How to Delete Page in Word: Empty and Unnecessary - Instructions

How to Delete Page in Word: Empty and Unnecessary - Instructions

February 10, 2021

Posted by: Maksim.

Remove an empty or simply unnecessary page - a sheet in the Word can be several simple ways. Know at least a couple of them will be undoubtedly useful to everyone.

All of them are easy to use and help will quickly get rid of any unnecessary page, which can generally meet in the document.

How to Delete Page in Word: Empty and Unnecessary - Instructions

The last material we devoted the chkdsk utility. Today we are detailed and with explanatory pictures, consider how to remove an empty / excess page in the Word, in the middle, at the end or at the beginning of the document.

Important! The instruction is universal, from it you will learn how to remove a sheet in Word 2010, 2007, 2006 and other versions of Microsoft Office.

How to remove a page in the Word

1. Delete the latest empty page

The fastest way. Opening the document, press the CTRL + END simultaneously to move to the last page. Go to the previous one and press the DEL key two or more times until the last sheet disappears.

2. Use the Del and Backspace key

The method works on all sheets, middle, penultimate or the latter. Put the cursor to the end of the last line of the sheet, which goes in front of the page you want to delete. Press the DEL key until the desired page is deleted.

You can also put the cursor on the last page on the last line and click the Backspace key until it is completely erased.

Interesting! In some cases, the Backspace button must be pressed with the CTRL button.

3. Remove the selection and keys

Being on the desired page, it does not matter empty or with the text - select everything with the mouse and press the DEL key or backspace.

In the event that it seems that it is empty and there is nothing to highlight - believe me, it is not so, on each sheet there are transfers of strings - paragraphs, the transfer can be one or several minutes (see picture) - they can be allocated.

4. Through paragraphs mapping

There may be hidden elements on the sheet - paragraphs, page breakdown or partition. To show them, you need to turn on the display of paragraphs. To do this, click on the keyboard simultaneously the Ctrl + Shift + 8 buttons. You can also turn on by pressing the icon as a paragraph in the top of the program.

Now you know exactly what you can delete and, which is generally allocated. Highlight all paragraphs or ruptures and press the DEL key.

If, after removing the division of the partition, formatting was bought, it can be easily adjusted by creating new paragraphs - the Enter key. If formatting is hard to change, you can change the separation of the section by changing its value. Set the cursor immediately after the partition breaks, go to the menu by the "Layout" tab and open the page options by clicking on a special icon (see Picture).

On the Paper Source tab, set the value "on the current page" in the section "Section".

5. We highlight the team and delete

Another extremely effective way that answers the question of how to remove an empty and unnecessary page in the Word in the middle, at the end or at the beginning of the document.

1. Here everything is simple, go to the sheet to be erased. Press the Ctrl + G key simultaneously and enter the number - \ Page

Then click on the "Go button".

2. All that is on the page will be automatically allocated, these are hidden paragraphs, and breaks. It will only be left to the DEL key.

6. If at the end of the table

If the table is located at the end of the document, the Word automatically puts an additional paragraph after it. Therefore, an empty failed page is formed.

To remove it, click on this empty paragraph and set the font size to 1. Immediately after that it will disappear.

You can also solve the problem like this:

  • Reduce some text from above to make one line less
  • Reduce the interval after some paragraph on 0
  • Reduce the size of the table itself


Carefully see if any hidden characters, breaks or tables that create an empty sheet. And then just erase them from the text.

There are several different ways to get rid of an empty page. In this article described 5 simple ways How to remove an empty page in the Word. These methods will help no matter where the page is at first, the middle or end of the document.

How to remove the page in the Word in the middle of the document
How to remove the page in the Word in the middle of the document

Method 1: Remove the blank page in Word using Backspace

If the unnecessary empty page is at the end of the document, go to the end of the document (using the mouse, slider in the document or by pressing the keyboard key Ctrl + End) and press Backspace. As long as the page is not deleted.

Method 2: Remove the blank page in Word using the navigation area

You may have moved using the "Enter" key or an error with a marking list appeared.

Click the tab "View", Install a tick in the group "Display" on phrases "Navigation area" .

How to delete an empty page in Word Document
How to delete an empty page in Word Document

The navigation window will appear on the left. Select the tab "Pages" , Find a blank unnecessary page, select it and press the "DEL" button until the empty page is deleted.

How to remove a sheet in the Word
How to remove a sheet in the Word

Method 3: Deleting a page in a Word with a code ^ M

To remove empty pages in the middle of the document, use the code ^ m. This is how it is done:

1. In Word, press Ctrl + H to open the Search and Replace dialog box.

2. In the field "To find" Enter ^ m. Then press the button "Replace everything" .

3. Then, in the window that appears, click "OK" .

Deleting a page in the Word with the code ^ M
Deleting a page in the Word with the code ^ M

Method 4: Deleting a blank page breaking

MS Word can help you find empty Paragraph marking pages and formatting symbols.

Perform the following steps:

1. Show paragraph sign

To do this, go to the tab "The main ", in Group "Paragraph" Click the " Show / hide » editing labels.

How to remove an excess empty page in Word
How to remove an excess empty page in Word

2. Look at your empty page, whether there are any characters on it, especially the sign of paragraph or ¶. Select a symbol and remove it, a blank page should be deleted with the symbol.

How to remove the page break in the Word
How to remove the page break in the Word

Method 5: Remove the extra page in the Word after the table

If there is a table at the end of the document, Word will automatically insert a paragraph after it, which often leads to an empty last page at the end of the document.

Although you can not remove this inserted paragraph, you can make it very small so that it does not call the display of the new page. If paragraph labels are included, select the paragraph symbol and change the font size to "size 1" and press the "ENTER" button on the keyboard.

How to remove an empty page in the Word after the table
How to remove an empty page in the Word after the table

However, it still may not work, so if you still see an empty page (even if the paragraph label is too small to see it), try changing the interval around it.

Click on the "Display All Signs" button, go to the paragraph parameters by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the paragraph section, the paragraph formatting dialog box will start. On the Indent and Intervals tab, change any interval before or after paragraph to 0. Change the range of 0. Press "OK."

How to delete an empty page in Word Document
How to delete an empty page in Word Document

If these two options did not work, you can hide the paragraph. Click on the button "Display all signs" . Next, right-click on an empty space under the table. Click on the phrase "Font" , A dialog box appears in which you need to install a tick "Hidden" And click the button "OK".

How to remove an empty page in Word
How to remove an empty page in Word

Here are such ways to remove an empty page in the Word Document I use. And what methods do you use?

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Cut unnecessary sheets from the document is easy. A little harder to fight with empty pages that have suddenly emerged in the middle or end. We'll figure it out how to remove the page in the Word - check all the ways from simple to manipulations with hidden signs.

Easy way

The easiest way to remove the "Delete" or "Backspace" buttons on the keyboard. To get rid of the last sheet, move the cursor to the end of the document. If the unnecessary content is in the middle to highlight it, clinging the left mouse button. If the sheets are already clean, but still not deleted - set the cursor on them and press the delete keys several times to remove hidden characters.

When a blank page occurs only when printing, and it is not visible in the document - check the printer settings. Most likely there is a seal of the separator between different tasks.

Extra paragraph

An empty page can be formed due to the unnecessary paragraph characters - they appear if you accidentally press the "ENTER". To see them, on the main toolbar in the section "Paragraph" click on "Display All Signs". This feature is in all versions of the program - Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2003 and others.

Turn on hidden signs

How to remove an empty page in the Word: If the signs of paragraphs in the form of a symbol appear on the sheet, highlight them all and erase. Excess pages will disappear.

Page break

Sometimes extra pages in the Word appear due to the forcibly inserted breaks. If you have done such a gap, and then add text in front of it, the separator can slide down the next sheet, and it will become empty.

Remove the page break

As in the Word, remove a blank sheet with a break: select the separator symbol and erase it with the "Delete" key. You will immediately see how the page is removed.

Gap section

If your document consists of several sections, their separators can create empty pages. When the gap stands in front of the last sheet, you can simply remove it, as well as the break page.

If an extra sheet in Word appeared in the middle, the removal of the division of the partition tabs the formatting of the lower part. To avoid this, change the type of gap:

  • Put the cursor immediately after the gap, which must be modified.
  • In the "Layout" tab, open the Advanced Settings of the "Parameters" section along the button in the bottom corner.
  • In the "Start Section" field, set the value "on the current page".

Separation format section

Thus, it turns out to simultaneously remove the empty sheet and save sections formatting.

After the table

If the table is located on the last sheet below, it can create an empty page. After the Word table necessarily puts a paragraph sign, to remove which is impossible. If the tablet comes to the bottom of the page - for example, in the Summary template, the table view - the symbol of the paragraph will be automatically transferred to the next leaflet.

Paragraph after table

How to remove a sheet after the table:

  • Select the paragraph symbol, open the "font" - for this, hold the Ctrl + D or select the item item the right mouse button.
  • In the "Modify" section, install a tick to the "hidden" item.
  • Hack the display of hidden signs in the "Paragraph" panel, the unnecessary sheet will disappear.


We learned to remove unnecessary sheets. Hidden formatting signs help to see the structure of the document and manage it flexibly.

Hello everyone! Today we will look at how to remove the page in the Word. It would seem that it would be easier to make it easier by pressing a pair of keys on the keyboard, but as practice shows, many users facing this problem cannot solve it on their own. If you hit this situation and your text document Microsoft Word contains an empty page, then it means there are hidden paragraphs or gaps that the user has set manually. When editing a document, it is recommended to remove such pages, as they, after, will be in a paper document printed on the printer.

I would like to note that sometimes in a text file you need to remove simply not necessary pages, for example, if you downloaded a document from the Internet and decided to edit it for your needs. Therefore, in any case you will have to figure out how to remove the page in the Wilder, which for some reason turned out to be empty or unnecessary. How to do this, we will consider in detail in this article. Therefore, I recommend to read until the end so that in the future it is not to step on the same rake. By the way, if you do not know how to put page numbers, then read the article, how to numbered pages in Word.

How to remove the page in the Word: A simple way!

If you have recently started working at Microsoft Office, consider the easiest method. To remove an unnecessary page in Word, select all the text on the page or part it and click the "Delete" or "Backspace" button on the keyboard.

As a rule, the page should disappear along with the text if nothing else remains on it. Since this method, the most simplest, maybe you have already tried it.

If the text document contains an empty page, most often at the end, and it is not automatically deleted, then we go down to the bottom, pressing the Ctrl + End key combination, and then click the "Backspace" key to remove all hidden information. Most likely that such a page will be deleted if there were hidden paragraphs or gaps that the user put randomly. how to remove an empty page in the Word

Note! Often, the blank page contains several empty paragraphs and to remove them, you need to press the "Backspace" key several times.

If after the manipulations done, the empty page is not doing anywhere, then most likely the problem lies in the other and to solve it to decide the information below.

Because of what empty pages appear and how to remove them in the Word

It is not always clear, because of what an empty page appeared in Word text document. To understand this, you must enable the display of paragraph characters.

By the way, this feature is included in all versions of Microsoft Word, with its help, we can figure out how to remove the page in the Word.

For this, we carry out the following actions:

  1. In the Microsoft Word toolbar, open the "Home" tab and click on the "Display All Signs" icon or include this feature, using a combination of hot keys "Ctrl + Shift + 8";
  2. After you enable this option, opposite each empty string, paragraph or pages, the "¶" symbol will appear; How to remove a page in Word 2010

Empty paragraphs

As a rule, such empty paragraphs do not allow you to remove pages. Since now they are marked, we allocate our characters "¶" and click the "Delete" button. How to delete a page in Word Document

If hidden paragraphs had a place to be, then an unnecessary page will be removed after their removal.

Installed forced pages.

Very often, empty pages appear due to forced gaps that are added by the user manually. To delete it, you need to put the mouse cursor before breaking the page and click on the "Delete" key. how to remove the page in the Word in the middle

Note! Very often, the empty page appears in the middle of the document, due to incorrectly installed breaks. Therefore, pay attention at the moment.

Installed partition breaks.

Another important point, due to which an empty page may appear in the document - this is a set division of the section. Such a gap can be installed in three versions:

  • From an even page;
  • From an odd page;
  • With the next page;

If the empty page is at the very end of your document, then in order to delete it, you need to install the mouse cursor before the partition is breaking down and press the "Delete" key.

Note! There are cases when users do not see where the page break is installed. In this case, you need to open the View tab in the Word menu bar and switch to draft Chernovka mode.

how to remove a page in the Word

I would like to draw your attention even in case, after removing the page breaks, the document formatting is clogged.

In this case, if you need to format text after a rupture, it is not recommended to remove such a gap. Since if you delete the separation of the section, the formatting that is applied after this section break will also be applied to the text that is located above this break.

To get out of this situation, you need to set the burst type: "Gap on the current page" (how to do this below), thereby sagging text formatting and do not add an empty page.

Install the tip type: "Gap on the current page"

In order to change the tip type on the Microsoft Word document page, do the following:

  1. We put the mouse cursor immediately after breaking the partition to be changed;
  2. Go to the tab "Layout" on the Word text editor control panel;
  3. Next, we need the "Page Parameters" clause, for this we click the special button as on the screen below;
  4. A new window will open, in which you need to go to the "Source of Paper" tab;
  5. At the very top of the window, you see the item "Start section" and select "on the current page" from the drop-down list; How to Delete Page in Word 2016
  6. In conclusion, to save the settings with the "OK" button.

After the settings done, the blank page will be deleted. As you can see to solve the problem, as in the Word, you do not need to have a lot of knowledge. If the problem is not solved, I recommend paying attention to another item.

Installed table.

If the above methods did not help you, and the blank page takes place in your text document, then pay attention to whether there is a blank page, the table. The fact is that if the table is located on the penultimate page of the document and comes to the edge of the sheet, then an empty page will appear after it. This happens by the fact that after the table must be an empty paragraph, and since the table reaches the edge of the page, then the paragraph is transferred to the next sheet. How to remove a clean page in the Word

If you are enabled: "Display all characters", then an empty paragraph will be highlighted by the "¶" symbol. Such a paragraph cannot be easily deleted by pressing the "Delete" button. Here you will need to perform some settings. To find out how in the Word Delete Page Make the following:

  1. We highlight the symbol "¶", which stands before an empty paragraph and click the keyboard key "Ctrl + D", a new window with settings will open: "Font";
  2. In this window, you must put a tick in the "Hidden" paragraph, thereby removing the empty paragraph with you;
  3. To apply settings, click "OK"; How to delete pages in Word 2007
  4. In conclusion, to hide paragraphs we click the keyboard key "Ctrl + SHIFT + 8" or turn off the function, "¶" button. An empty page should immediately remove.

Let's summarize.

Today we figured out in detail how to remove the page in the Word. I hope you can easily edit Word documents, because if you know the reason why the excess page appeared in the document, it is easy enough to remove the instructions in the instructions.

how to remove a page in the Word

Microsoft Word document, in which there is an excess, empty page, in most cases contains empty paragraphs, page breaks or partitions previously inserted manually. It is extremely undesirable for the file with which you plan to work in the future, print it on the printer or provide someone to familiarize yourself and further work. However, before proceeding with the elimination of the problem, let's figure it out with the cause of its occurrence, because it is she who dictates a solution to the solution.

If the empty page appears only during printing, and in the Word text document it is not displayed, most likely, the printing parameter is set to your printer between the tasks. Consequently, you need to double-check the printer settings and change them if necessary.

The easiest method

If you just need to delete one or another, excess or simply an unnecessary page with the text or part of it, simply select the desired fragment using the mouse and click "Delete" or "Backspace" . True, if you read this article, most likely, the answer to such a simple question you also know. Most likely, you need to remove an empty page, which is quite obvious, is also superfluous. Most often, such pages appear at the end of the text, sometimes in its middle.

The easiest method is to fall at the very end of the document by clicking "Ctrl + End" and then click "Backspace" . If this page has been added by randomly (by breaking) or appeared due to an excess paragraph, it will immediately delete. Perhaps at the end of your text, several empty paragraphs, therefore, it will be necessary to press several times. "Backspace" .

Ned pages in Word

If it does not help you, it means that the cause of the excess of the empty page is completely different. About how to get rid of it, you will learn below.

Why is an empty page appeared and how to get rid of it?

In order to establish the cause of the empty page, you must enable in the Word document display of paragraph characters. This method is suitable for all versions of the office product from Microsoft and help remove extra pages in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, as in its older versions.

Displaying paragraph characters to Word

  1. Press the corresponding icon ( "¶" ) on top panel (tab "The main" ) or use key combination "Ctrl + SHIFT + 8" .
  2. So, if at the end, as in the middle of your text document, there are empty paragraphs, or even the whole pages, you will see this - at the beginning of each empty lines the symbol will be located "¶" .

Extra paragraphs at the end of the Word Document

Extra paragraphs

Perhaps the reason for the appearance of a blank page is in unnecessary paragraphs. If this is your case, then:

  1. Highlight empty strings marked with a symbol "¶" .
  2. And click on the button "Delete" .

Displaying paragraph characters on the Western to Word

Forced page break

It also happens that the empty page appears due to a rupture added manually. In this case, it is necessary:

  1. Place the mouse cursor before breaking.
  2. And click the button "Delete" To remove it.

Page break to the Word

It is worth noting that for the same reason quite often an excess empty page appears in the middle of a text document.

Gap sections

Perhaps a blank page appears due to partitions of sections set by "from an even page", "from an odd page" or "from the next page". In case the blank page is located at the end of the Microsoft Word document and the division of the section is displayed, you need:

  1. Place the cursor in front of it.
  2. And press "Delete" .
  3. After that, the blank page will be deleted.

If for some reason you do not see the page break, go to the tab "View" On the top ribbon Word and switch to the draft Chernivik mode - so you will see more on a smaller screen area.

Chernivik mode in Word

Important: Sometimes it happens that because of the appearance of empty pages in the middle of the document, immediately after removing the break, formatting is disturbed. In case you need to leave the formatting of the text, located after the gap, unchanged, the gap must be left. Removing the division of the section in this place, you will do so that formatting below the running text will spread to the text that is located before break. We recommend, in this case, change the break type: by setting the "gap (on the current page)", you save the formatting without adding an empty page.

Conversion of the divide break "on the current page"

  1. Install the mouse cursor directly after breaking the partition you plan to change.
  2. On the control panel (Ribbon) MS WORD go to the tab "Layout" .
  3. Page Parameters in Word

  4. Click on a small icon located in the lower right corner of the section "Page settings" .
  5. In the window that appears, go to the tab "Source of Paper" .
  6. Paper source

  7. Expand the list opposite item "Start section" and select "On the current page" .
  8. Click "OK" To confirm the changes.
  9. Start a section on the current page in Word

  10. An empty page will be deleted, formatting will remain the same.


The above methods for removing the blank page will be inactive if the table is located at the end of your text document - it is on the previous one (the penultimate in fact) page and comes to its very end. The fact is that in the Word necessarily indicates a blank paragraph after the table. If the table rests on the end of the page, the paragraph moves to the next one.

Table in Word

An empty, the paragraph unnecessary to you will be highlighted by the corresponding icon: "¶" which, unfortunately, cannot be removed at least by simply pressing the button. "Delete" on keyboard.

To solve this problem, you need hide empty paragraph at the end of the document .

  1. Highlight symbol "¶" Using the mouse and click the key combination "Ctrl + D" The dialog box appears before you "Font" .
  2. Font in Word

  3. To hide the paragraph, you need to install a tick opposite the relevant item ( "Hidden" ) and click "OK" .
  4. Hidden font

  5. Now turn off the display of paragraphs by pressing the appropriate ( "¶" ) button on the control panel or use key combination "Ctrl + SHIFT + 8" .
  6. Empty, unnecessary page will disappear.

That's all, now you know how to remove an excess page in Word 2003, 2010, 2016 or, more simply, in any version of this product. Make it is easy, especially if you know the reason for the occurrence of this problem (and each of them figured out in detail). We wish you productive work without hassle and problems.

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An annoying empty page appears after adding pictures, tables or text with superfluous paragraphs and pages rupture. Empty sheets are not always deleted using the DELETE button. If this method does not work, other Word tools come to the rescue.

How to remove an empty last page in Word

The instructions below are suitable for all versions of Word, starting from 2007 and ending 2016-2019. The course of action and the names of the buttons will not differ.

Telete key

Pressing Delete - the easiest way to remove the last empty page:

  1. Go to the end of the document. Left-click on the empty sheet area to set the cursor. Cursor at the end of the word Word
  2. Press the key Delete. .
  3. If necessary, repeat the procedure if the blank sheet has not disappeared.

Do not forget to save changes in the document. To do this, press the icon in the form of a floppy disk in the upper left corner of the document. Or click the cross to close the word on the right above and select "Save" .

Unproduced Formatting Symbols

Empty looks Page is not always empty. It can be located symbols of new paragraphs. Usually they are hidden from the eye of the user. If it is removed, an empty sheet will disappear.

How to display non-print formatting signs and remove them from the document:

  1. Press the keyboard key combination Ctrl + Shift + 8 . On the screen will appear characters in the form of a column or a fixed letter "P" as in the screenshot below. They indicate the ends of paragraphs and gaps.
  2. If nothing appears, click on the button shown in the screenshot in the tab "The main" section "Paragraph" .Enabling hidden symbols
  3. Select the left mouse button All paragraph characters that are located on a blank page. Click Delete. .Removing paragraph signs

If there is notation on the sheet "Page break" (Shown below), try to allocate them too. And then click Delete. .

page break

Unproduction Sign Removing After Table

Word creates an unjustable formatting sign not only after each paragraph, but also after tables. If the table is located at the bottom of the sheet, this sign can go to a new page.

Simple removal of paragraphs in such cases will not help. To solve the problem, you need to reduce the font that is written this symbol:

  1. Turn on the display of hidden characters using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + 8 either the column buttons in the section "Paragraph" top menu.
  2. Select the icon standing after the table or paragraph, the left mouse button.
  3. In the opening field of the font size field, enter 01 (it is right from the title of the font itself). The icon will become almost inconspicuous and the blank page will disappear.

Font size decrease

Deleting page breakdown and section

If you fail to remove the leaf break using the Delete key, do the following:

  1. In the menu tab "The main" click "Replace" .Replace button
  2. In the window opened "Find and replace" Click "More" .The button is greater
  3. On the menu "Special" Choose "Page break" or "Separation" Depending on what you need to remove. Page break and separation section
  4. In a new window, leave an empty string "Replaced by" . Click "Replace" . All ruptures in the document will be replaced with empty elements. Deleting page breakdown and section

How to remove not an empty page from the middle of the document

Any sheet of Word file, including in the middle of the document, can be removed using the same delete key. To do this, first highlight the page text, and then apply one of two ways: manual - controlled with a mouse, or automatic.

Manual leaf removal

Left-clicking Select the first word on the page you want to remove. After allocations, continue to hold the button pressed. Transfer the mouse cursor to the end of the text to highlight the entire page. Click Delete. . The page will immediately disappear.

Manual removal of Word sheet

Automatic Deleting Built-in Word Tool

Alternative way to remove any page:

  1. Find the page to be removed. Install the cursor anywhere in the text and click on the keyboard. Ctrl + G. .
  2. In the "Enter Page Number" Row \ Page . Click "Go" and then "Close". The page text will be highlighted. transition to a blank page
  3. Click Delete. - The page will disappear.

What to do if the page is not deleted

Perhaps the program window hung. You need to wait a while so that everything comes to normal. Close unnecessary applications so that the computer is easier to cope with the load.

If the Word window works without freezes, use the ways below.

Remove numbering

Page removal can interfere with numbering. How to turn it off:

  1. Click twice in the footer area (where the page number is located). header with pages number
  2. Highlight the left mouse button and click Delete. . The numbering will disappear. Remove page numbering
  3. Now double-click in an empty sheet area to return the previous edit mode.
  4. Delete the page in one of the ways described above.

Change the document format with Doc (DOCX) on PDF

If the previous actions did not help, try saving the finished document in PDF format by selecting all pages except the last empty:

  1. Open tab "File" , Select "Save as" .Menu File Save as
  2. In a new window, select a place to save the file and its name. Specify the PDF as a file type. PDF file type
  3. Press the button "Options" .Parameters button
  4. In the page range, specify from which the text should be taken for the PDF file: how to start and how to finish. If the empty page costs, for example, at number 4, specify the range from 1 to 3. Click OK и "Save" .Page Range for Saving

In the absolute majority of cases, remove unnecessary pages in Word using Delete. If the method does not work, reduce the font of the hidden icon after paragraph or table. If there is a break page, replace it with an empty element using Word tools.


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