Translation from Yandex Money on Sberbank Card: Instruction and Commission

Yandex.Money is the largest electronic system of payments in Russia, whose wallet is constantly used by more than 25 million people. The system offers a wide range of options, including the withdrawal of funds to the card. How to make a translation from Yandex.Money to Sberbank card will be told on the portal

Overview of the operation

Yandex.Money system allows you to output funds not only on Sberbank cards. To this end, it is allowed to use maps of any Russian bank and a number of foreign credit institutions. The exceptions are Citibank maps, or products issued in: Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Colombia, USA.

The payment system may be any. You can bring Yandex.Money to Visa, MasterCard cards, peace, and other payment systems. At the same time, the conditions for all cards are the same. The current user status in the system is important. The card can be debit, credit, salary and any other. For some virtual cards, Yandex.Money system introduces restrictions.

Status of the participant in the system to make a translation

The Yandex.Money system provides 3 status (identification level): anonymous, nominal, identified. The first status is issued immediately after registration. The system does not know about the user no information other than the login and phone number.

Owner's status Yandex.Money wallet
Owner's status Yandex.Money wallet

Nominal status - issued after filling in the questionnaire with unloading passport data. This status is available for obtaining only for citizens of the Russian Federation. Yandex.Money does not have the right to remotely process the data of citizens of foreign countries. With this status, you can send translations only on tied cards - to yourself.

Anonymous users do not have the ability to make transfers
Anonymous users do not have the ability to make transfers

Identified status - is assigned only if the user has passed the check and confirmed his identity. You can do this in several ways, including remotely.

Translation from Yandex.Money to the card is available only in the presence of a nominal or identified status. Anonymous users cannot make any transfers. Also, limits and restrictions on operations depend on the status.

Step-by-step translation instructions from Yandex.Money to Sberbank card

The user specifies its status in the upper right side of the screen. The e-wallet number is also specified here. For normal operation and free use, the wallet is recommended to obtain identified (verified) status.

If the status complies with the requirements of the system, there will be no problems with the operation. Instructions for a nominal and identified wallet - one. Only verified users can withdraw money on any cards, and nominates - only attached (their own). In the Yandex.Money system, the transfer to the Sberbank card is as follows:

  1. Open the wallet and go to the Transferences section. The user's expenditure performs through this section.
  2. Launching Page Personal Cabinet Yandex.Money
    Launching Page Personal Cabinet Yandex.Money
  3. Assign the direction of translation - from the wallet to the bank card. Named and identified statuses allow us to carry out funds on other poison purses, or on the accounts of other online payment systems, bank accounts, with respect to SP or organizations. The functionality of Yandex.Money is wide enough.
  4. Direction of translation from Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card
    Direction of translation from Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card
  5. Select a map of tied or specify the details of another bank card. It also indicates the amount of translation.
  6. Translation from Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card
    Translation from Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card

The activation of the operation is made through a single SMS message. In the absence of access to the phone tied to the wallet, emergency codes are used - an alternative way to confirm operations with an electronic wallet.

Duration of receipt of funds

The final enrollment of funds depends on the name of the issuer's credit organization. Date of translation from Yandex.Money to the card in most cases range from a few seconds to 1-2 minutes.

The maximum deadline for enrollment is 5 banking days. If the duration for the user is critical, it addresses its bank to obtain a certificate of the speed of such an operation. On the Sberbank card, the translation from Yandex.Money comes instantly.

If there is no access to a mobile phone, an emergency code is used
If there is no access to a mobile phone, an emergency code is used

Limits and restrictions

The minimum transfer amount is 100 rubles. The maximum amount of translation depends on the status of the wallet. Users for registered status are at a time send 15,000 rubles. The amount of translations per day is 150,000 rubles, and for a month - 300,000 rubles.

For identified users, limits are set in the following form: 75,000 rubles per surgery; 150 000 rubles - per day and 600,000 rubles - for the month. An increase in the current limits is not provided.

Translation from Yandex money on Sberbank card without commission

There is no such functional. For translation to any card, including Sberbank issued by Sberbank, Yandex.Money charges a fairly large commission - 3% + 45 rubles. Small amounts to translate quite unprofitable: with the amount of translation in 100 rubles, the user will pay 48 rubles of the Commission (almost 50%).

Fixed Commission. The minimum and maximum threshold - no. When making a transfer, the Commission is plusing with the amount of the operation, and not deducted from it, as happens in some online payment systems.

To reduce commission costs, all sorts of online exchangers are used. The Commission is sometimes lower than on the Yandex.Money service. The average percentage of the operation is in the area of ​​1.5-2%, which is more profitable than the conditions from Yandex.Money.

Commission's amount - fixed
Commission's amount - fixed

How to make Yandex Translation from the map on the map

Not all Internet users have a valid poison wallet. Opened electronic wallet quickly enough. Plus, a little time goes to check passport data. For those who do not want to open Yandex.Money wallet, some basic operations are available on the service. One of them is a transfer from the card to the card.

To use this functional, it is not necessary to register on the services of Yandex. Just enter the "Yandex.Money" request in the search bar, and follow the following instructions:

  1. On the main page of the service to choose "Create a Wallet". In fact, the electronic wallet does not have to create. Thus, the user goes to a page with an additional system functionality.
  2. Create a wallet Yandex.Money
    Create a wallet Yandex.Money
  3. At the bottom of the page you need to find the "Translations" column. Here, click on the link "From the map to the card".
  4. Translation from card to map via Yandex.Money
    Translation from card to map via Yandex.Money
  5. Fill out a conversion form: specify the numbers of both cards, the transfer amount, CVC code on the map, the current email address. Email Yandex.Money sends a payment receipt as a confirmation of the operation.
  6. Filling out the form on the translation from the card on the card via Yandex.Money
    Filling out the form on the translation from the card on the card via Yandex.Money
  7. Activate the operation. Activation is performed through one-time SMS codes on the 3D Secure system. Money goes to the account of the recipient card, as a rule, instantly.

The translation is thus made both within a single bank and when using maps of different credit institutions. The Commission is 1.95% of the transfer amount. The minimum commission, regardless of the amount, will be 40 rubles.

Create whether there is an additional fee. Some banks charged
It is necessary to specify in advance whether there is an additional fee. Some banks charged

On maps of some banks, an additional commission for interbank transfer may be charged. With significant amounts of operation, this condition needs to be clarified in advance, since the Commission may be sufficiently impressive.

about the author Darchiev Anatoly Ruslanovich

Anatoly Darchiev - Higher Economic Education in Finance and Credit and Higher Legal Education in the direction of "Criminal Law and Criminology" in the Russian State Social University (RGSU). More than 7 years worked in Sberbank of Russia and credit Europe Bank. He is a financial adviser to large financial and consulting organizations. He is engaged in an increase in the financial literacy of the visitors of the Bobank service. Analyst and expert on banking. [email protected]

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Yandex.Money is a common and current system of monetary electronic transfers in Russia. With the help of the payment system, payments, without leaving the house, replenish the balance of the mobile, and also translate funds from the Yandex wallet to the Sberbank card.

How to translate Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card: Methods, Conditions and Commissions

Translation process

To transfer funds, you must have mail in Yandex. The first thing you need is to create a mailbox on this resource. Focus on this process will not, since the procedure is practically no different from registration in such networks. First, follow the link "", then register or simply log in if you already have a mailbox on this resource.

After authorization and registration, go to the page, which is called "Yandex.Money" (the link to the page is located in the Open window header, there, wherein and similar links). Now click on the Open Account window.

Filling out payment information:

  • In the first field, the opened window is the graph to indicate the payment password. Passwords in this line and in Yandex have different meanings. This way the safety of Yandex clients is achieved, in the event of hacking your page by fraudsters.
  • The next line is intended for the recovery code. It is necessary, in the case when you need to cancel the previously specified password. This applies with the loss, loss of the payment password.
  • In the third field, specify the number of your cell phone.
  • The graph on the fourth line is filled with the system automatically. The email box is displayed here.
  • The fifth line contains a valid birth date of the client.
  • And the last thing you want to implement on this page - re-enter the password.
How to translate Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card: Methods, Conditions and Commissions
Important. Save your information in a single hidden file, since this information is strictly confidential.

After the process is completed to enter the necessary data, the SMS message will be sent to your phone number. The message contains a special code confirming your actions.

The bill is open! Now, as soon as you enter any Yandex page, in the top of the top will be displayed the numbers of green, which correspond to the status of the user account (balance).

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How to bring money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card

Currently, there are only two ways to output funds from Yandex Money on Sberbank card:

  • In the first case, they tie a plastic bank card to the payment system, which speeds up the process of outputting money. This script will be carried out regularly and at a convenient time. Of course, for regular pay, it is not necessary to specify the card number every time, which is a big advantage.
  • Another way does not require binding a specific bank card. Comfortable for those who have several cards. To implement this method, you will need only the number of the card to which you want to transfer money.

Translate money from Yandex to a card without binding

To display cash from the Internet wallet, you will need to enter the number of the desired card each time. To implement the procedure, go to the main page of the Yandex Wallet. After that, find the button "Remove", which is located in the right corner of the page from above, and click on it. This contributes to the opening of the new page window, which is chosen by the Count with the inscription: "Any Bank".

Then fill out the form:

  • In the first line, specify the bank card number.
  • Next, enter the desired amount for translation.
  • And to complete the operation, click on the "Translate" button.
How to translate Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card: Methods, Conditions and Commissions
Important. Considering the fact that the Commission is charged, it is more profitable for customers to translate a large amount of money than to carry out its translation parts.

Next, you will find the following page where you need to select the "Pay" window.

On this transfer of the amount of money from the Internet wallet will be completed. The amount will be transferred to the card. However, it is possible to first need to specify the code that will receive an SMS message.

Often, the transfer to the card this way occurs immediately at the end of the above actions. However, if the client displays no money on a Sberbank card, the arrival of the amount can delay up to five days.

How to output the amount with binding

We'll now understand how to carry out a regular translation of money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card. Convenience is that any specialized programs will not need to carry out a transaction, Yandex Money Translation is possible using a conventional browser.

To enjoy this option for outputting funds from an electronic wallet, you will need to tie the map, for this purpose the number of your card is introduced and, subsequently, the transfer of money is automatically.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Click in your profile to the "Card payment" section.
  • This will send you to a new page, where you will need to specify a confirmation password (you entered it during the registration process).
  • As soon as the user managed to confirm his input, you must specify the map information. After properly specified information, a new window will open in which the binding is carried out.
  • To confirm the binding, you will need to either specify the code or enter the authorization amount.
How to translate Yandex.Money to Sberbank Card: Methods, Conditions and Commissions

In the first case, use Internet banking. Or this will not need this, and the code itself will go sms message to your phone.

For the second option, log in to your banking account and see the sum of money that is possible to translate. After that, these numbers are inserted into the appropriate graph in the wallet. Moreover, the amount must be exactly the same, not excluding a penny. After the proper execution of all actions, the user will be redirected to a new page, where information about the binding of a bank card to the electronic wallet will be indicated.

To implement simple actions, you will need to enter from any electronic device (laptop, telephone, tablet or computer).

Conditions and Commissions

Transferring money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank's card provides for the removal of the commission. The commission for transferring from Yandex money to Sberbank's card corresponds to 3% + 45 rubles. The minimum amount of money that can be translated - 500 rubles. But the maximum amount will depend on the status of the card:

  • Name can be sent 15,000 at a month and 300,000 per month.
  • Identified - 75000 ONO and 600000 per month.

You should immediately draw your attention to the fact that the output of money from the Internet wallet without a commission from the fiction section. Even if you used an exchanger, the amount will still be less than it was originally.

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The translation of virtual funds into real now has become a popular service, and Yandex money is one of the most popular systems in Russia carrying out operations with electronic money.

The number of its users continues to grow, as many web resources prefer the Yandex wallet. With the help of Yandex money is easy to pay online accounts, replenish the phone, or withdraw money, turning them into real currency. Often ask how to withdraw Yandex money to the card. Therefore, in this article we will consider how to bring money from Yandex money to the Sberbank card, since most of the Russians use the services of this particular bank. This way of outputting money is quite simple.

Creating a wallet in Yandex

First you need to have mail in Yandex. If the mailbox is not yet, you will need to create it. It is very simple and no different from registration of any mail, so we will not paint this procedure in the details - it is enough to go to the company's main website, then click on the registration button and follow the instructions of the system.

Then you need to start a wallet in the Yandex Money system by passing registration. This will require quite some data: telephone, email, as well as date of birth. You will need to go to the Yandex Money page, the link to which is available at the top of the main page, along with other offered services. Then to find the Orange button "Open the Account" and click on it.

A form with payment data will appear, which will need to be filled. The first thing we see is to come up with a payment password. It should be noted that the payment password and the usual password from the account should not coincide - after all, users think that this should be the same password. If the attackers hack your account, they still will not access the wallet attached to it.

Next - recovery code. It will be required if you forget the payment password, it will be possible to replace this password with the new one. The next field is the phone number. Fourth - mailbox, fifth - date of birth. Everything is simple here. Do not forget to keep any passwords somewhere, of course, not in those files that hold on the network. After sending a form to the phone will come SMS, responding to which you can confirm the registration. This registration is completed, you have a virtual wallet, and subsequently you can transfer money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card.

Wallet status

The status directly affects the possibilities in the electronic payment system: the maximum amounts of removal and replenishment are dependent, the number of available translations per day, the maximum size of a single payment and other parameters on which the transfer to the card depends on.

Status are the following:

  • anonymous;
  • nominal;
  • identificational;
  • professional.

An anonymous wallet is inconvenient: it can be kept no more than 15 thousand rubles on it, but to take off just 5 thousand. To change the status on the name, you need to click on the status, then click on the nominal, and enter your passport details, as well as the data of the second document - this may be reduced, the Inn or the OMS policy.

Conclusion of money at the expense in Sberbank

Ways to translate Yandex money on a Sberbank card two:

  1. Binding the score to the wallet.
  2. Make a translation without binding.

To perform operations, it will not be necessary to establish a program, in contrast to the use of such a service as WebMoney, everything can be done directly from the browser.


This procedure is simple: Select the payment in the menu, enter the password and confirm the operation.

Then we enter all the data required by the system. You will also need authorization in the Sberbank online system, for this you need to pre-register an account in it - this is in any case you need to make most Sberbank users. After all these items are fulfilled, the card is successfully attached to the account and it becomes possible with the ease of making money from Yandex Wallet to the Sberbank card, to which the binding is made, not filling the cards of the cards each time, it will be enough to enter a payment password and confirmation of SMS.

Translation without binding

The output of Yandex money on the Sberbank card is possible and without reference, for this you just need to go into the wallet, choose the item "to make money", and then - bring to the bank card. After that, you need to enter all the required data, you will also need a payment password and confirmation by SMS. How much money go? As a rule, the translated means come to the account very quickly, in minutes. In rare cases, money money can go within 2-3 days, the maximum deadlines that can go to the translation - week. If he goes longer - it is already a reason to apply to technical support.

Commission and restrictions

The Commission is 3% of the translated amount + 45 rubles. The amounts are limited both from below (500 rubles) and from above: at a time you can translate not more than 75 thousand rubles, per day - no more than 150 thousand, finally, per month - no more than 600 thousand.

Now we know how to cash out Yandex money by carrying out their translation into account in Sberbank. Translation from Yandex money on a Sberbank card allows you to make a cash transfer from virtual to real, from the card to the card, and so on - after which you simply cash translated money. They make an extremely convenient conclusion of earnings from the Internet and other operations with finance on the network.

How to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card?The Yandex Money platform is a popular electronic payment service - it is characterized by advanced opportunities that constantly performed shares and favorable conditions. The Wallet from Yandex enjoy the people who make purchases on the Internet - from the Sberbank card funds can be enrolled without a commission, as well as pay most of the goods on the network, including the Internet, mobile communications, fines, housing and public utilities. If you need to withdraw money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank, it will also be able to do without any problems, however, already with the Commission.


The output of funds is available not to all users of the Yandex Money service, so, people who simply created a wallet, but did not have passed the identification procedure, making transfers to bank cards cannot. The minimum requirement is the presence of the status of the "Name", it is enough to obtain it:

  • Fill out a short questionnaire with personal data;
  • enter the number and series of passports;
  • specify SNILS;
  • Wait for checking.

Learn your status by clicking on the Avatar in the upper right corner of the Yandex.Money Page

In addition, you can pass identification by obtaining advanced features and enhancing the available limits. Make it will succeed in the offices of the company, in communication salons or online via SMS bank. For example, in Sberbank, the service costs 10 rubles, but the number specified in the "Yandex Money" questionnaire must coincide with the number attached to the mobile bank of the financial institution.

Enrollment of funds on the Yandex wallet is made in the service itself or the Sberbank online personal account for free. Unfortunately, the reverse operation is already subject to the commission, and to pull money through the Internet bank or the Sberbank mobile application will not work - there is no such functional possibility. Conditions and tariffs for the withdrawal of funds:

  • The minimum amount is 100 rubles. excluding commission;
  • Translation fee - 3% + 45 rubles;
  • Maximum amount - 15 000 rubles. for nominal wallet, 75,000 - for identified;
  • Maximum per day - 150,000 rubles;
  • per month can be removed to 600 thousand rubles.

Tariffs for the withdrawal of funds from the Yandex wallet are not the most profitable - due to the high-size commissions, users are forced to abandon this ventiy. The best option is to spend money directly from the wallet or order a bank card from Yandex to pay it in retail outlets without commission.

Translate money is the easiest way through the official service of the company. For operation, two methods are used: output directly from the wallet on the website or in Yandex Money.

List funds from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank more profitable than to do the same card operation - the Commission will be lower. To pass the procedure:

  1. Log in to Yandex login and password, make sure that the status of the "Name" wallet is either "identified" (specified in the upper right corner, you need to click on the arrow symbol).
  2. In the Select section "Translations" menu.
  3. In the left side of the screen, the section "Where to translate?" Will appear, you need to click on a bank card. Bank card 
  4. Specify the details of the new card or select the one previously used.
  5. Enter the amount if you need to - put the checkbox opposite "together with the Commission", then it is the specified amount that will be removed from the account, and the addressee will get less.
  6. Press "Next", and then "pay", if necessary, enter the code obtained in SMS.

For a transaction, it is enough to know the recipient's card number, additional details are not required. Money is credited instantly at any time of the day.

An alternative way to output funds will suit users who installed the Yandex Money application and want to transfer to Sberbank. You need to act according to the instructions:

  1. Enter the program for the smartphone using a short code.
  2. In the bottom menu, click "Catalog".
  3. Open the Translate tab and click "From Wallet to Map."
  4. Set the map number or select from the previously used.
  5. Specify the amount and confirm the payment.

The size of the Translation Commission through the application is standard, but Yandex motivates users to establish a program, so stocks are regularly held with the accrual of bonuses for "mobile" payments.

Translation can be transferred through third-party sites that offer electronic money exchange between various payment services. To take advantage of their services, you will also need a wallet with a status of not lower than the "nominal", and the amount of the commission is usually higher than when conducting a transaction directly. This method does not differ in favorable conditions.

To withdraw money from the Yandex wallet on a Sberbank card without a commission, it is impossible for a transaction - you will have to pay a fixed amount and 3% additionally. The operation is available on the Yandex website, in a mobile application and third-party resources conducting electronic means. A more profitable option is to install the Yandex Money program and pay a virtual card in retail outlets - it is completely free and safe.

Greetings to everyone who has found time to visit this page! Sberbank maps enjoys most of the population and many of them are owners of Yandex electronic wallets. In connection with the absorption of the Sberbank of the Service, electronic payments "Yandex.Money", the number of wallets holders will only grow. Therefore, the question is how to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to the Sberbank card, for advanced users of the service and bank, has become more relevant.

What cards of Sberbank can be transferred money from Yandex wallet

Money transfers to Sberbank's bank card can only be carried out in the presence of international format cards. The rules concerned the replenishment of the balance through the EPS "Yandex.Money". In this case, restrictions can act for salary and virtual cash carriers.

To transfer finances, you must have MasterCard cards, peace or Visa, which are more popular on online payment systems. The card can be used without binding to the wallet account, so without any special requirements, it is possible to replenish and other radio bank cards.

Important! To replenish the card of the Sberbank of 3rs, it is enough to know the card number, the entry of personal data of the recipient is not required.

How to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card through the Yandex.Money website

On the official website "Yandex.Money" tab "Translations". After switching to this partition, the menu will open before the user, where different means of outputting funds are displayed. From there you need to choose the section "On the bank card".

The service is available if the account owner has a nominal or identified wallet. The status "name" is assigned after the online questionnaire filling.

Translation through the Yandex Wallet website

Further, in the specified field, you should write a map number and translated amount. After performing these actions, you can get the code for confirmation that the system sends to the tied phone number or e-mail. The amount of commission is 3% or 45 rubles.

EPS enrolls money instantly. But, in rare cases, bank services may take 4-5 business days.

Limits when replenishing the card in Yandex.Money

For identified and nominal wallets in the Yandex.Money system, different limits are installed. The size of the limit for each status is specified in the following table.

Money transfer limits depending on the status of the wallet

Wallet status

Size of the maximum transfer amount

for 1 operation For 1 day per month
Identified account 75,000 rubles 150000 rubles 600,000 rubles
Name account 15,000 rubles 150000 rubles 300,000 rubles
Anonymous account 000

Translate to the card can be removed at least from 100 rubles.

Important! Translate money to Sberbank card is not allowed if the status is anonymous wallet.

Translation from Yandex Wallet through Sberbank Online

How to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card over Internet Banking

When using the Sberbank System online to make a transaction, literally per few minutes. And most importantly, there is no commission. Translation of capital with EPS to be carried out with the following actions:

  1. Entrance to Sberbank Online (password / login).
  2. Go to the "Fast Payment" tab.
  3. Choosing a map.
  4. Specify account number in EPS.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Click on click "continue."
  7. Confirmation of actions with a disposable code (on e-mail).

To perform the operation, bind a bank card on the wallet is not necessarily. But the function is not available if the wallet in the status is anonymous.

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ATMs Sberbank

Without a commission, transfers to Sberbank bank card through EPS are permissible when using internal ATMs (Sberbank devices). The translation process consists of the following steps:

  • Inserting cards into an ATM;
  • Introduction PIN code;
  • Choosing the "Payments and Translations" team;
  • Go to the "Electronic Money" point;
  • Opening of the Yandex.Money section (or the corresponding icon).

After that, the account number in Yandex Money fits on the corresponding field. Then the amount of translation is indicated and the "Pay" command is activated.

Self-service terminals

To solve the problem how to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to a Sberbank card and not pay a commission, it is recommended to use TSO devices.

When using the terminal, gradual actions are also performed. To start the operation, you must insert a card in TSO and specify the code. Follow the instructions of the system further. Here you need to choose electronic money in the process of replenishment and enter the Yandex score.

Online Sberbank: Card Replenishment Service

The function is available through the "Pay" panel tool. After the transition to the section, the "Yandex.Money" item is selected. Then the bank account is indicated. The account number in EPS is sequentially entered. A disposable password is sent to confirm the payment. If other tariffs do not apply regarding the service region, the Commission is not charged.

Translation from Yandex card on Sberbank card

Translation from Yandex card on Sberbank card

Yandex.Money Named Map is ordered through a website or annex. With the help of Y. Kard (with the name of the owner), it is possible to shoot in an ATM cash up to 10,000 per month without commission. In addition, I.Card with identification is used to transfer assets to Sberbank cards without commission. At the same time, the wallet and the Yandex map use one - the uniform balance of the user.

Transfer money from Yandex Wallet with Sberbank Card Binding

Top up the card with reference to the EPS account very convenient. Therefore, this is the best solution to the issue, how to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to Sberbank Card.

When adding a map, the system requires specifying the deadline and card number, and the CVC code is sequentially entered. Disposable code to confirm the actions will be sent by Sberbank. Next to transfer assets to the card, just enter CVC code.

Maps of international format can be tied to electronic wallets. To do this, through the Mobile Application of Yandex Money or the main site you need to go to the "Tied Maps" section.

Transfer to a tied Sberbank card

Translation on a tied card: limits

After binding a bank card, the translation of funds is available through an anonymous wallet. A day is available up to 15 transactions. In this case, the restrictions are established according to the status of the wallet.

Translation limits for "tied cards"

Status Size of the maximum transfer amount
On one-time translation For 1 day For 1 month
Identified 100 thousand p. 100 thousand p. 200 thousand p.
Name 60 thousand p. 60 thousand rubles 200 thousand p.
Anonymous 15 thousand rubles 20 thousand p. 200 thousand p.


Our life is difficult to submit without the turnover of funds. And this is especially true of electronic money management format. I think that the above information helped find the answer to the question of how to transfer money from Yandex Wallet to the Sberbank card and not pay commissions. Owners of Yandex Wallets can use the following methods not to pay the commission:

  • ATMs of Sberbank;
  • Name card Ya.Kard;
  • Self-service terminals.

If the above methods do not suit you or you know more convenient transfers with EPS to the card, you can share information in the comments with our readers. And for this, you need to join our subscribers and leave your comment.

How to transfer money from Yandex Wallet on a Sberbank card and not pay a transfer commission


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