4 ways to connect mobile bank Sberbank

With the help of a mobile bank, each Sberbank client can quickly monitor accounts and perform the necessary operations. It is important to understand that this is not an application that can be installed on your phone, but the service. Consider in more detail what kind of mobile bank is and how to activate the service.

What is a mobile bank from Sberbank

The service "Mobile Bank" is a favorable offer from Sberbank. Thanks to the service you can get a report on your card at any time.

With the help of the Mobile Bank service you can:

  1. Be find out the balance, both debit and credit card.
  2. Top up your mobile phone account.
  3. List money on a Sberbank card.
  4. Clarify how many bonuses "Thank you" is for payment.
  5. Get details on the last operations.

Attention! For information, you just need to send a special combination with a mobile phone tied to the mobile phone. All combinations will be discussed later in the article.

How to connect a mobile bank

Access activation is available with several ways: personally through the office or remotely. Especially for you, consider all available options.

Through the office of the bank

As a rule, when receiving a map, the Bank's clients immediately activate the service in the office, through the manager. If the service has not been connected, follows:

  • Visit any bank branch
  • Show passport employee
  • voice the purpose of the visit, namely connecting the mobile bank
  • Wait until the operator activates it

Attention! To activate access, you do not need to fill out applications. It is quite orally to voice the request and wait until the bank's specialist helps you.

Immediately after connecting access to your personal phone, an SMS message will come. It will indicate that you can now use all the mobile bank functionality. Additionally, the Bank indicates the cost of the service, which will be written off every month at the beginning of the month.

Through support officer

Qualified help is offered by qualified financial specialists. It is enough to dial a short number 900 and:

  1. To introduce yourself to voice the goal of the call.
  2. To identify voice personal and passport data. If the service is connected by credit card, you can say the code word (if available).
  3. Ask to activate the service.
  4. Wait 2-3 minutes while the specialist checks the information and provide access.
  5. Get a confirmation to your mobile phone.

Note! Citizens who are abroad, call the complinary short number 900 will not be able. For help, you should make a call by number + 7 495 500 55 50 . The cost of the call to check with the operator, the services you use outside the Russian Federation.

Connect the service to this method you can at any time. Sberbank's contact center is 24/7.

Activation via ATM or Terminal

The branch network of the bank is undoubtedly pleased. Each office has ATMs and terminals that are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Such a service helps to connect the necessary services at any time.

To activate the mobile bank, it will be necessary:

  1. Find the nearest ATM (a list of all devices is represented on our portal and is available through the search).
  2. Insert the map and enter the PIN code.
  3. On the Select "Connect Online Bank, Mobile Bank" screen.
  4. Pick up the check and start using the service.

Menu Sberbank

Attention! If you need help in connecting, it is better to contact the Bank's office during working hours. A bank consultant always works in the hall with ATMs and terminals, which helps to make any operations completely free.

Connection through Sberbank Online

The easiest way to which you can activate the service. You will need:

  • Log in Personal Cabinet
  • Log in to "Settings"
  • Click "Operations"
  • Go to the section "Services"
  • put a tick and thereby activate the service

See also! How to connect the Internet Bank Sberbank online: 2 ways to gain access.

If you have difficulty, then after entering your personal account, you just write an employee to Chat and get help in minutes.

Combinations through messages

In order to get the information you need in real time, you should send a special combination into a short number 900. Especially for you, consider all available commands.

List of commands for information:

Find out the balance Balance 1234.
Make payment for cellular communication Write the amount and just send a message
Make a transfer by Sberbank Map Translation of 1234 5000 (instead of 5000 rubles to specify its amount for transfer)
List the funds to the Sberbank client by phone number Translation of 8xxxxxxxxxxx (number indicate) 5000 (instead of 5000 specify the amount you want to translate)
Find out the number "Thank you" on the account Thank you 1234.
Receipt of account statement History 1234.
Find out what amount should be made to the loan payment Debt
Find out which cards "Mobile Bank" service is connected reference
Block the map Block 1234 0.

Instead of "0", specify the cause of the lock, namely the number:

  1. Uther
  2. Stolen
  3. Left in ATM
  4. Other
In order to go to the "Full" tariff Full
To disable the service "Quick Payment" Zero

Important! Instead of "1234" you just need to specify the latest numbers of your card.

Especially for you prepared a complete list of teams, which is relevant for July 2019.

Combination of Sberbank teams 1

Combination of Sberbank teams 2

Combination of teams Sberbank 3

Combination of teams Sberbank 4

Combination of Sberbank teams 5

Combination of Sberbank teams 6

Combination of Sberbank Teams 7

You can always clarify topical information on the reception date on the official Sberbank portal or by telephone support service.

See also! Phone of the hotline Sberbank: how to call the physical and legal entity.

List of USSD teams for mobile bank from Sberbank

For the convenience of its customers, the Bank offers to enter a special combination and carry out the necessary operation. All residents of the Russian Federation who use the services of the cellular operator are able to use the service: MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2.

Commands for the operation:

Commands for operation 1

Commands for operation 2Commands for operation 3

How much is a mobile bank

The alert service within the program "Mobile Bank" is provided to customers on a fee basis. Upon receipt of the card, the first 2 months bank offers the service completely free. This will allow you to evaluate the service and decide, it is needed on a fee basis, or not.

Tariffs, payment per month:

  • Conventional basic cards: 30 rubles
  • Standard Cards: 60 rubles
  • VIP and premium: free

It turns out that the service fee depends largely on the type of card. If you do not know the status of your card, you can call the operator and get advice.

Standard tariffs:

Tariffs Mobile Bank

In conclusion, it can be noted that the Mobile Bank is not an application that you need to download to your phone, but the service. With this service you can via special combinations instantly receive the necessary information.

To do this, you need to send a combination to a short number 900 from your phone and get a report.

If you enjoyed the service, then we offer to share your experience and tell how the mobile bank connected. Perhaps you are faced with various problems and could solve them. All this will be useful for readers of our financial portal, which helps to receive information on the products and services of a large and stable bank. To do this, it is enough to write an appeal in the "Comment" section.

The technical functional of Sberbank is considered the most convenient among other analogues. Bank customers can enjoy a number of additional options that make the card even more practical. How to connect the mobile bank of Sberbank, - it only describes in detail on Bobank.ru.

Debit card Classic Sberbank place an online application

Debit Card Classic Sberbank

Cost OT 450. Р
Cashbek THANK
% to the residue Not
Removal 1 500 000 r.
Overdraft Not
Delivery In the department

What is Sberbank Mobile Bank

Mobile Bank is a special system that is still called an SMS bank. When this option is connected, the client is able to fully control its account from a mobile phone.

With the help of a mobile bank, customers through SMS messages control the score and make all type financial transactions. Some clients do not use the site or mobile application, since the SMS Bank has all the necessary functionality.

With a mobile bank from Sberbank, the information will come immediately to your phone.

When connecting the service, customers get:

  • Personal push notifications and SMS messages about each card operation.
  • Notification of the entrance to Sberbank online.
  • Messages with individual offers - about new products, discounts, bank shares.

This is a fairly convenient option. When it is connected to the client, you do not once again go to the application or on the Sberbank website online. All the necessary information is sent and saved in SMS messages. The option is connected to debit and credit cards.

4 ways to connect mobile bank Sberbank

The service is connected by the client independently. It is not provided in the package with the rest of the options, since in some cases is paid. There are several ways to connect service:

  • Official site or Sberbank mobile app online.
  • ATM Sberbank.
  • Connect in the office.
  • Call to the hotline of the Bank.

If the user has access to the Sberbank online system, then the service will be easier to connect through it. At the same time on the site and in the application, the option is connected to the same algorithm.

How to connect a mobile bank through Sberbank online

According to the statistics of Sberbank, only 2% of customer organizations are not used. All other customers come to the site daily or at least once a day. In addition to using a large number of features, additional services can also be connected here. SMS bank or notifications on the card are connected after logging in to your personal account. Further client actions:

On the main page, select a map on which you plan to connect a mobile bank. If there are several cards, then each of them is connected separately.

Select a map for connecting a mobile bank through Sberbank online
Select a map for connecting a mobile bank through Sberbank online

Go to the card settings. After moving the Card Management, the "Settings" section is available in the tool line. If the official Sberbank website is used online, then you need to immediately go to the settings (at the top of the working screen), and then open the tab with the mobile bank.

Alerts in Mobile Bank Sberbank
Alerts in Mobile Bank Sberbank

Open a tab with a card account display and view the "Notifications" string. If they are disabled, they will need to be included.

Connecting Mobile Bank
Connecting Mobile Bank

Next, you should save the changed settings and exit the system. When you first connect, the funds from the account are written off a month ahead.

Connect the mobile bank service via Sberbank ATM

From the moment of connecting the option, the user will receive an SMS message on all completed operations to the SMS. As soon as the client makes a purchase or any other operation, a message will come to the phone with the detail - the amount of purchase and the remainder on the card account.

Connecting a service through an ATM

To connect a mobile bank, you can use our own ATMs of Sberbank. The client to perform the operation should be with you a map on which an additional service is connected. You can use for this purpose any Sberbank ATMs.

Map with large bonuses from Sberbank. Take an application

Map with big bonuses Sberbank

Cost OT 4,900 Р
Cashbek THANK
% to the residue Not
Removal 500 000 rubles.
Overdraft Not
Delivery In the department

Important: Mobile bank can connect on the principle: one card is one phone number. You can bind several bank cards to one number, and only one mobile phone number to the same map. Connecting a service in an ATM:

  1. Insert the card into the device and enter the PIN code.
  2. In the main menu, select "Information and Services".
  3. Find in the list of available options "Mobile Bank".
  4. Connect the service - click on the button in the menu next to the map account display.
  5. Save the changed settings and complete the maintenance.

After these actions, the option will be connected. For any card and account operations, the client will receive messages on the binding phone to the map.

How to connect a mobile bank by number 900

Mobile bank on the map is connected and through a call to a hot line of a credit organization. Today, a single short number 900 is used to serve customers.

It works hotline around the clock, so you can call at any time. To connect the Sberbank mobile bank by phone, the client performs the following actions:

  1. Rings from the phone binding to a short number 900, and waiting for communication with the operator of the credit institution.
  2. Presents the purpose of your call - connecting a mobile bank.
  3. Calls the last four digits of the bank card number to which the mobile bank is connected.
  4. Dictates its passport data to the operator - in strict accordance with the document.
  5. Provides all the information requested by the Sberbank operator, and waits for completing the request processing.

The option is connected in real time, without long wait. From the moment of its connection, the client will receive notifications to the phone for all bank card operations.

Mobile banking from Sberbank is connected instantly

How to connect a mobile bank of Sberbank in the Bank's office

If none of the presented options is appropriate to the client, it can use the help of specialists in the office of Sberbank. For this you need:

  1. To appear in the Bank's office and present an employee card and passport.
  2. Note what kind of package you need to connect.

Connection is performed within a few minutes. The Bank's specialist activates the option completely free, "initially all technical services in Sberbank turns out to be free.

Mobile Bank Connection Cost

Sberbank has a connection of this service is not subject to a fee. It can be connected free of charge and disconnect an unlimited number of times.

The fee is charged only for the operation of this service. Depending on the type of card, the fee per month can be: 0, 30, 60 rubles. For example, on gold and premium products, the service is automatically connected, immediately after the release of the card. Owners of such cards are not paid for SMS notifications of no cost.

For other types of maps, the monthly fee is 30 rubles. This product category includes youth, student cards, and cards that are provided for deductions to charitable funds.

According to the most common type of cards, including the category Standard, the monthly fee will be 60 rubles. This is the maximum amount that Sberbank customers pay per month for the work of the mobile bank.

Tariffs for the cost of services

As already noted, the mobile bank is connected and used by Sberbank customers at will. At the same time, the bank uses its own tariff net. For standard maps, the following packages are envisaged:

  • "Full" - the client receives SMS messages and push notifications for each operation produced on the map.
  • With tariff

  • "Economical" - its value is 0 rubles, while the cardholder receives only messages to confirm operations (3-D Secure technology).

While the cards are available only these two tariffs. Disable all notifications, including 3-D Secure technology, will not work. This option is valid by default.

Is the value of a mobile operator

Mobile Bank is connected to the above algorithm regardless of the name of the mobile operator. This can be as a company that is among the largest and small regional operator.

The mobile communications tariff also does not even associate with the work of the mobile bank. All messages and notifications come for free, within one paid month.

about the author Darchiev Anatoly Ruslanovich

Anatoly Darchiev - Higher Economic Education in Finance and Credit and Higher Legal Education in the direction of "Criminal Law and Criminology" in the Russian State Social University (RGSU). More than 7 years worked in Sberbank of Russia and credit Europe Bank. He is a financial adviser to large financial and consulting organizations. He is engaged in an increase in the financial literacy of the visitors of the Bobank service. Analyst and expert on banking. [email protected]

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Mobile Bank Sberbank

Mobile Bank Sberbank

- This is a convenient service to manage your bank account using SMS commands. With the help of a mobile bank, you can perform operations on paying a mobile phone, transfer money from the card to the card, as well as check the balance of the bank card. The number and variety of operations that can be performed with the help of this service are very large.

Work with the Mobile bank Sberbank carried out through a special short number 900. . Speed ​​on this number SMS Messages with a specific text, the Bank performs a specific operation, the parameters of which are indicated in the message.

Availability of services Mobile Bank needed when working with Personal Cabinet Sberbank Online . After all, to confirm the execution of an operation in your account, you need to enter a confirmation code that you can get an SMS message.

Mobile Bank Sberbank

How to connect Sberbank mobile bank?

Now, when receiving a new bank card, the Bank automatically connects this service to the map, to the phone number you specified in the Application Application. If you received a map of a long time ago, there are 2 ways to connect service.

First will contact the bank branch and ask you to connect this service.

Second , Connect the service itself in the nearest terminal or the Sberbank ATM.

The third , Connect it through your own phone.

When connecting the service in front of you will be the choice of the tariff: Economy or Full package . Bank employees will persuade you to connect a full package, and they will not even tell about the economy package. Let's still deal with what their difference.

Full package

Includes SMS notifications about perfect banking operations on the map . For example, if your card was credited to your card, then you will receive an SMS message. The message will contain information about the size of the enrollment and the final balance of the map will be specified. In principle, this is very convenient and is a plus, but there is a minus. For this convenience you will have to pay about 60 rubles every month. The amount will be written off the card balance every month automatically. For the year the amount will be equal to 720 rubles.

When connected Full package The first two months service is provided for free! During these two months, you can use all the facilities of the service and decide whether to leave a full package or still go to economical.

Economy package

Does not contain SMS notifications for perfect operations . However, this package is quite enough for full-fledged work with the mobile bank. There is no fee for this service package. In this tariff plan, you only pay for perfect requests.

We make a conclusion and decide whether it is worth paying for some SMS notifications of 60 rubles per month. Personally, I only connected the economy package.

Mobile Bank Sberbank

Connect a mobile bank through the service terminal

This way is simple and we are sure that you can do it yourself using a slight instruction:

  1. Find the nearest branch where there is a terminal or an ATM Sberbank
  2. Insert the map, enter the PIN Card Card
  3. In the menu, select the "Mobile Bank" section Mobile Bank Sberbank
  4. Next, click on the "Connection of the Main Card" button Mobile Bank Sberbank
  5. We choose the right rate and after entering the phone number
  6. Ready!

Connect a mobile bank by phone hotline

Traditional and simple method of connecting Mobile Bank Services - Delive to the hotline by phone at 8 (800) 555-55-50 and reveal your desire to connect the mobile bank service.

Mobile Bank Sberbank

An employee for checking the identity of the card owner will definitely ask you for your card's code word (the verbal code you installed when receiving a card in Sberbank). If the code word you forgotten, the operation will not be able to remotely and have to go connect the service to the nearest compartment.

Connect the mobile bank in the Sberbank branch

If the above-described methods of connecting the service for some reason are not suitable for you, then we suggest you take a walk to the nearest branch of Sberbank. You can find it with us with the help of the section of the Bank's Office or on the official website.

Mobile Bank Sberbank

Before a visit to the bank, make sure that you have a Sberbank card and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Without them, the service will not work. Next, we come to the department and appeal to a consultant with a request to connect a mobile bank. Bank employee will immediately affect you service. As a rule, the service when accessing through the bank is connected within 1 day. You will be notified with SMS on a successful connection.

How to connect a mobile bank via the Internet service Sberbank online

Dear users! Connect the service Mobile Bank through the Sberbank service online is impossible! Because to enter the service you need to have a connected mobile bank. On the phone, to which the Sberbank card is tied to the security code will be received to enter your personal account.

Usually, the service is offered by employees at the time of receiving a new card in the bank branch and, in this case, the mobile bank will be connected to you immediately. If the service will seem unnecessary to you, then using two months you can absolutely free to go to the tariff plan of the economy and do not pay the subscription fee, while retaining access to the Sberbank service online.

Basic SMS teams when working with a mobile bank

You can use the mobile bank both using short USSD requests and using conventional SMS to a short service number. 900. . Below will list the main SMS commands that can be useful every day:

Balance Request on the map - Message with text Balance 1234, where 1234 - the last 4 digits of your card numbers

Request Mini Card Extract - Message with text history 1234, where 1234 - the last 4 digits of your card numbers

Pay your mobile phone - Send an SMS message to number 900 with the amount of account replenishment in rubles (up to 3,000 rubles per day)

Pay any mobile phones - Send an SMS message to the number 900 C of the phone number and the amount you want to translate (up to 1,500 rubles per day)

Getting a list of all SMS service features - Send to the number 900 message with the text "Help" in response The bank will send you an SMS message containing a menu with a choice of reference information

Now consider the case when you have a bank card, but you do not know, connected or not this service you have. See the availability of a connected mobile bank can be in an ATM or in Personal Cabinet Sberbank Online .

In order to find out information about the mobile bank through Sberbank Online You first need Log in Your Personal Cabinet . After entering, you need to go to the section Settings . In the settings, select the item in the menu " Mobile Bank "

Mobile Bank Sberbank

On the screen you will see a list of your cards and information about which mobile package is connected to this card, as well as the phone number to which your card is attached.

Mobile Bank Sberbank

Mobile Bank Sberbank

How to go to the economical package of a mobile bank?

  • There are several ways to go to another tariff package, first Of these, it is to turn off the mobile bank in an ATM and re-connect it by selecting the package already by the economy.
  • Second The option will contact the nearest office of the bank and ask them to change the tariff in the economy.
  • Finally the third , the easiest using SMS messages with a specific text.

Send to the room 900. Message with text Economy 4321 .

4321. - These are the last digits of your card. You can also send an SMS with the text: Tariffes - 4321, economypaket 4321, EKONOMNIYPAKET 4321, EconomNOM 4321, Economical tariff 4321 .

In response to you, send the code to confirm the operation. We send the received code to the same number. All, now you are connected to the economical package.

If you wish to go back from the economical tariff for a full package, then you will need to send SMS, but already with the text: Full 4321. Tariff + 4321, Multipape 4321, PolniyPaket 4321, Upgrade 4321, Upgrade 4321 .

More detailed and full information on SMS to the number commands 900. You can find out on the Sberbank website, or contacting consultants in the nearest bank branch. Also all the questions you are interested in you can ask specialists. Contact Center any time of the day.

Limits on operations in the framework of the mobile bank

the name of the operation

Limit size

Payment of the phone registered as part of the Mobile Bank service

- no more than 3,000 rubles. per day**

Payment of any number of mobile phones (non-registered in the templates of the service "Mobile Bank)

- Not more than 1,500 rubles. per day ** - no more than 10 days per day **

Transfer of funds to the account of the recipient's bank card determined by the phone number registered as part of the Mobile Bank service (Mobile Bank not registered in templates)

- no more than 8,000 rubles. per day ** - no more than 10 days per day **

Payment in favor of any organization * As part of the Mobile Bank service

- at least 10 ** rub. One payment - no more than 10,000 ** rub. per day for each organization

Translation between bank cards as part of the Mobile Bank service

- no more than 100,000 rubles / 4000 US dollars / 3000 euros per day ***

How to disable Sberbank mobile bank?

You can turn off the mobile bank with only two ways: to contact your passport and a statement to the nearest branch of the bank or call the Sberbank Contact Center by number 8 (800) 555-55-50. Read more about how to disable the mobile bank service you can read here.

SMS Bank from Sberbank allows its customers to track operations on cards, follow the status of their accounts and translate money using messages. About how to connect a mobile bank in Sberbank and set up its functions to your needs - this article.

Methods for connecting a mobile bank in Sberbank

Connect Mobile Banking Sberbank Customer can with the help of employees or independently. To independently connect, it is enough to have access to the phone, computer or branded ATM.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

Via phone

Connecting mobile banking using the phone occurs according to all operators for all operators - 900 or 8 (800) 555 55 50. Before making the customer's service, the Client may ask questions a bank employee on topical tariffs and obtain individual recommendations. Activate the service with SMS to number 900 cannot be done, since it will be active after the connection.

From the call center operator

To communicate with the call center operator, you need a Sberbank hotline phone. To immediately go to the operator, after the call, you should dial "0". The line works around the clock and accepts calls for free. To identify the client, the operator sets the following questions:

  • FULL NAME. citizen;
  • Passport details;
  • Card data;
  • Password and secret word;
  • Last payment on the map.

So that the connection has passed correctly and without delay, the client should prepare a passport in advance, a plastic card and remember the secret word.

Via online banking

To activate the service with the help of Internet banking, you will need access to the Personal Account. The problem of this method is that it is advisable to connect a mobile bank in advance to use the LC (the input to the Cabinet passes through SMS confirmation). But to perform single operations, you can use a password issued by an ATM.

In Sberbank online

Sberbank online is a convenient application for managing banking services. The application is available for downloading to a smartphone, on any OR for free. The procedure for connecting the mobile banking is step by step.

  1. The client passes authorization in the system (introduces login and password).
  2. The main menu selects the Mobile Bank item and selects the tariff.
  3. Confirms the connection settings in the Connection Conditions (Map number, phone number, tariff name).
  4. Activates the service and indicates its parameters.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

Registration of applications and activation of services are held within three working days.

Through ATM

Any terminal or ATM of Sberbank is suitable for connecting a mobile bank. The procedure provides for such a procedure:

  1. The client inserts a bank card into the reader.
  2. Enters the PIN and enters the main menu.
  3. Moves to the "Mobile Bank" section.
  4. Selects the "Service Connection" item.

One phone number supports up to eight cards at the same time. With more cards, you must have an additional SIM card.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

In the bank branch

You can connect mobile banking in any Sberbank office. For registration, the client takes a certificate of identity (passport) and a valid bank card. An employee issues the applicant a questionnaire that consists of the following items:

  • Branch of the bank;
  • Passport details;
  • Company Provider + cell phone number;
  • Bank card data;
  • Tariff name.

The form also contains the date of sending a questionnaire and signature of the sender. An employee accepts an application under one condition - a citizen places an identity card. The activation of the service leaves one to three business days.

Available features via Mobile Bank

Mobile banking allows Sberbank client to manage its account using short SMS commands, which includes:

  • Sending funds by phone number. SMS for 900 with the command "Transfer - the phone receiving - the amount of the amount";
  • Sending funds to the card. SMS for 900 with the command "Translation - Card Number - the amount of the amount";
  • Replenishment of a tied mobile account. SMS 900 with the amount that the client wants to translate;
  • Replenishment of any mobile account. SMS for 900 with the text "Phone number (including nine) - the amount of translation";
  • Sending funds from the card to the card. SMS on 900 "Four digits of the shipping card - four digits of receiving card";
  • Balance on the card. SMS 900 with the text "Balance". If more than one card is connected to SMS banking, you need to enter the last four digits of the desired card;
  • Accumulated points "Thank you". SMS 900 with the text "Thank you - Figures Cards". If the service for accumulating bonuses is not connected, this message will allow you to join the program;
  • Credit card arrears or the sum of the nearest payment. SMS for 900 with the text "Duty";
  • The last ten operations. SMS for 900 with the text "History - the latest card numbers";
  • The number of cards connected to SMS-Bucking. SMS for 900 with the text "Help";
  • Blocking card. SMS 900 with the text "Lock - the latest card numbers - a brief explanation (0 - the loss of the card, 1 - theft, 2 - left in ATM, 3 - more)";
  • Activation of the alerts on the card. SMS 900 with "Full". You can disable the service through the application for the smartphone or in the Sberbank branch;
  • Disable "SMS payments" option. SMS 900 with "zero". To connect alerts, you need to call Sberbank employees on the same number.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

The list of user-friendly functions varies depending on the selected package - "economy" or "full". The total tariff has advanced features.

Instructions for working with the mobile bank in Sberbank online

You can manage the SMS Bank with four ways - using messages, online banking, ATMs and Sberbank employees. Mobile Bank allows you to receive fresh information about the map, make transfers and even monitor loan payments.


For connecting mobile banking, the following methods are available to the client:

  • Call to operator call center;
  • Sberbank-online (through LC);
  • Corporate ATM;
  • Department of the Bank.

The client will require the card number, passport details and a secret word. Sberbank leaves from one to three working days to connect the service at Sberbank.

Change phone number

Change phone number The user can in several ways:

  • Call to the contact center at 900 or 8 (800) 555 55 50. In order for the operator to make sure that the real account of the account addressed the service, it has the right to request a passport number and other personal data;
  • Sending an application in the office. The client comes to any office with a Sberbank card and a passport and fills the application in the form of a bank. The application consists of several points - Full name, passport details and maps connected to the service;
  • Using an ATM. In the ATM menu, you need to find the "Mobile Bank" section, go on it, click "Disable maintenance" and confirm your action. To enter new data, the "Connect Mobile Bank" tab is intended.

Change the phone number via the Internet is impossible. Sberbank removed this opportunity to protect his clients from fraudsters from fraudsters.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

Unlock mobile bank

Unlock occurs in two ways:

  • Sending SMS. On the number 900, the client sends a message from "Unlocking services 1357 9999" (1357 - the last digits of the card, 9999 - digital control data). The phrase can be written in Russian or on a translite (Rasblokirovkauslug);
  • Call to the contact center. The call center operator will require to communicate the card number and the passport details of the resulting. Sometimes an employee asks the code word.

Conclusion of money from the balance of the phone on the Sberbank card

Conditions for output from the phone account on the card depend on the specific mobile operator.

  • MTS: from 1,700 to 15,000 rubles. Commission 4% and at least 25 rubles. Five translations are available per day. In the personal account on the website of the operator: "Easy payment" - "money transfers" - "Transfer to the Bank's card." The user enters the mobile number, the amount for translation, the payment method. In the window that opens, the details of the card introduces;

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

  • MegaFon: from 1 to 15,000 rubles. Commission fees 7.35% (from 95 to 259 rubles. Depending on the transaction value. In the personal account on the website of the operator: "Money transfers" - "Translate to a plastic card". The user enters the phone number, clicks "Get Code in SMS" , prints the code in the field and introduces the details of the card;

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

  • Beeline: from 40 to 14,000 rubles. Commission 5.9% + 10 ₽. In the personal account on the operator's website, the procedure for the action: "Pay from the account" - "money transfers". The client chooses the card payment system (visa, mastercard, maestro). In a new window, enter the number, translation value and card data.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

You can withdraw money and using SMS. For megaphone, the message goes to the number 3116 with the text Card - the map number is the time of action - the amount of translation. For Beeline - on the number 7878 with the text payment system - the map number is the transfer value.

Features and alternatives

The cost of receiving notifications on the card depends on the tariff chosen by the client (economical or complete) and the card connected to the service. The tariff "Economical" provides for the following restrictions:

  • Notifications are not applicable for transactions on the map;
  • A single balance of the balance and limit costs 5 rubles;
  • A single query request Operation costs 15 rubles.

The "Full" tariff offers the user a few weight advantages:

Free notifications about all operations on the map. Balance information and recent operations are also provided for free;

The subscription fee for connecting the service is determined by the type of card:

  • 0 ₽ For Gold Visa, Gold Mastercard
  • 30 ₽ For Maestro, ELECTRON visa;
  • 60 ₽ For Classic visa, Standard mastercard.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

Optionally, the Sberbank Customer has the right to change the selected tariff plan. You can connect the new tariff with the 2nd ways:

  • Come to the Sberbank branch and fill out a corresponding statement;
  • Send an SMS message to 900. To go to the economical - "Economy - the latest card numbers", to switch to full - "Full - the last digits of the card".

Turning off mobile banking is two species - temporary (suspension) and constant. To temporarily block the service, the client sends an SMS to 900 with the text "Blocking Services - 4 last digits of the card". With this format, the notification blocking does not come to the phone, but the subscription fee is written off. Disable the option forever, possibly in all offices of Sberbank. For this, the client writes the statement of the card holder, the sample of which is presented below.

Connect a mobile bank in Sberbank

Modern alternative to SMS-Bank became "Push notifications". In 2019, Sberbank began to massively translate users connected to the Notifications on the Map service. Thanks to push notifications, operation alerts come to clients through the Sberbank application for the smartphone that must be installed. All operations performed are saved in the application archive and are divided into categories for convenience ("write off", "enrollments", etc.).

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Mobile Bank from Sberbank is a very convenient service, because if you bring a map to the phone, you will get a whole set of services that will simplify the control of your account.

These are alerts by SMS of all operations with the score, operational payments and translations using the phone, the rapid payment of the service operator services, the ability to request the balance at any time on your bank account. And if you lose the map, you can immediately block it.

In general, the service is very convenient, and the connection is available to each Sberbank client. Make it calls on advertising from the bank, but here's just instructions on the site, how to connect, not to find, and therefore questions often arise about how to connect the Sberbank mobile bank. But this is not a misfortune: In this article, we will look at all ways to connect a mobile bank for a Sberbank card, which is a lot. But first - we learn more, which will make this service, and what options are available.

What do you need a mobile bank

It has a lot of useful functions, list them:

  • Replenishment of the balance of the phone.
  • Transferring translations to other cards.
  • Payment for services.
  • Obtaining notifications about enrollment of funds.
  • Obtaining an extract of the history of operations.
  • Card lock.

There are two options for services: full and economy. During activation, you will be offered to choose which one to activate. If you choose a complete, you will pay a monthly subscription fee for use of up to 60 rubles (however, for the owners of some cards it is free). In this embodiment, you can connect SMS alerts without additional fees. Economy is free, but does not include SMS alerts.

Now consider all possible options for connecting a mobile bank.

With internet

Service Mobile Bank can be connected independently from its home, for this you need to use the Internet. But to be able to do this, you must first register with the Sberbank service online. If you are already registered, then you will need to send a request, and then confirm it.

To create an application, you need to find the "Connect Mobile Bank" online link and click on it, and then on the "Connection Details". A page will open on which you can select the "Connect" option. Here we choose the package that will be connected, then enter all the necessary information: the phone number to which you want to link the service is that all notifications will come to it, and it will be possible to control the score; and the card number to which you are going to connect a mobile bank.

The application is created, now it needs to be confirmed. To do this, press the appropriate button, check the information entered and confirm again - after that you will be sent a message with a password. It should be introduced, and the application will go for consideration. It will take several days, after which you will be connected by a mobile bank.

Taking advantage of ATM

To activate, it is not necessary to go directly into the bank itself and stand there in the queue - check-in and through an ATM. To do this, you will need only a card and pin code.

By inserting the card and entering the PIN code, select the item in the menu, which is called - "Mobile Bank". You will see the submenu, among which will also be what we need, namely, connect the main card. Then you can choose the option that you prefer - full or economy. The term of consideration of the application is the same as in the previous case - several days (maximum three).

The undoubted advantage of this option is not necessary to go to the bank branch, waste time and fill in paper, so everything goes much faster. In addition, unlike the first option we considered to connect through an ATM, it is not necessary to already be registered in the Sberbank online.

In the bank branch

The most traditional way - for this you just need to appear in the Sberbank office and write an application for connection. With you, you need to have a document that could confirm your identity.

You can do it directly during the receipt of the card, perhaps the bank worker himself will suggest you to connect the service mobile bank Sberbank to the map, but even if not, you can always inquire about this service.

Contact center

You can make a call to the contact center, that is, number 8 800 555 5550 and, having passed the identification, order a connection to the operator. To do this, you need the connected number to be specified in the service contract. In order to pass the identification, you will need to say control information and your passport details.

Previously, it was possible to bind bank credit cards and with the help of a phone, but the release of such cards is completed.

On the second number

Sometimes it becomes necessary to connect the service at once on several numbers. Is it possible to do this? Yes, but for this will have to personally go to the Sberbank branch and fill out a special statement there. In itself, it is similar to the usual connection application, and is considered as much time. In total, you can bind up to eight numbers to one map.

When changing the number

Sometimes the phone already tied to the service changes, and the need arises to attach it to the number you own now. It will be necessary to do this by appearing at the Sberbank Department and filling out two statements - the first on shutdown, and the second to connect. The first is necessary for security, because those numbers that are no longer used, usually in some time they are given by the operator to other subscribers and, accordingly, they could receive notifications on your account. If you have lost your phone, you should also contact the operator so that it blocked the room - otherwise finding it can access your accounts.

Reviews about the service Mobile Bank Almost all positive - this is understandable, because it is very convenient and simplifies life when using services and payments on the Sberbank card. We examined all the ways in detail, so now the mobile bank connection for the Sberbank card does not represent problems, because now we know how to tie a Sberbank card to the phone.

Mobile Bank - a Sale Service, which allows you to produce various actions with an SMS account, without having to publish the Internet: Transfer finances by phone number or card, pay communication services, receive various information and so on. Below we will tell you how to connect it.

  1. Prerequisites for connecting
  2. How to connect a mobile bank Sberbank through an ATM
  3. other methods
    1. In the bank branch
    2. By the hotline number
    3. Through Sberbank online
  4. Possible connection problems
    1. I changed my phone number. Need to connect the option again?
    2. I connected the SMS bank, and the formations of payments do not come. Why?
    3. In Sberbank online there is no card to which I want to connect the SMS bank. Where did she disappear?
    4. I checked the last transactions on the map, and for it removed 15 rubles. Isn't it free?
    5. When trying to order the service, an ATM issues an error. What to do?

Prerequisites for connecting

Basic condition: You must have any bank card card. Additional conditions depend on how you are going to connect the service:

  • In the Sberbank ATM, through the terminal: you need to have a card on your hands, know the PIN code.
  • In the bank branch: you need to have a passport in your hands.
  • Through online banking: you need to have an account.
  • By the hotline number: you need to remember the code word.

How to connect a mobile bank Sberbank through an ATM

Instruction, step by step:

  1. (This step can be skipped if you know where the nearest ATM is located) we go to Sberbank.ru/ru/about/Today/OIB, choose "ATMs", we find the nearest device.
  2. Go to it with a card.
  3. In ATM, select the item "Connect Sberbank Ongi @ En and Mobile Bank".
  4. Choose mobile banking directly.
  5. It will be necessary to choose a package - economical or full. Economical is connected free of charge, but it does not have SMS warning about perfect operations, information about the current balance card will cost money, 3? For each request. The full package of services costs 30-60 rubles per month, but allows you to watch the balance for free and get sms on write-offs from the account after shopping. Choose what is suitable for you.
  6. The device will ask you to enter a PIN code to confirm the connection. We enter. There will be an inscription on successful activation, the procedure is completed.
Note that the number will be tied to the card, which is specified in the contract for the provision of banking services. You can change data either in the separation or through a hot line.

other methods

In the bank branch

You can connect the SMS bank immediately when you make a card - a savage officer must ask you about connecting if it does not do it - say that you need a mobile banking. You will be explained about the tariffs, select the desired one - and it will already be activated when you get plastic on your hands.

If the card is already on hand, and banking is not connected - not a problem, go to the office with a passport. Tell me that you need to connect the service, give a card, give a passport. Employees will do everything.

By the hotline number

This method works only if the phone number you want to connect the service coincides with the number specified in the formation of plastic. Call 900, tell the operator your passport details (Full name and date of birth), card number and test word. When the authorization is completed - tell me that you need to activate the service to the number specified in the questionnaire.

Through Sberbank online

The bunch of online banking and mobile banking allows not only to manage the score, but also to use additional opportunities: to enter Sberbank online with a disposable code from SMS and receive push notifications.

How to do everything yourself:

  1. We go to online banking.
  2. We go to "Settings" -> "Notifications".
  3. Select a map with a disabled option.
  4. If necessary, specify or change the phone number, click "Connect".

Possible connection problems

I changed my phone number. Need to connect the option again?

If banking is connected via Sberbank ONL @ w on, you don't need to do anything - the service is "tied" to the device itself. If activated somehow differently - yes, and first you need to untie the old number. To disable SMS Bank, call 900 or go to the customer service department at the Bank's office with a passport.

I connected the SMS bank, and the formations of payments do not come. Why?

Most likely, you have chosen an economical package of services. If yes - change it to the full (similar to connection), if not, call the hotline. In general, you can immediately call the operator and ask a question - a call center is able to solve both problems.

In Sberbank online there is no card to which I want to connect the SMS bank. Where did she disappear?

There are 3 options here. The first one - she has not appeared there. If you received a map less than 24 hours ago, it has not yet been activated. To activate, you need to either wait a day, or insert it into an ATM and enter the PIN code. The second is the application. This happens when, due to the lack of space on the smartphone, the application cannot be updated. Check the updates or try to go to your personal account through the site. The third - your card has expired (or you closed it and forgot about it, occasionally it also happens). Here you can not do anything, and it is not necessary.

I checked the last transactions on the map, and for it removed 15 rubles. Isn't it free?

For free if you connect a complete package of services. You have connected an economical package - it does not require money monthly, but removes them for checking the account and extract to operations. Switch to "Full".

When trying to order the service, an ATM issues an error. What to do?

The problem is either an ATM or with your score. If an ATM - next to the separation, go and ask why it gives an error. If there is no separation nearby - call the hotline.


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