One of the sides of the wooden billet should be applied PVA glue. Gently, gently in a row stick twisted journal tubes. Extra edges are simply cut.
  • The remaining sides of the frame are decorated by the same principle.

This is a great option for making photo frames from undergraduate tools if you need to form a small snapshot. Especially similar crafts like children.

From disk

And from the disks you can make a frame with the effect of mosaic. It is simple and at the same time quite original. A good and affordable option for the maiden room. What will come in handy in work:

  • unnecessary discs;
  • PVA glue;
  • Black stained glass paint (other colors - at the request of the author);
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • Cardboard sufficient density;
  • Ruler and pencil.

Start your execution.

  • On a dense cardboard, you need to draw a frame and cut it. Dimensions must match the photos that will be inserted inside.
  • Now sharp scissors need to cut discs to pieces of incorrect shape.
  • The cardboard framework for the frame is abundantly lubricated with PVA-glue, and pieces of disks are pasted on the lubricated space. You need to spread them delicately using tweezers. A small space between disk fragments must be left, it will later be filled with paint.
  • After all the space is stuck, the frame needs at least 2 hours to dry out.
  • Next is the black paint for a stained painting (tube with a narrow nap), it will be easy to fill in paint specially left for this interval. The edges of the frame also need to paint.
  • It will remain a frame to dry and can be used.

Not everyone likes the option using paint. In this case, the pieces of disks need to be glued close to each other, without a single interval, it turns out a handicraft with a mirror glow. Its surface can be treated with silver sparkles with silver sparkles - the effect will only increase.

From salted dough

Another wonderful material for creativity is salted dough. And the photo frame can also be done with the guys. For big works, it is not always convenient, but for the framing of small pictures is a great option. Prepare for work it is necessary to directly the salted dough itself, made according to any recipe, stacks, tassels and paint. . We examine the procedure.

  • Salted dough must be ripened in a sheet whose thickness is half astimeter. The test is then applied a piece of cardboard 10 by 15 cm, it will be burned with a stack so that the opening is obtained. Fields of the frame will have a width of 3 cm. All excess must be trimmed.
  • Then rolls the dough, the thickness is 0.3 cm. The strips are cut into 1 cm. Each strip is cut from the desired side at an angle of 45 degrees. So the cut is done in size frame. It is glued to the frame.
  • Now from the rolled test you can cut any decorative element, such as a butterfly. It is fixed in the corner of the frame. The more expensive the butterfly will be made, the better the work. You need to pay attention not only to the wings, but also on the butterfly body, head, mustache, etc.
  • The lower corners of the frame also require decorative filling. It may be leaflets and flowers of arbitrary shape. It is necessary in them the cores, petals, accommodation, so that work acquired beautiful details. Then you can separately cut small berries, which will be beautifully lying at the bottom of the frame or on one of its vertical slats.
  • If you make a sausage from the dough and moisten it with water, it turns out a snail, which can also be found on the frame. All other "heroes" works are arbitrary - Ladybug, spikelets, various floral motives are performed at the author.
  • When all this is ready, paints are accepted for business. It is necessary to determine in advance what colors work will be performed.

It remains only to send the front frame to the oven. The cooled frame can be used for its intended purpose.

Ready examples

These works are suggested that it is possible to expand their ideas about decorative and applied arts available to everyone. Instead of an hour of idleness for watching TV, you can include interesting audiobook, podcast and the simplest means to make elegant, worthy of universal compliments of the photo frames. For example, such as these.

  • An excellent example of work from what has long been copied and still could not find applications. Cork framing is an excellent version of the photograph that will decorate the kitchen.
  • Lovers of knitting may seem interesting such an idea: the frames look gentle, elegant and especially brightly look in the composition of several crafts.
  • Another very gentle frame from shells and pearls. The nuance is that all this is painted with white.
  • Neat handicraft with coarse knitting threads. Its feature in bright lateral robes. They can be twisted from felt or other similar fabrics. It is done quickly, and the result pleases for a long time.
  • From the newspapers it is possible to weave not only the tubes, but also such beautiful rings, which are subsequently glued on the dense base. It is unlikely that such a frame will remain unnoticed. For fans of fine painstaking work - the next challenge.
  • Frames from natural material always look especially cozy in the house. And if it is also part of the seasonal decor, the owners of the owners will receive regularly. It is worth picking up the helms of the acorns and glue them to the cardboard basis, it will turn out such a miley handicraft. The atmosphere of the autumn park is right in the house.
  • But what looks simple, but the charming frame of a dense felt on the crossbar. A good idea for the children's room: maybe even for the door to designate clearly, who lives there.
  • This is a butt suspension. But it can quite itself become the basis of the photo frames for a small memorable picture. The substrate traditionally can be made of dense cardboard.
  • And this example is for those who most inspiration draws precisely in natural material. For example, he likes walnut shells that are so wonderful with gold paint. And it will be a unique frame for both such a composition and a photograph.
  • Dense colored paper (can be designer), the principle of volumetric appliqué, carved leaflets and other vegetable elements - and a beautiful seasonal photo frame ready.

Inspiration and creative pleasure!

About how to make a photo frame with your own hands, see the next video.

Frame for a photograph made by hand will help not only decorate the interior, but also become a unique gift for friends and relatives.

What can descript the base for the photo frame

Fantasy masters are endless. They can create their masterpieces absolute from any materials.

Making a frame of cardboard and paper is the easiest of the existing ways.

From cardboard

Cardboard is a strong material. This quality helps in the manufacture of a durable photo frame, which will continue to decorate the wall or shelf.

Consider stages, how to make a beautiful photo frame from cardboard with your own hands.

  1. Cut out two rectangles, the length and width of which are 8 cm more than the corresponding sides of the photo.
  2. In one of the parts in the center, cut the rectangle, a little smaller in size than the photo.
  3. We glue the side and lower sides of the cut parts of each other.
  4. From the cardboard, cut out the supporting leg and glue the frame from the revolving part.
  5. If the frame with a photograph will hang on the wall, then it will be necessary to attach the loop.
  6. We insert a photo into the upper uncrowned part of the craft.

We consider the standard type of product in the form of a rectangle, but you can connect fantasy and make an oval, square or multifaceted frame.

From paper

In any home, there are probably the remaining wallpaper or old newspapers and magazines. The craftsmen who own origami technique can make out of them intricate, collected from several sections of the frames for pictures. You can also make a photo frame with a rigid frame of their newspaper tubes. They intertwined with each other in various ways and paint.

The product will look unusually and colorfully if instead of the newspapers use rolled tubes from sheets of color magazines.

From wood

Wooden elements are excellent material for designing frame. In the manufacture of the photo frames from the tree most comfortable, the branches of the Willow, Willow and Cames are considered.


  1. We harvest the required amount of thin twigs.
  2. The twigs we collect in bundles and fasten with each other with hot glue.
  3. Of the resulting billets, the second side of the future frame fit in the length of the future.
  4. For strength, the design is reinforcing and fasten them with a thin rope or braid.
  5. Cover the product with a transparent varnish.

An equally original handicraft will look if the wooden wand for ice cream is used as the frame elements.

From girlfriend materials

For the manufacture of the photo frame, you will consider the finished ideas of the masters or use your imagination.

From ceiling tiles

Building stores present a huge variety of this product. It is enough of the workpiece you like using the stationery nozzle cut the frame of the rectangular, round shape or in the shape of a heart, and to reorganize it.

From Plintus

Wall or ceiling plinth is perfectly suitable when designing a photo frame. For this, at an angle of 45 °, cut off the segments of the required size and glue the ends.

From dough

For the manufacture of the photo frame, you should prepare the dough, mixed by a special way.

Would need:

  • flour-1 glass;
  • salt-0,5 glasses;
  • water-0,5 glasses;
  • vegetable oil-50 ml;
  • food colorings.

Preparation of dough:

  1. Dissolve food dye in water.
  2. We mix flour with salt and pour the painted water. We wash the mass.
  3. To the resulting dough add vegetable oil and wash again.
  4. From salt dough form a ball, cover it with a towel and leave for two hours to rest.

From the finished plastic mass, they scratch the frame and drifting it in the oven, heated to 100 ° C. During the drying process, the cracker should be pulled out periodically. The finished product is cooled and covered with varnish.

Initially, the dough can not be painted, but to decorate the finished frame.

From glass station

It looks very unusually designing a photograph of a glass transparent bottle. First, the bottom of the container fill in multi-colored glass balls, coffee grains or any other crop. Then the photo twisted the tube and go through the neck into the bottle. The remaining empty space can be filled with dried grass and dryers, and the neck and bottom of the bottle outside to tie with a thin rope.

Ways to decorating photo frames

If the finished photo frame seems simple and insensible, you can decorate it, turning into a unique thing capable of becoming an original decor element.

Consider the most simple techniques for decorating frames for photos.

Qvilin Decoration

There are certainly old postcards in the house. We cut them on the strips that fold with the spirals. The glue fix the tips of the strips, and attach the quillation rollers to the frame.

Using multicolored paper napkins

We cut the napkins per squares, make some lumps and glue. Gently straighten the "roses" and give the product a finished look.

Use of seaside gifts

For decoration, shells are suitable for different sizes and smooth pebbles.

Unlock items on the frame and fix hot glue. You can make the finished crawl to color or cover with varnish.

Decorating "Golden" shells

We prepare half the shell of walnuts. Spread them on paper and paint gold paint-spray. After drying, securing the shell to the photo frame with the clergy pistol.

Application of eggshell

The washed and dried shell crumbling into small fragments and glued to the base. Tassel paint the shells in different colors and cover the finished product with varnish.

Aroma Decor.

Photo frames can be not only beautiful, but also fragrant. In this case, an anise sprockets or cinnamon sticks are used as decoration. The glued elements have a beautiful natural color, so they will sufficiently be lacquered.

Berevian decor

As it is clear from the title, a berson is used to decorate the frame. Scissors cut the required amount of blanks and hot glue to the base.

Very effectively, such a photo frame will look for the framing of black and white pictures.

Design braid

In this case, the framework for the frame should be painted into a contrast dark color. The selected braid is glued along the perimeter of the frame. To complete the composition, it can be decorate with multi-colored buttons.

Decoration with cord

For decorating, you will need a twisted cord and bilateral scotch. The rope is attached in a circle into several rows, filling the entire surface of the workpiece.

Denim decor

We cut off from unnecessary denim belts, patchwork with rivets and other elements of the decor. We glue them with the help of an adhesive pistol to the base and put under the press for better clutch with the surface.

Decoration with yarn

We take knitting threads of the right colors and firmly wind the edges of the frame. Especially gentle products are obtained for children's photos.

Using discs

Unnecessary discs split into fragments and spread the surface of the photo frame with them. To fill the voids, use acrylic paint in tubes.

By analogy with disks, you can decorate the frame by fragments of old stained glass. In this case, the product will be bright and unique.

We have considered far from all ways to manufacture the photo frames with your own hands. Materials for work are used by the most different. This is felt, velor, atlas, guipure and lace. But for the decoration you will use buttons, brooches, coins, beads, beads and sequins. You can always find the use of submitted materials to create a unique photo frame.

Photo ideas of unusual homemade photo frames

Did you often think about the fact that there is not enough photo frames in the house? I wanted to hang a memorable photo, or clipping from the newspaper on the wall, and at home there is no frame for the photo.

Constantly buying quite expensive, but you can make a photo frame with your own hands. You can make a frame with your own hands literally from any material that is found in everyone in the house. As part of this article, we consider several ways to manufacture a photo frame at home.


The first and most obvious way to make a frame for the picture. Cardboard a huge amount in every home. It can be taken from old cardboard boxes that do not need anyone.

You must first take a photo under which it is planned to create a frame. Put it on a sheet of cardboard and circle. The resulting figure is the internal space of the frame. We make a small battery at the edges of approximately 2 cm.

It remains only to cut the corresponding details elongated with square cross section. They will just be careful in place of previously harvested points.

These individual details need to be glued to transparent tape, on one side without sicking. This side is needed in order to insert a photo through it through it.

On the back of the frame, it is necessary to glue a small detail, which will be a crochet, if necessary, hang the frame on the carnations.

From sticks for ice cream

The photo frame can be made with your own hands even from sticks for ice cream. The basis, as in the past method, will serve as cardboard. Only this time you do not need to glue anything. It is needed in order to not be swollen by glue surrounding items.

On a pre-marked landmark, it is necessary to place sticks from ice cream. Next, the second layer is already placed on them other sticks. Thus, creating the right number of layers, it turns out a full-fledged frame made by hand.

However, you need to still make a support for the frame so that the photo in it could hold. For this task, a sheet of paper that needs to be cut in size is perfect, paste from the inside, leaving one side of the free one.

From paper

Photo frame from cardboard is quite beautiful and relatively durable. But the paper frame made by their own hands will clearly look better. This is due primarily with the density of materials.

Paper is much thinner, it is better to bendes and deformation. From it you can make such elements that are impossible from cardboard.

Initially, it is necessary to make an edging. To do this, on a sheet of paper, you need to draw 4 lines with a distance of 1 cm from each other, the same length. Next, cut all 4 lines without cutting them together. Next, folded along the drawn lines.

There should be a kind of rectangular side. These need to make 4, 2 long, 2 short. Blooming them between themselves better glue, it will be impaired, it is better to keep parts with each other.

As the basis, it is also used to use paper. If you want to paint the frame for the picture with your own hands, then it is better to do that before the base is glued. So it turns out to be processed much cleaner.

National team

This method offers to combine a frame of cardboard, and a photo frame made by your own paper. As a basis, you need to use cardboard, and paper only as decor. From it, you can cut various patterns, stick from above.

If you choose a dark cardboard, white paper will look great on his background.


This is not a frame in classical understanding. This is rather a stand on which you can post your photos. It will take rectangular plywood, several nails, dark thread and wooden clamps.

Behind the Fana, you need to attach the hook to keep it on the wall. At the Faneru itself, it is necessary to drive small carnations on both parties, but not to the end, at the same distance from each other.

When the carnations are drunk, it is necessary to pull the thread between them. Here already as who wants, it pulls away. Someone simply makes classic crossbow, someone tries to make patterns, it all depends on fantasy.

Wooden clamp is needed just for the photos themselves. By placing a photo on such a stand, it must be attached to one of the stretched threads between cloves. It looks pretty unusual and beautiful.


The easiest answer to the question "How to make a frame for the photo with your own hands." Suitable any old book. Better if it is in size no more and not thicker than an ordinary frame.

With the book itself do not need to do anything. It is enough to wipe and put in order if she lay in dusty pantry for a long time. On the book itself is expected to place photos.

There are several ways to do it. Inclose on the cover with the help of glue, with a tape, or cut a small deepening, which will just enter the photo.

The most humane, in relation to the book, will be gluing a photo on the tape. It will be enough for thin scotch strips along the edges, and the photo will be firmly held.

The book itself can be placed as convenient, in the form of landscape or airtal orientation. If you correctly pick up a book in the color of the cover for the interior, it will be very good to harmonize with him. And my photos can be at least every day.


The carousel is a design performed from natural materials. These are sticks, branches and thin ropes. It is necessary to create a design similar to a children's carousel in a wheelchair.

Only instead of toys on the pendants to place the photo frames made by their own hands from the girlfriend. To make such a, sufficiently tie around the edges of a few thin branches, it will be very antineus and atmospheric.

Photos inside are also located on the ropes. In photographs, on the sides, it is necessary to predeter the holes for the rope. Hung in such state "Carousel" will be able to delight the domestic inhabitants for a long time.

Photos lamp

As a basis, you must take 4 frames of the same color and size. All of them need to remove the back of the hollow frames. Then, these hollow frames glue with each other so that they formed a cube.

Next, in the framework you need to insert photos, and to the center of Cuba, for photos, put a candle. When the candle is lit, due to the fact that the framework has no rear, the feeling of glowing photos will be created.

Adhesive tape

The original solution to the question "How to make a frame for a picture." It is perfect in the event that there are no wallpaper on the walls, or they are not embossed. Adhesive tape is a wide variety of colors. And to create a beautiful, bright and original frame with her, only scissors, ribbon and photography are needed.

Initially, the photo must be attached to the ribbon along the contour. It is necessary to keep it tightly on the wall. Already further you can begin to invent patterns, shook the frame.

Wire stand

How long have you done something from the wire? But from it, it turns out, you can make beautiful stands for photography. And if you combine a beautiful, golden wire with some ornamental stone, it will be very beautiful.

The wire itself must be tied up around the stone for 1 time. Next, already from the stone should go a ray in the form of a wire, with a small rounded stand at the end.

You can put photos on this stand. It is recommended to put vintage photos, they will be better combined with the wire tandem and decorative stone.

This way you can create a whole exhibition.

Frame from mirror

Surely each house has an old mirror with a handle that has already darkened and grated from old age. It is quite possible to give a second life. Slightly polishing the surface of the handle and edging, on the mirror itself, you can stick a photo, pre-fitting it in size.

Such a stylized frame of an old frame can be placed anywhere. It will be perfectly combined with the interior in the classic style.

From wood

Probably, few people generally thought about making a wooden frame. Not ordinary, dying and polished, and atmospheric, with the spirit of the forest.

It will take only one average thickness of the stick. Depending on the photo, the size of the stick must vary, the more photo, the more frame.

A long stick must be cut into 4 parts, the ends of cutting the oblique so that they fit tightly to each other. When everything is ready, the ends must be treated with sandpaper to give a more aesthetic appearance. Fasten exclusively with nails, it will be stronger and look better.

Such an unusual frame can be hung anywhere, it will be perfectly combined with any interior.

How to choose and place the frame

If you want to place a large parade of photos on the wall, you must first see exactly where it will be more profitable to place it. Perhaps there is no so loose wall in the house to take her in pictures.

In this case, it is necessary to revise the interior with the decor, quite likely, a large number of unnecessary things accumulated.

The color of the frame should not coincide with the basic color of the room. It must coincide with the secondary color, the fact that the decor is painted. So it will be much harmonious looks on a background, for example, a gray wall, herself painted in turquoise.

If the room is small, it is worth refrain from a large number of frames on the walls. They will create a feeling of visual overcrowding, to narrow the visual free space. An ideal option will place 2-3 most important photos on the wall, and another 1-2 photos on the shelves.

40 amazing photo frames that can be made independently


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