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Age makes us wiser, more experienced. Gives many different memories, happy meetings, interesting dating. In a kaleidoscope of events, we forget one truth, the main law of life: if you get something, you will have to give something. What is able to take time for such a gift as age? Ruthless years take the most valuable thing - our youth. And such a loss is instantly reflected on our face. What do we see there?

  • yellowish gray shade of leather, earthy;
  • stretched, extended pores;
  • Weakness of facial muscles (reduced tour).

The lethargy of the epidermis comes to us. In the modern world, flaky skin of the face - the phenomenon is very frequent and common. But do we just need to accuse such change?

Causes of declaration

Age women

With age, several interrelated natural processes leading to declarations:

  • slowdown in the production of hyaluronic acid, which plays a crucial role in moisturizing;
  • the slowdown in the growth processes of collagen and elastin fibers, which are skin frame and maintain the elasticity of tissues;
  • The slowdown in metabolic processes, and, as a result, reducing tissue trophics and the rate of exchanging products.

In young women

  • Disturbance of metabolism due to diseases of the endocrine system: pituitary hypofunction, thyroid disease. In this case, there is a general degros of the skin of the body, the causes of which are laid in the failures of the functions of the endocrine glands. All this develops with apparently health, out of diets and other factors.
  • Overwork, stress, lack of sleep. As a rule, apparent flabbiness of the skin is not observed, but the woman seems to be rapidly old in a few days (remember yourself after several sleepless nights). In this case, the pathogenesis of external changes is to find the body in stressful state, violation of metabolic processes and biological rhythms.
  • The use of poor-quality cosmetics, overdue cosmetics lead to the degros of the skin of the face and neck. Rejuvenating cream of unknown origin often reverse effect!

In women of childbearing age

Pregnancy and subsequent childbirth lead to a decrease in the skin turgora with the formation of excess tissues, especially in the abdomen and hips. This is associated with physiological stretching of the skin during the period of tooling the child, as well as the action of pregnancy hormones, which increase the possibilities of tissue to stretching.

After weight loss

The rapid weight loss, the greater the surplus of the skin is formed on the body. It is especially noticeable on the stomach and hips. If the skin saved after weight loss, the cause is the splitting of subcutaneous adipose tissue. The skin simply does not have time to be rapidly shrinking after the splitting of fat, redistributing, loses elasticity. A strongly stretched and decrepit fabric practically loses its ability to reduce, so in some cases you have to resort to surgical plastic.

Massage face cleansing cheeks

In order to actually remove the cheeks, you need not only to perform gymnastics, but also make a massage - this is not only a useful, but also a pleasant procedure. Massage relaxes, sets up a positive way and improves blood circulation in the vessels.

As you know, the strengthened blood flow to the tissues contributes to their elasticity. There are several types of face massage: just with hands, using honey and with a towel. Not depending on which species is selected, the skin should be cleaned and blown into a towel.

Massage with hands

Before performing the massage, clean the skin of the face and apply cream on it. It is advisable to use fat so that the hands are better slid over the surface, and the skin did not stretch.

Start follows from strokes and lungs patting movements. Next, tinge to walk from cheekbones to the temples. All movements are made from below. You need to pinch and smooth out folds and wrinkles. It is important not to stretch the skin during the procedure.

Massage towel

The skin on the face marched what to do

A small terry towel must be mixed in herbal Nastya (chamomile, calendula, sage). Next should be taken out of the ends of the towel and bring hands together. It is necessary to dramatically, but moderately dilute the hands to the side to get lightweight cotton. Such cotton needs to go through all the problematic areas on the face.

Honey massage

The fingertips should be omitted into a container with natural honey, then apply it on the face of tapping movements. Paging to go through the face several times. Press the pillows of the fingers to the skin and quickly tear them off.

Pulling faces and improve skin tone using massage. Smoothing and patting movements enhance the inflow of blood to the problem area, providing the power of connective tissue cells and increased collagen production. Particular attention should be paid to the area under the jaw to eliminate the second chin and the formation of clear contours of the face.

Strengthen the effect will help the contrast massage using warm and cold water. For its execution, two cotton towels will be needed. Alternately dipping towels in hot and warm water, you need to make light patters. The procedure should include 5-8 shifts of the temperature massage. It helps to return the lost tone and elasticity of the skin, restore the contours of the face after weight loss.

Elimination by sagging skin salon methods

Return the skin for the same kind is difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. You do not have to wait for quick results. The main thing is correctly selected ways to correct this state. Before you go on a consultation to a cosmetologist to a beauty salon, an endocrinologist should be visited and deleted endocrinological pathology!

Modern cosmetology has a long list of external procedures that allow you to improve the condition of the skin to some extent. All methods promise high efficiency, but it should be understood that the effect in each case will be different depending on many factors:

  • The initial state of fabrics
  • quality and duration of exposure
  • Individual reaction of the body on the procedure, etc.

Common contraindications for all methods:

  • oncological diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy;
  • ORVI;
  • blood diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • Damage to the skin (abrasions, cuts).

Fractional mesotherapy

Suitable for skin correction. Mesotherapy is the injection of mesoprants into the skin to a depth of about 1.5 mm with superctic needles. In the composition of mesococci, there may be vitamins, hyaluronic acid, glutathionic peptide, etc. Useful substances that contribute to the regeneration and nutrition of tissues. The introduction of a hyaluronic acid monopreciety is called biorevitalization. Many women use mesotherapy as tribute to fashion, hoping for a significant improvement in appearance.

  • Cheerfulness
  • lack of strict age limitations
  • Fast positive effect.
  • high price
  • the need for several procedures sessions to achieve effect;
  • The effect may not be absent;
  • the formation of hematomas (often), which can be infected;
  • the possibility of developing allergic reactions;
  • the possibility of enhancing infection into the skin;
  • violation of the protective function of the skin;
  • strict list of restrictions after the procedure;
  • The temporal duration of the effect (maximum 1 year).

Fractional RF-Lifting

RF frequencies in the range from 300 MHz - 4 kHz are used in to suspend the skin of the face, neckline, neck and body, on hand, after weight loss and pregnancy. Radio frequency radiation stimulates fibroblast cells, which in turn produce new elastin and collagen. The activation of fibroblast cells occurs both during the procedure and within 1-3 hours after it.

  • lack of a rehabilitation period;
  • Suitable for the correction of the face and body;
  • lack of traumatic and invasive intervention;
  • compatibility with other procedures (mesotherapy, photorejuvenation, etc.);
  • long effect for several years;
  • age limit (not up to 18 years);
  • It takes long, with a large area of ​​exposure can take several hours;
  • strict list of restrictions after lifting;
  • This is a radiation that is invested in a secure range. But safe radiation is not a priori.

Fractional phototermolysis

The action is based on the thermal effects of laser rays when they penetrate them into the skin, which activates the production of collagen and elastin. Reduces leather flabbiness, hands, body, face.

  • superficial effects (without damage);
  • Suitable for facial and body correction, including after childbirth and weight loss;
  • Fast recovery after the procedure;
  • Long effect for several years.
  • high price
  • age limit (effective before reaching 40 years);
  • Long, includes 3-4 sessions.


The vast possibilities of this type of skin impact are known for a long time. The surface effect on the dermis leads to activation of blood circulation and lymphoottock, improving tissue trophics and exchanging, acceleration of tissue regeneration, including collagen and elastin fibers. The reflex impact on biologically active points leads to the mobilization of the internal resources of the body.

An important condition - massage should be tonic, active. In the case of working with the body, various massage rollers and spikes can be used, vacuum fixtures that enhance the effect on the skin.

  • availability;
  • lack of invasive effects and irradiation;
  • The possibility of influencing both the skin of the face and on the skin of the body;
  • Common positive effect (stimulation of the body's protective forces, improvement of performance).
  • Not always a massage with a certain action is such. There are many names - rejuvenating, lymphatic, plastic, and in fact, all this sometimes turns out to be simple stroking;
  • Possible swelling after massage;
  • A course of 10-15 procedures is required.

Microcurrent therapy

Impact on the surface of the skin with weak electrical impulses (40-1000 microampers). Cellular exchange processes are activated, blood microcirculation and lemph outflow, collagen and elastin synthesis.

  • Microchets are not felt by the skin;
  • do not cause contraction of the tissue;
  • act on both the skin and muscles and vessels;
  • Soft positive effect.
  • needed a course that includes 10-12 procedures;
  • electrostimulation of tissues can lead to activation of dormant diseases;
  • Cardiovascular pathology is added to common contraindications.


Light waves acting on the skin are activated by the production of collagen. The method allows you to reduce the flabbiness of the skin of the abdomen, hips, buttocks, hands, necks and faces.

  • non-invasive method (comparable to the tan in the solarium);
  • Suitable for exposure to all parts of the body.
  • high price;
  • may be discomfort during the procedure (burning);
  • Requires a recovery period;
  • Strict list of restrictions after the method;
  • The effect is short (several months) or no no at all;
  • Contraindications - Fresh tan, increased sensitivity to ultravioletiolet and other common (see above).

Signs of flabby skin

It seems to you that you have become worse to look, and the skin has lost the tone and elasticity? Let's check. Honestly answer the following questions.

  1. 1 In the morning, traces from the pillow are printed on the face?
  2. 2 Row tend to swelling?
  3. 3When you get tired, wrinkles are becoming more noticeable?
  4. 4Name There are extended pores that are worse to react to the means for narrowing pores?
  5. 5Vo last time the skin became more dull?
  6. 6ded faces lost clarity?

We suggest familiarizing yourself with the shoes rubbing corn what to do to most questions you answered positively, there are reasons for concern. To get the former bloating look as quickly as possible, we advise you to take the situation under control.

How to pull the savory skin at home

Not everyone can afford salon procedures that do not have cheap. Household methods against decrees with proper perseverance and the desire to goal sometimes are no worse than those offer new-fashioned cosmetologists. What to do yourself, if you have a safer skin:

Water Massage Contrast Temperature

Active massage that produce water flowers leads to the strengthening of collagen frame, and the water of contrast temperatures activates blood circulation in the skin. The contrasting shower is taken every other day for 10-15 minutes, combining with a rigid rigid massage.

Toning masks

Masks made of fruits, vegetables that are applied to problem areas after the shower. The skin, which gained an active impact, well absorbs the beneficial substances that are contained in the gifts of nature.

Yeast, gelatin and protein masks

Effective to combat flowability of neck and face. Gelatin and protein have a compression effect on the skin, acting on the principle of deep massage, and the yeast is actively powered and saturated with cloth with vitamins of group V.

Masks can be alternating in 2-3 days.

  • Gelatinova - 1 tsp. Food gelatin is mixed with 100 ml of cream, leave in the refrigerator to swelling, then put on a water bath until the gelatin is dissolved, cool to the skin tolerance and add a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Apply on the neck and face with a thin layer, after drying the first layer, the second is applied, then in a similar way and the third. Withstand the mask of 30 minutes in a lying position and without changing the facial facial. Washed warm, then cold water.
  • Protein - protein 1 eggs are whipped to a strong foam with a drop of lemon juice and applied on the skin with a dense layer, withstand 20 minutes and flushed warm, then cold water.
  • Yeast - in 30 ml of heated milk there is a third packs of fresh yeast (30 g) and give them to rise, then apply the composition on the skin for 20 minutes. Wash off cool water.

Baths with decoction of a tattar barrel (thistle)

It has an active toning effect and is positioned as the best remedy for leather damage to plant origin. 200 grams of dry grass plant poured 2 liters of boiling water and boiled on a small heat for 20 minutes. The fluid decoction is added to the bath and take it 15-20 minutes. Showed 10 procedures (1-2 times a week).

Wraps with mummy, honey, blue clay, laminaria, lifting creams

The film enhances the effect of the composition applied to the skin and contributes to the best absorption of substances into the skin. Wrapping should be done after the bath or soul, on the steaming skin and to withstand at least an hour, repeating the procedure regularly 1 time per week.

Fitness, Hula-Hope, Belly Dance, Bodiflex, Yoga

How to remove sauceous skin on the stomach and hips? Regularly twist the weighty hoop for 15 minutes a day. Sports classes make it shrink and come to the tone not only the muscles, but also the skin above it. Activation of metabolism and blood circulation, the saturation of skin cells with oxygen during sports is positively affected by appearance. What type of physical activity choose (fitness, yoga, bodyflex, belly dance, etc.) Select - solve everyone, depending on the health and opportunities. If you summarize how to remove the damage of the skin at home - you should deal with this problem daily. Create a specific schedule by timing and assigning a certain method of impact on every day: bath, mask, wrapping, visiting the gym, etc. This is a daily work that will definitely bring fruit.

Cosmetics tightening cheeks

Several types of cosmetics are used to restore the skin.

  1. 1 Products based on fruit acids, stimulating the life of skin cells.
  2. 2 protection based on peptides for skin regeneration at the intercellular level.
  3. 3 protection for regeneration of skin cells after cosmetic procedures.

The skin on the face marched what to do

Peeling is applied to cleansed skin before bedtime. It acts very softly. Blueberry extract, fermented black tea extract and glycolic acid give the skin radiance and leveled the relief.

Retinol in this means corrected signs of aging, reduces the traces of pigmentation, contributes to the alignment of the tone of the skin.

Vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid protect the skin from the effects of stress, reduce wrinkles and contribute to elasticity and tone.

The formula based on the proxilane, phytosfingosin, blueberry extract restores the elasticity of the epidermis and launches the production of collagen, increasing the elasticity of the skin.

The tool is designed to care for age-related skin. If you use a mask regularly, the skin becomes noticeably more touched and elastic, filled with shine and energy.

In beauty clinics, the procedures shown in the flavored fading skin are carried out.

  • Mesotherapy, biorevitalization. With the help of injections in the skin, active substances (hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, peptides, antioxidants) are introduced, contributing to cell regeneration.
  • Fractional radio frequency lifting. The skin is affected by the radiation of a certain frequency that promotes the activation of fibroblasts to increase the behavior of collagen and elastin.
  • Microcurrent therapy. As a result of the effects of electrical impulses of weak force, an improvement in skin cell metabolism, increased blood circulation, and the activation of elastin and collagen generation is increased.

Exercises and massages are very effective in the fight against the wrong oval of the face and sagging cheeks. However, if the approach to the problem is complex, do not do without cosmetology.

It can be cream with lifting effect, salon or shop masks and home recipes. Creams with tightening property can be purchased in salons, stores or pharmacies: Q10 (Coenzyme) from Niveavisage, cream elevator-asset from Vichy, Soinnoir (night cream lifting) from Givenchy et al.

However, to expect a miracle from only one application of one or another cream, it should not be combined with other methods. Masks will better cope with the question of skin suspenders on the cheeks and on the face as a whole.

There are many laboratory recipes from which the following can be distinguished:

  1. Egg mask. Protein one egg to beat the foam formation. Depending on the type of skin add honey (dry) or oat flakes (fat). Apply on the face and wait 10-15 minutes. Wash off water room temperature, after rinsed cool.
  2. Yeast mask. Fresh yeast (50 g) dilute with warm water to the consistency of sour cream. Cover the napkin and leave for a day in a warm place. After, denounce the face and wait 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  3. Oatmeal mask. Hercules in flakes or ground pour hot water and let us last 1-2 minutes. Optionally, you can add honey or yogurt. Apply to face and massage through massage lines. Wash away

We offer to familiarize yourself as and how to quickly cure deprive

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Face massage on the Japanese doctor asah Zogan.

Prevention of leather flabs

With the outlined flabbiness of the skin or a tendency to such a problem, a complex of preventive tonic activities should be adherred, not burdensome, but effective.

  • Contrast washing and shower. Such training improves the elastic properties and elasticity of the skin frame. The only feature is the washing of cool water should be more than the use of warm water. Example: 10 with warm wash, 20 with cool rinsing, etc.
  • Washes that can be replaced with washing: cotton swab moistened in a saline solution (on 200 ml of water 1 tsp. Sea salt), light and fast patches to go through the skin of the neck and face.
  • The wiping of a towel should be carried out according to the principle of labeling, without intense tensile movements on the skin.
  • Application of the daily cream is carried out by accurate, pressing movements, without swing and not rubbing a cosmetic.
  • Toning masks for face and neck. Lemon and cucumber - 2 excellent products to enhance the leather turgora. Products can be mixed with each other, but it is better to use them for season: lemon in winter, and cucumber in summer. The recipe for the mask is element - the pulp of lemon or cucumber is crushed and apply on the skin, in the case of lemon, a thin layer of a fat cream is applied to the skin on the skin on the skin. To withstand on the face 10 (lemon) and 15 (cucumber) minutes with multiplicity 2 times a week, it is advisable to do in the morning.
  • Sports, fitness, swimming - any kind of physical activity.
  • Saturation of diet products containing vitamins E, C, A, B1 (fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals, nuts, sesame), polyunsaturated fatty acids (seafood). Reception of synthetic vitamins is worth with caution (see the damage and benefit of vitamins in tablets).
  • Saturation of ration with collagen products. It will be incorrect to argue that natural collagens are one hundred percent are absorbed by the body and are embedded in the structure of the tissues. They contribute to the restoration of collagen fibers by activating their regeneration. There are three unique products containing Bromelain and Papain enzymes - Papaya, Pineapple and Kiwi. Daily use of fruit data in the fresh form can extend the youth and elasticity of the skin.


Sabek Tatyana Leonidovna Hygienist, Epidemiologist

Lifting Effect of the face with a diet

Restore the elasticity, the clarity of the contours and get rid of the second chin after weight loss using Face lifting diet. In any diet for self-pulling, products that contribute to the production of their own collagen and elastin organism. The fakelifting diet of the famous Professor Nicholas Perryon is very popular.

The diet is based on products with a large content of omega fatty acids. These include salmon fish varieties, nuts, olive, linen and other vegetable oils. From the diet, drinks with caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates and flour products are excluded. Most of the products are used in raw form. Eliminated fried food, dishes prepared for a pair or grill can be used.

The result of such a nutrition will not wait a long time. After two weeks, the face is noticeably rarely and acquires a rested healthy appearance. The diet will help to restore the skin of the face after weight loss, to remove the wicked second chin and the drainage of the cover. Collagen Development improves the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, has the effect of Face Lifting, gives the area of ​​the face and neck clear contours.

Beauty injections

An alternative option for efficient skin restoration is mesotherapy. Depending on the state and number of skin problems, as well as the age of the client, the beautician picks up the components for the mesococci of beauty. Injections may include vitamin solutions, hormones, enzymes, plant extracts and hyaluronic acid.

Improve the contours of the face and get rid of deep wrinkles will help contour plastic. For this, hyaluronic acid based drugs are introduced under the skin. Special efficiency is characterized by the procedure of volumetric modeling, in which the material is introduced more deeply. Such injections make it possible to achieve results similar to plastic surgery.

How to remove sagging cheeks, tighten our faces for 1 day. Exercises, diet, care

For rejuvenating injections, the patient's blood plasma can be used. Plasma launches the process of natural regeneration of the skin, due to which its color is improved, minor wrinkles disappear. The procedure is recommended even to young girls after weight loss. Excellent results provide pricks of Botox or Distports.

Injections make dot into problem areas. Under the influence of drugs, the muscle paralysis occurs, due to which even deep folds and wrinkles disappear for the period up to 1 year. With the help of Botox, you can not only make a suspender, but also to adjust the features of the face, lift the corners of the eyes, improve the shape of the nose and cheek.

Hardware impact methods

Reduced turgor, lethargy and emission of skin, saved chin and changed features of a face with wrinkles, folds and bags under the eyes - indications for radical measures using modern hardware therapy. One of the effective ways to eliminate such problems are the laser face lifting.

The procedure is performed using a laser beam. Directing the ray on the problem zone, the epidermis cell stimulation is made. As a result, the exchange processes are activated, wrinkles are smoothed, the surface of the skin is leveled. The skin becomes perfectly smooth and smooth, elastic and tightened without traces from fast slimming.

How to remove sagging cheeks, tighten our faces for 1 day. Exercises, diet, care

The high effect gives the procedure of photorejuvenation. This is a great way to pull up sagging cheeks after weight loss. Under the influence of impulse light, the collagen has already been removed and the activation of the new production. To fully update skin cells, there are enough 3 sessions. Also in beauty salons are offered other ways of hardware lifting faces after weight loss - cryoralifting under the influence of low temperatures, RF lifting using radio frequency waves and ultrasound therapy.

The main methods of deliverance from the sorceration of the cheek can be considered the following:

  • Modern cosmetic procedures;
  • exercises;
  • self-massage;
  • proper nutrition;
  • Masks.

For 1 day, the appearance will not change, but regular care for itself will lead both to deliverance from the shoes and the overall improvement of the face.

Conditions of the skin, as well as its elasticity, directly depends on the overall health state. Often people need a good leisure and deep relaxation in order to return themselves in shape. Compliance with the rules listed in the article and the implementation of simple exercises and care procedures will help you stay young and beautiful all my life!

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

How to pull up the faces? This question is given a lot of people who want to preserve or return their skin to the former elasticity. Modern medicine and cosmetology do not stand still. A variety of ways have been developed to keep youth, there are special exercises and means to help the skin become tightened. There is also non-operative methods that allow you to pull out the facial oval without surgery.

Faces: how to pull up at home

  • How do the processes of aging in the body (and is it possible to slow down)?
  • Why is the second selection formed?
  • Top 5 exercises for oval faces
  • How to tighten the oval faces at home (after 35, 40 and 50 years)?
  • Massage
  • Best masks for lifting facial oval
  • Other efficient home and salon methods
  • How to get rid of sagging cheeks at home?

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Of course, when a certain turn is achieved, it is necessary to resort to radical methods, however, about everything in order.

How do the processes of aging in the body (and is it possible to slow down)?

To begin with, it should be dealt with the nature of aging. What is it due to? The fact is that after 25 years in the human body begins the natural processes of aging.

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

Metabolism gradually slows down, decreases collagen, and, as you know, it is he who is responsible for skin elasticity. Platism (the muscular complex of the neck and the lower part of the chin) is atrophied earlier than other zones of the body, so aging processes are expressed here the most bright.

If you constantly maintain the body in the tone, then the skin will look more young and tightened.

The presence of bad habits (alcohol and smoking abuse) also negatively affects the appearance. Sports and proper nutrition are able to have a very strong influence on the body's condition.

It is necessary to refuse to eat semi-finished products, sausages, fast food and ready-made sauces. , such as mayonnaise, etc. It is necessary to reduce the intake of baking or not to refuse it.

All these products contribute to the appearance of adipose tissue, which gives the skin a decayable look.

You should pay more attention to water consumption.

By 1 kg of weight should be 30 ml of water per day. That is, with a weight of 50 kg, a person must drink at least 1.5 liters of water. A healthy lifestyle is the best way to extend your youth.

Why is the second selection formed?

The second chin may be formed due to the following reasons:

  • incorrect bite;
  • irregular posture;
  • excess weight;
  • age-related changes.

Many people manage to get rid of the second chin after treating the dentist, the corrections of the posture or deliverance from excess weight.

Doctors managed to trace the connection between age-related changes and inappreciation. It turned out that People who sleep less than 7-8 hours a day, suffer from premature signs of aging.

The main enemy of a person is age-related changes, it is with them to deal with the most difficult. However, it is not necessary to despair, there are many methods that will help get rid of the second chin. More optimism and victory will remain yours.

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

Top 5 exercises for oval faces

So let's start with exercises. Along with physical activity, it is necessary to perform some exercises that will help pull the neck muscles.

This will contribute to pulling the head of the face, will make it clearer and expressive. These exercises will help tighten their faces at home even after 50 years. Below are these exercises:

  • Stand in front of the mirror or sit smoothly on the stool. Do not climb, even if at first it will be uncomfortable. The muscles of the back will gradually get used to such a position and sit straight will be easier. You need to raise my head slightly, but do not throw it on. Now, with a raised head, you need to pull out the lower jaw forward and to stand / see as much as you can. Take time. At first, there are no more power than for 2 minutes, but whatever the result is - it needs to be recorded. Gradually, it is necessary to increase the duration of the exercise, about 20-30 seconds. This exercise will help to give the tone of the muscles of the chin and neck. Repeat the exercise follows 2-3 times a day.

  • Exercise - self-massage. It is best to perform after a hot soul or bath. It is necessary to pat with the bottom of the palm in the zone of the second chin. The exercise should last at least 2-3 minutes. An indicator of the success of the massage should be a pleasant numbness of the skin in this area. Supporters of dry skin can be combined with exercise using moisturizing creams or olive oil. Excess moisturizing after exercise It is necessary to remove a dry napkin.

  • Take a plain pencil, hold it with your teeth. Try to draw 10-15 letters in the air.

  • Sit smoothly. Make circular movements head in different directions. In addition, the tilting of the head will bring benefits.

  • For this exercise, you need a shower with a strong water pressure. It is necessary to direct the stream to the second chin area. As in the previous exercise, there should be a slight tingling or numbness of the skin.

This method is very dry dried, especially if hot water is used. After the exercise, you must use moisturizing means.

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The latter procedure is used even in specialized salons. It is known as hydromassage. For its implementation, special baths or shower cabins are used, in which the flow of reinforced water pressure is provided.

Among the majority of spa procedures, this method is considered the most efficient. Fortunately, it is possible to organize it at home.

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

How to tighten the oval faces at home (after 35, 40 and 50 years)?

Improve oval faces can a mesaroller. This is a special device, on the nozzle of which there are many needles with a length of 0.3 mm. Special means containing a large amount of hyaluronic acid and vitamins are applied on the face.

Similar drugs and this device can be purchased in specialized cosmetics stores.

Some manufacturers are cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid, lipolytic (fat injections), DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol - natural antioxidant, in cosmetology is used as injections) or collagen.

Such means allow you to deal with aging processes at home and give excellent results. To buy them, you also need to contact the appropriate stores.

After their application, it is necessary to make a massage with a mesonoller. Thin needles will make a lot of small jolts, providing deep penetration of the means under the skin.

In addition to direct exposure to cosmetics, the natural processes of skin regeneration are activated, which also contributes to rejuvenation.

Extremely effective means that have a fat burning effect. It is a mask based on honey, mustard, red pepper, cocoa and other natural components. This also includes wraps. Therefore, pay attention to the compositions of masks or creams that are purchased.

People suffering from cardiovascular diseases should be treated with extremely careful . Eastern practices are actively used, which are capable of experimenting on special points in the body.


There is another effective method that actively struggles with the first signs of aging. This is a massage. He is able to support and adjust the oval faces. Banally, but works!

Better if the massage is carried out by a highly qualified specialist, which was educated in this area.

But it is not always possible to go to an experienced specialist. In this case, you can try independent massage, but most importantly, do not forget about the rules for its conduct.

Observe such recommendations:

  • Initially, hands are carefully clean, it is also worth a wash. Take advantage of moisturizing cream and lubricate your face.
  • To heat the skin, carry out light movements of the fingertips in the cheek area, temples. It stands from the wings of the nose.
  • Next is mastered forehead. Perform a slightly pressed movement from the eyebrows, as if trying to smooth the forehead.
  • After that, spend similar manipulations, but from the chin to ears.
  • The back of the palm is carried out by pattering in the chin and cheeks. In the end, massage the neck and zone under the jaw fingers.
  • To achieve results, regularity is important. Massage in the morning time for half an hour. Complete the procedure for masks that are superimposed in the evening.

We also recommend paying attention to fashion trends in Facebilding, Facelifting or Facefitnes.

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

Best masks for lifting facial oval

People's masks may still come to the rescue. Of course, they will not be able to correct the neglected situation, which is why it is worth thinking about their beauty in advance and begin to use similar means at a young age.

Here are some effective masks:

  • Take a squirrel from one egg and take it. It needs to be mixed with honey, butter or milk. This is a wonderful remedy, but it is better to refuse to refuse the owners of dry skin.
  • If you mix the yolk with the same ingredients, then you can also get the effect of suspenders. But such a mask is suitable for dry skin.
  • To begin with, the water bath will help for this. All sorts of components are added to the mixture, but do not forget to take into account the type of its skin. If you have oily skin, take kiwi or, for example, strawberries. Supporters of dry type are worth using sour cream, cream. And in the case of normal skin, honey, herbal decoctions fit.

The main thing to use fresh products, change periodically masks. It is also worth carrying out courses (10-15 sessions), after them it is worth a break.

Other efficient home and salon methods

Tightening faces at home will help such techniques:

  • Cosmetical tools . To this category, it is customary to attract creams, masks and serums that can penetrate deep into the skin and contribute to the development of collagen. They can apply the apparent effect only at certain stages of aging. In the launched stages, these drugs can enter complex care, but not to act as the main methods of combating aging of the skin. It should be understood that high-quality products have a sufficiently high cost.

  • Hardware procedures in the beauty salon. They are considered to attract laser grinding, cryoralifting and RF lifting. Laser and mechanical impact on the skin makes it possible to improve metabolic processes, remove the buried layer of the epidermis, as well as produce a natural suspender. RF lifting has an effect on elastin and collagen molecules, forming a pronounced lifting effect.
  • Without surgery. This is a face lift and neck with special threads that are entered under the skin and create a frame. The main advantage of this method is to be highly effective. One procedure is able to lose up to 10-15 years.

Each of these methods should be used in the presence of objective readings. At concrete age, it makes sense to resort to one or more procedures. Consider how.

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

Question answer

  • Is it possible to achieve the effect of lifting with the help of peeling?
  • What components are best used for home masks to get, albeit a small, lifting effect?
  • Do you benefit contrast washouts?

After 35 years

The first pronounced signs of aging appear precisely after 35 years. At this age, it is too early to resort to radical methods, but it's time to start actively to care for the skin of the face. The following techniques are suitable:

  • massage;
  • cosmetical tools;
  • Injection (mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid);
  • Hardware procedures.

The recovery rate should be appointed by a cosmetologist.

After 40 years

Age when it's time to start an active struggle with skin aging. As the main methods for restoring elasticity should be used:

  • non-functioning method of face tightening threads;
  • Hardware procedures.

As an additional care, you must use:

  • massage;
  • cosmetical tools;
  • Injection of mesotherapy.

The recovery rate should also be defined by a cosmetologist.

After 50 years

Depending on the general condition of the body and skin, the cosmetologist must appoint a leather care course. As a rule, it is at this age that the need arises to resort to surgical interference.

However, the need for the operation is determined not by age bubble, but a common state of the skin. At this stage, you need a complete list of skin care:

  • massage;
  • cosmetical tools;
  • injections;
  • Hardware procedures.

Many of these procedures can be conducted independently at home.

Tightening oval faces: Simple Home Methods

How to get rid of sagging cheeks at home?

With sagging cheeks you can fight yourself at home. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Purchase a special facial massager. Usually, it looks like a glove with massage brushes. The following means is applied to the face: 5 drops of vitamin A and E in oil, olive oil in the same proportion and a drop of lemon juice. The resulting substance is applied to the face, after which soft movements rubbing into the skin through a massager. Repeat such a procedure should be not more often than 1 time per week. There is a powerful nutrition of deep layers of the skin, and the massage provides blood flow, as a result of which regeneration processes are launched.

  • With sagging cheeks actively help to fight masks from blue clay. The substances contained in blue clay supply the skin the necessary trace elements, due to which the skin begins to recover. The blue clay also moisturizes the skin, and, as you know, it is the lack of moisture leads to a helper of the skin.

  • At home, you can perform self-massage Tanaki. This is a special oriental technique acting on the restoration and tightening the skin of the face. The essence of massage lies in the effects on certain lymph nodes located on the head of a person, as well as on the muscles of the face. The forehead muscles are involved in the eye, around the eyes, nasolabic triangle and temporal part.

  • If sagging cheeks became the result of an increase in weight, then it is necessary to fight with root cause - obesity. As already described above, an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and competent moisturizing are capable of providing an incredible effect.

Summing up, I would like to note that the skin condition, as well as its elasticity, directly depends on the overall health state. Modern ecology has an extremely aggressive impact on the human body, and the lack of rest and nervous overvoltage is able to aggravate the situation.

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Often people need a good leisure and deep relaxation in order to return themselves in shape. Compliance with the above rules and fulfillment of simple exercises and care procedures will help to stay young and beautiful all life! Published ECONET.RU.

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The content of the article:

1Top 7 Effective Face Lifting Methods

2Lifting-tipping schemes

3Kinesiio Teypa to correction oval face

4Customer Reviews

How to make a lifting of oval faces, get rid of nasolabial folds, small wrinkles and other age problems? These issues can be relevant not only in adulthood. Chronic fatigue, constant stress, irrational nutrition, active facial expressions, busy rhythm of life, long stay under sunshine is far from everything that becomes the cause of attractiveness. Well-pronounced wrinkles, who flooded the face, sagging cheeks, pigment spots and other aesthetic trouble negatively affect self-esteem and worsen the quality of life of many women. You can fight with cosmetic problems in different ways. The choice of procedures in 2021 for every taste - from inexpensive, which suggest the use of popular recipes to more complex, providing for the use of innovative techniques and instruments. Consider the reasons for the sagging and the most effective ways: how to pull out faces at home.

How to pull up the faces? Lifting faces at home PHOTO-1

Why does the face "saves":

  • violation of the hormonal background;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • age changes;
  • lack of sleep;
  • Lack of PNGK (Omega-3);
  • Excessive passion for gadgets, as a result of which the head is constantly tilted forward.

Top 7 Effective Face Lifting Methods

  1. Tightening masks

Make a lift oval faces can be independently using simple folk remedies. Recipes for efficient masks include a variety of components that are successfully used to care for skin at home. You can improve oval with warm honey, egg proteins, olive oil, starch, oatmeal, cucumber juice, potatoes. These and many other natural ingredients are mixed in a certain proportion and apply a tassel on the skin in the form of a mask. Naturally, such procedures do not replace the hardware lifting, biorevitalization and do not give such results as it can be observed after a plastic surgery, but with regular procedures and compliance with certain recommendations regarding nutrition, staying in the Sun and other restrictive measures, you can get good results.

How to pull up the faces? Lifting faces at home photo-2

The lifting mask helps pull the skin and solve other problems - get rid of small wrinkles, pigment spots, reduce the visibility of nasolabial folds. The main thing is to use fresh products and accurately follow the rules: observe the recipe, the time of applying masks and other recommendations. We give some recipes available masks, prepare and use that can be at home.

This mask is used for emergency suspended face. It is necessary to beat 1 protein and apply for cleansed skin for 15 minutes. After just wash off with water and remove moisture with a napkin. With the feeling of pulp and dryness, it is recommended to moisten the skin with a conventional nutrient cream. Such a mask is also used to combat pigment stains, as the protein has bleaching properties.

Mask increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. For cooking it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of flax seeds and pour 1/3 cup of boiled water. Next, the mixture is shaking for 5 minutes and leave for about 12 hours. In the process of insteading, the seeds are distinguished by a thick liquid, which has a consistency of mucus. This mucus must be strain and used as follows: Apply to a cotton disk and process a person. After complete drying, the next layer is made. Repeat the procedure 5 times. After applying the last layer, you need to wait about 20 minutes and washed off with clean boiled or distilled water.

Honey mask is best suited for fatty skin types. To eliminate ptosis, the face is mixed to obtain a homogeneous consistency. The following ingredients: warm honey - half of the tablespoon, lemon juice - 1 teaspoon, mint oil - 5 drops. I will finish the mixture on the face for 20 minutes. During the procedure, it is not recommended to deal with any cases to avoid the flow of liquid composition. Home lifting procedure is better combined with recreation. It is desirable to be in a horizontal position. Wash off a honey mask with warm water. After complete removal of the means, a contrast washness is recommended, which contributes to rejuvenation and fixing the lifting effect.

  1. Anti-aging cosmetics

In the recommendations of professional cosmetologists, the names of various drugs are often found, the action of which is aimed at eliminating age problems, including those related to the "flood" form of the face. The effectiveness of the use of cosmetic drugs is due to natural and synthetic components that are comprehensively affected and help to solve specific problems. If you decide to give preference to anti-aging cosmetics, it is recommended to obtain complete product information: the composition, action, female reviews that really used a certain cosmetic agent. If you correctly choose a cosmetic drug, then you can significantly improve the situation and make oval faces much more attractive. The main disadvantage of this method of lifting facial is the cost. High-quality anti-aging cosmetics can not cost cheaply. Plus, in regular care, you can do without plastic operations for quite a while. Creams help support the elasticity of the epidermis and significantly improve the skin condition.

How to pull up the faces? Lifting faces at home photo-3

  1. Sculptural massage

This is a simple and effective way of lifting, which helps to improve the condition of the skin and adjust the contour of the face. The advantage is that the procedure is performed without surgical intervention and injection. During the sculptural massage, tonization, strengthening and relaxation techniques are used. The technique involves the impact on the Mimic and chewing muscles along the entire length. It is necessary to massage the problem zones from the point to the point of attachment of the muscles at the same time both from the outside and with the inner through the oral cavity. Deep massage leads to the elimination of the second chin, edema and ptosis, helps remove fat surplus in problem areas. With regular procedures, the effect is quite noticeable. The sculptural massage provides a long result of the natural lifting of the face, as well as the neck and zones of the neckline without any side effects. This is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention.

  1. Faisfitnes.

This is a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the face and an increase in skin tone. For beauty recovery, special devices are not needed or expensive equipment. All that is required is the development of equipment and the time that exercises. On average, it is 15-20 minutes a day. Correctly choose the type of exercise will help instructions and videos that can be found on specialized sites. An example of a simple facial exercise exercise: bend the indexing fingers to give the shape of the hook, thumbs should fit tightly to the chin line. Further, slightly capturing the lower part of the jaw, it is necessary to direct the skin towards the uches in the direction of the uches. Such an exercise removes the tension and helps to pull the face. This is an effective struggle against age-related changes and prevent signs of aging. The minus is that Facefitnes requires certain daily efforts. If you do not perform exercises regularly, it will not be a noticeable result.

Face lifting at home-4

  1. Peeling

Expensive leather exfoliation procedures can be carried out independently at home. It is first necessary to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and obtain complete information on the procedure for actions, as peeling involves a mechanical impact on the skin. Dermatological diseases, wounds and injuries, herpes, acne in the aggravated stage - the main reasons for which peeling is not recommended. The advantage of the procedure is that the effect of rejuvenation is noticeable immediately after the first use of a special scrub or other exfoliating means. This is due to the fact that after the removal of the injurious layer of the epidermis, processes associated with the updating of cells are accelerated. The skin becomes more elastic and "sagging" in the chin area becomes less noticeable.

Lifting faces at home-5

  1. Darsonvalization

Nitee lifting, which gives a good effect of suspended face, but associated with certain risks, can be replaced by a technique called darsonvalization. This is a procedure from the field of electrotherapy: the facial correction is carried out using high-frequency pulsed currents. The process "Darsonval" is used in the process. The pulsed massager contributes to improved blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen fibers, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other components that are present in the body and participate in many biological processes necessary to preserve the elasticity and skin elasticity. The advantages of using the "Darsonval" are not limited to good results of the facial oval correction. The electrotherapy procedure is effective when dealing with wrinkles, contributes to the rejuvenation of the neckline and neck zone, helps reduce interburry fold and gives other health benefits.

  1. Tipping

Taping techniques are widely used in aesthetic cosmetology. This is a natural way of rejuvenation, which is used to suspend the face, eliminating wrinkles, improve skin condition. You can get rid of the second chin, pigment spots and other aesthetic problems. Due to the convenience, high efficiency, availability and practically complete absence of risks, in 2021 this method is considered one of the most innovative and popular.

Lifting faces at home-6

Good results of lifting facials provide Kinesio Teypa - special plasters that are used in the form of applications. Elastic ribbons are placed on a problem area according to a specific scheme to activate natural processes. Correctly glued TEYP improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, enhances microcirculation in subcutaneous adipose tissue, normalizes cellular respiration, activates the metabolism. As a result, muscle tone and elasticity, lost for various reasons, are restored. Muscles are tightened, the skin becomes smooth and does not prevent.

Recommended faces for face:

Napkin antiseptic alcohol 6x10cm (50 pcs / pack.)Napkin antiseptic alcohol 6x10cm (50 pcs / pack.)
Kinesio Tape BBTape ™ 2,5cm × 5m beigeKinesio Tape BBTape ™ 2,5cm × 5m beige

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Kinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 2,5cm × 5m BlueKinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 2,5cm × 5m Blue
Kinesio Tape BBTape ™ 3,75cm × 5m beigeKinesio Tape BBTape ™ 3,75cm × 5m beige
Kinesio Teip BBTape ™ 3,75cm × 5m BlueKinesio Teip BBTape ™ 3,75cm × 5m Blue
Polina Trinity "Face Tipping. Effective method of rejuvenation without surgery and Botox "Polina Trinity "Face Tipping. Effective method of rejuvenation without surgery and Botox "
Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Lite 5cm × 5m BlueKinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Lite 5cm × 5m Blue
Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Lite 5cm × 5m beigeKinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Lite 5cm × 5m beige
Kinesio Tape BBTape ™ Lite 5cm × 5m PinkKinesio Tape BBTape ™ Lite 5cm × 5m Pink
Kinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m goose paws blackKinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m goose paws black

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Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m Tattoo PurpleKinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m Tattoo Purple

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Cross Tapes BB Cross Tape ™ 4,9 cm x 5.2 cm (size C) beigeCross Tapes BB Cross Tape ™ 4,9 cm x 5.2 cm (size C) beige
Cross Tapes BB Cross Tape ™ 2.8 cm x 3.6 cm (size B) beigeCross Tapes BB Cross Tape ™ 2.8 cm x 3.6 cm (size B) beige
Cross Tape BB Cross Tape ™ 2.1 cm x 2.7 cm (size A) beigeCross Tape BB Cross Tape ™ 2.1 cm x 2.7 cm (size A) beige

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Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m emoticons WhiteKinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m emoticons White
Kinesio Tape BBTape ™ 5cm × 5m Kittens BlueKinesio Tape BBTape ™ 5cm × 5m Kittens Blue
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Perforated Face Tape BB Lymph Face ™ 5 cm × 5 m limePerforated Face Tape BB Lymph Face ™ 5 cm × 5 m lime

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Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m Unicorns White (Kids Series)Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 5cm × 5m Unicorns White (Kids Series)

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Kinesio Tape BBTape ™ 5cm × 5m Yellow Machines (KIDS Series)Kinesio Tape BBTape ™ 5cm × 5m Yellow Machines (KIDS Series)

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Kinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Silk 5cm × 5m beigeKinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Silk 5cm × 5m beige
Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Silk 5cm × 5m BlueKinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Silk 5cm × 5m Blue
Kinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Silk 5cm × 5m PinkKinesiio TEYP BBTAPE ™ Silk 5cm × 5m Pink
Kinesio Teip BBTape ™ Silk 5cm × 5m PurpleKinesio Teip BBTape ™ Silk 5cm × 5m Purple
Tape Kinesio Removal Spray 118 mlTape Kinesio Removal Spray 118 ml
Kinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 7,5cm × 5m beigeKinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 7,5cm × 5m beige
Valentin Hight. Basics of kinesiological tipping. Instructions and tips for beginners.Valentin Hight. Basics of kinesiological tipping. Instructions and tips for beginners.

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Perforated Face Tape BB Lymph Face ™ 7.5 cm × 5 m beigePerforated Face Tape BB Lymph Face ™ 7.5 cm × 5 m beige

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Kinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 10cm × 5m beigeKinesio TEYP BBTAPE ™ 10cm × 5m beige
Kinesiio TEYP predable BB EDEMA Strip 5 cm x 25 cm beigeKinesiio TEYP predable BB EDEMA Strip 5 cm x 25 cm beige

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Kinesiio Teip predable BB Edema Strip 5 cm x 25 cm blueKinesiio Teip predable BB Edema Strip 5 cm x 25 cm blue

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Scissors for Kinesio Tapes 21 cmScissors for Kinesio Tapes 21 cm
Perforated Tepe for BB Lymph Face ™ Face 10 cm × 5 m PinkPerforated Tepe for BB Lymph Face ™ Face 10 cm × 5 m Pink
D.Kh. Lee. Encyclopedia crossstatting. Theoretical foundations: neck and pelvis. Book I.D.Kh. Lee. Encyclopedia crossstatting. Theoretical foundations: neck and pelvis. Book I.
Kinesiio TEYP predable BB EDEMA strip 7.5 cm x 25 cm beigeKinesiio TEYP predable BB EDEMA strip 7.5 cm x 25 cm beige

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Tape removal fluid 473 mlTape removal fluid 473 ml

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Advantages of tapping:

  • Availability - the procedure can be carried out independently at home.
  • Efficiency - the first changes of the fields after several sessions.
  • Comfort - Clear Tapes can be at any convenient time.
  • Hypoallergenicity - when wearing there is no uncomfortable sensation.
  • Sustainability - elastic patches are well keen on the skin and do not dug in a wet environment.
  • Cost - high-quality tapes cost cheap, economical consumption.

Lifting-tipping schemes

Lifting faces at home, which is carried out to eliminate the second chin and overall contour improves, gives excellent results if you do everything right. Procedure:

  1. Prepare skin - clean, degrease, dry;
  2. Cut a teype of the desired size;
  3. Round ends slightly;
  4. Make an applique;
  5. Lost a plaster for activating the adhesive layer.

How to pull up the faces? Lifting faces at home photo-7  

Kinesiio Teypa to correction oval face

The Babalance ™ elastic plasters of the Korean brand are distinguished by high quality and receive the best estimates in 2021. The company produces certified products and offers optimal solutions for tipping each area. For sensitive skin, special Kinesio Tapes have been developed, which the Korean brand is present in a separate line. These are soft, hypoallergenic plasters BB Face Tape ™, which gently affect and leave traces on the skin after use.

The manufacturer also presents the latest development in the world of aesthetic tipping - perforated BB Lymph Face ™ face tees. This is a Kinesio Plockers of Top Quality Cotton with a soft adhesive basis. Due to the presence of special slots, they create a powerful drainage effect in a teapigable region, the lymphotocks and bloodstream are activated, derived an extra liquid and launch the processes of regeneration of skin cells.

How to pull up the faces? Lifting faces at home photo-8

You can choose Teip for a person in the online store. The online catalog presents a wide range of plasters and a detailed description: what schemes to use how to properly glue applications, optimal wearing time and other necessary information.

Recommended articles

Redness from Taipov: Allergies or irritation?

This article disassembles the main reasons for the occurrence of irritation and redness during the aesthetic tepping procedure, and recommendations are also given to how to apply tees for a person to avoid unwanted side effects.

How to choose a teype for a face in 2021

Kinesio Teypa for the face is elastic ribbons that have been used for the treatment, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of patients for over 40 years. They are made of natural cotton / nylon / artificial silk with a hypoallergenic adhesive basis.

What are tees for face

Kinesio Teypa is a special elastic tape, which is made of natural cotton. The imposition of teypers on the face provokes the opportunity to pull the oval, eliminate the double chin. In addition, the imposition of kinesio allows you to eliminate the mimic wrinkles, makes the skin tightened. Face Tape Kinesio has a sticky basis that is made from hypoallergenic glue.

Facility for teeping

For the teaption of the face, specialized plasters are used, which are based on cotton fabric and hypoallergenic glue. The use of aesthetic tepping allows the phenomenal results of the rapid restoration of skin elasticity. This cosmetology procedure is a method of rejuvenation that does not have side effects.

Customer Reviews

Read reviews of real buyers about using BBTape Kinesio Tapes, you can on the reviews page:

Read customer reviews

You can leave your review using the form below.

The main reason for the change of facial is natural aging. Over the years, the body decreases very important to maintain the youth of the skin of natural collagen, elastin and the necessary hormones.

It is impossible to prevent the loss of density and elasticity of the skin, but you can suspend. To do this, it is necessary to apply special masks that will help slow down the aging process, pull out the face and achieve rejuvenation at home.

How to pull the facial oval at home depending on age?

Already by 25 years in the body slows down the development of beneficial substances, as a result of which areas with an insufficient amount of adipose tissue appear on the upper layers of the skin. The face looks like a flabby, unhealthy and begins to be covered with wrinkles. To prevent this process and keep youth, it is necessary to care for the skin, given the features of age.

After 35 years

On the face there are clearly pronounced age-related signs. During this period, do not refer to radical methods, however, it is worth starting to actively take care of the skin. For this age, the following measures are suitable:

  • use of cosmetics;
  • injections (hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy);
  • massage;
  • Hardware procedures.

Before starting the recovery rate, you need to consult with an experienced cosmetologist.

After 40 years

This is the time of active struggle against aging. The most efficient methods are:

  • cosmetical tools;
  • injections;
  • massage;
  • hardware procedures;
  • Tightening threads (non-operation method).

After 50 years

It is necessary to visit the cosmetologist, who will select an individual rate of the contour of the face depending on the peculiarities of the skin and the overall health status. Usually at this age, many women are solved on plastic surgery.

During this period, the complete list of procedures is mandatory:

  • massage;
  • injections;
  • hardware procedures;
  • cosmetical tools.


Rejuvenating massage - Faislifting - allows you to pull up and restore oval faces in a short period. Regular conducting procedure helps to bring skin into tone, prevents accusation, as a result of which the person acquires a beautiful pronounced contour, and the skin becomes young.

If you pay only 10 minutes to pull up massage, "second chin" and sagging cheeks will not appear even in more mature age.

It should also be remembered that there are some contraindications for facelifting. These include inflammation, glands, herpes, wounds, operational seams, moles. Massage must be performed in accordance with the recommendations of qualified specialists.

First of all, it is necessary to study the direction of lines and carry out massage exactly on them. Before the procedure, be sure to wash your hands and clean the face from decorative cosmetics. It is necessary to make a massage only in a relaxed state and in a good mood, otherwise there will be no effect.

Technique massage procedures:

  1. In the index and middle fingers gently stroking the skin towards the wings of the nose to the temples.
  2. The same fingers smooth the forehead area from the bottom up.
  3. The pads of all the fingers on both sides smooth the skin towards the ears from the chin.
  4. The back of the palm is tapping the area under the lower jaw.

All movements must be repeated 8-10 times. Massage must be done at least three times a week. To obtain the maximum effect, there is a course of facelifting from 14 procedures, then the skin requires rest for two weeks, after which you can resume sessions.


You can use professional cosmetology products or prepare home folk remedies.

Lifting cream

The tool is used to improve blood circulation, skin nutrition and its regeneration. When choosing a corrective cream, it should be taken into account its composition. It must contain the following components:

  • hyaluronic acid to improve collagen generation;
  • Glycerin for softening the skin and holding liquid in it;
  • microelements and minerals for cell restoration;
  • Retinol contributing to the improvement of cell activity and the stealing glands;
  • organic acids for exfoliation of dead cells;
  • Vitamins E and C, which prevent skin aging and saturated with its oxygen;
  • Essential oils of juniper and citrus
  • Jasmine Acid and Fruit Extracts;
  • caffeine for stimulating cell energy;
  • Vegetable oils (avocado, cocoa, shi) and extracts (Hypericum, apple, citrus and cornflower) for skin elasticity.

Tightening cream is recommended to be applied to the face after applying a scrub on pure and sparkled skin.

Do not be confused by tightening means of fat burning, which have a completely different effect and composition.

Lifting cream can be prepared independently. For this you need:

  1. With the help of a whisk, beat any children's cream (10 g).
  2. Add a few drops of rose hips, 1 tsp. Aloe juice and 10 drops of jojoba oil and vitamin B 12.
  3. The resulting cream is placed in a clean bank, storing in a cold place for no more than one week.

Use cream twice a day.

Compositions for different types of skin

Before cooking means, you should define your skin type. There are several recipes for self-preparation of nutritional creams:

  1. For oily Skin . Lemon juice (1 tbsp.), Yolk one egg, 2 h. Sources to pour 750 ml of vodka and 250 ml of boiled water. Mix everything thoroughly and leave in a cool dark place for 6 hours.
  2. For normal skin . Dry leaves of mother-and-stepmother (1 tbsp. L.) Pour 150 ml of boiling water, close the lid and insist at least half an hour in the refrigerator. Merge water, and mix the remaining mass from 1 tbsp. l. olive oil. The resulting composition is heated in a water bath to a boil, constantly stirring. Be a blender. Use every morning as a nutrient.
  3. For dry skin . Rowan berries (1 tbsp. L.) Grind, add 1 tsp. Honey, yolk of one egg and 1 tbsp. l. Butter. Cream use before bedtime all night.


You can make the skin smooth and elastic with the help of masks prepared from natural components. After regular use of their use, the skin becomes elastic, collagen and elastin begins in its fabrics.

The most effective recipes of tightening masks for any type of skin:

View of masks Preparation and application
  1. It is necessary to beat the protein of one egg, add 1 tsp. Lemon juice and repeatedly beat.
  2. The resulting mixture is on the face for 20 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

Mask is suitable for fatty and combined skin

  1. You need to take a fresh cucumber, clean it from seeds and peel.
  2. Carefully crushed, add 1 tsp. Olive or other vegetable oil and a protein of one eggs (whipped).
  3. The resulting pulp to face for 15-20 minutes, after which it was washed off with water and apply a nutrient cream
On oatmeal
  1. 1 tbsp. l. Oatmeal is chopped in a coffee grinder to the state of flour.
  2. Add 1 tbsp. l. chopped dill and 1 tsp. olive oil.
  3. Mix everything thoroughly and put on your face for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash off warm water
  1. One high-size potato potato tube and make a puree from it, add a little warm milk.
  2. Apply as a mask for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Wash off with water and apply a caring agent
  1. Mix in equal proportions juice lemon and aloe.
  2. Apply a thin layer on the skin for the night.

This mask allows you to achieve maximum tightening effect.

With lemon
  1. Mix 1 tsp. Lemon juice, aloe and brave mint.
  2. Apply on the face for 20 minutes.

For the tightening effect, it is recommended to use fresh lime juice. Apply a mask follows daily

With avocado
  1. Cut the avocado into several parts, thoroughly grind in a blender to the state of the casis.
  2. Add natural honey to the resulting mixture (1 tsp.) And as much tomato freasses.

This tool allows you to smooth the skin and get it necessary vitamins and microelements. To get a quick result, it is recommended to make a mask twice a day

  1. Take chopped cabbage, ground oatmeal, one protein and 1 tsp. Honey.
  2. All ingredients are placed in a blender and mix thoroughly.
  3. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin of the face for 20-30 minutes, then washed off with cool water.

It is recommended to do this mask 2-3 times a week.

  1. One yolk beat with 2 l. Any vegetable oil.
  2. Apply on the face half an hour.
  3. Wash warm water.

The yolk contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for skin. Egg masks contribute to deep skin nutrition and make it elastic

Yeast mask

For the prevention of sorcement of the skin of this mask, you need to use once a week. After 35 years - twice a week. The course is 15 procedures with a break in two weeks.

For the preparation and use of the mask need:

  1. 1 tbsp. l. yeast stir in 0.5 glasses of warm milk, add 1 yolk, 1 tsp. Lime honey and 2 h. vegetable oil.
  2. Mix everything to a creamy state.
  3. Apply on the face for 20 minutes.

Lifting masks

Such masks will give the maximum result, practically the same as the use of hardware cosmetology in the beauty salon. But the effect will be only with regular use of them, that is, 2-3 procedures per week for 20-30 minutes within 30 days. You need to impose a mask on clean skin.

With very dry leather, it is pre-applied cream. After 45 years, it is recommended to wipe the skin with wine diluted with water.

Applying lifting masks need to bottom up with the help of fingers or a special spatula. It is recommended to remove them with a cotton disk, moistened with lemon juice or ordinary water.

A tightening mask cannot be kept more than the set time, especially if it forms a crust. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect - the skin is very far away.

Recipes of lifting masks:

  1. Glinian . It is necessary to use white clay (1 h. L.), One egg squirrel and 1 t. L m oman. All must be mixed thoroughly and apply on the face. This agent for oily skin is recommended.
  2. Gelatinic . In bulk gelatin, you need to add a few drops of vitamins E and A, a little aloe juice and peach oil. You can make the flesh of berries or fruits.
  3. Mary Mask . You should prepare a conventional porridge, take 2 tbsp. l., add apricot flesh to it, one yolk and 1 tsp. Honey and salt. It is necessary to mix all the ingredients, apply to the area of ​​the face and neck for 20 minutes. Apricot can be replaced with a melon or orange.

Honey mask and massage

This procedure allows you to achieve a rejuvenating and tightening effect. The unique composition of honey feeds the skin as possible, allows you to fix the oval faces and improve the production of elastin.

Sequence and technique of massage:

  1. Remove your hair under a hat or golk, clean the skin and apply tonic on it.
  2. Heat the muscles of the face with the help of fingers through massage lines.
  3. Heat honey on a water bath to a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. You can add any essential oil (3 drops by 1 tsp. Honey).
  4. Apply the resulting composition on the face, neck and area of ​​the neckline, leave for 10 minutes.
  5. Clean fingers knock on the face in the bottom upward. It is forbidden to push, rub and massage with circular motions.
  6. The procedure is carried out no more than 10 minutes, after which it is washed off with water and treat the skin with a nutrient cream.

Honey massage is recommended to do after 1-2 days during the month.

Other folk remedies

To change the oval of faces without visiting the cabin, it is necessary to use other recipes in addition to natural masks.

Herbal ice

The ice from the freezer is a home alternative to the well-known cryotherapy procedure. ЭThat method is not suitable for too sensitive skin due to the possibility of its injury .

For the preparation of ice cubes, you can use both ordinary clean water and poison of healing herbs and pieces of berries, vegetables and fruits.

Proven recipes:

  1. One tablespoon of any of the plants: Hypericum, dill, plantain, mint, yarrow, sage or violet - pour 250 ml of boiling water, insist to cool and pour into special molds.
  2. Finely chopped grape berries, watermelon, strawberries or currant pour non-carbonated mineral water and pour into molds for freezing.

For dry skin, it is recommended to use parsley, lime color, cucumber and kiwi. Birch (leaves and kidneys), coltsfoot, peony, calendula, wormwood, citrus and strawberries are suitable for oily.

Herbs for skin suspenders

Anti-aging herbs are used to brew tea, taking baths, masks and making oils. They rapidly increase the skin tone, moisturize and make it elastic.

Recommended herbs include:

  • rose flower;
  • lavender;
  • ginger;
  • aloe;
  • mint;
  • geranium;
  • sesame;
  • sage;
  • rosemary;
  • Sandal.

Contrast wash

The benefits of this method of restoration of skin elasticity is associated with a sharp drop of temperature. Due to this, the vessels and muscles of the person occurs, the process of the exchange of nutrients is activated. Hot compresses and water act on the deepest layers of the skin, removing excess fat. As a result, the faces becomes young, acquires beautiful contours.

Methods of procedure:

  1. To wash the cold water several times, after which it is sharp to change it on hot. Repeat 5-6 times. For problem and fading skin, smaller temperature differences are required. Finishing the procedure should be cold water.
  2. Soft towel moisten in hot water and attach to face for 3 minutes, then wipe the skin with ice cube. Repeat several times and dry out.

These procedures are suitable for any type of skin.


To prepare a rejuvenating lotion, you must purchase one coconut, break and pour the liquid out of it. It is necessary to wipe the face with a care tonic, after which it is mixed with a cotton swab in coconut milk and treat them the skin. Leave for 3-4 hours and rinse with warm water.

You can use herbal lotion. For this you need:

  1. Take 30 grams of mint, pharmacy chamomile, plantain, violets, rose petals and rosemary.
  2. Pour them with boiling water (1 l) and leave for insteading for 6 hours.
  3. Use several times a day as a cleansing agent.

Cosmetic clay

To suspend an oval face, you need to use green, white or pink clay. It can be combined with lemon juice or mineral water.

The resulting cleaner must be applied to the face and withstand to complete drying. Then you should wash off a warm water. Such a procedure should be carried out 3 times a week.

Alginate mask

This is a well-known salon procedure, which, along with an injection technique and threads, allows you to return the skin elasticity and give beautiful outlines to oval face.

This mask is easy to do and independently. This will require:

  1. Dry algae (laminaries) in the amount of 10 g thoroughly grind to the state of the powder.
  2. Pour 30 ml of ragger saffron.
  3. Insist for 20 minutes.
  4. Add 10 g rice starch and 5 g of oat powder.
  5. Mix everything to form a puree.

On the purified skin with a thick layer, apply the resulting composition, ranging from the chin. To withstand the mask of 30 minutes, then wash off with water and apply a moisturizing agent on face and neck. To achieve the desired result, there will be no less than 10 procedures.

Alginant mask

Rejuvenating lotion

The composition can be frozen and used for cryoissage. This remedy for any type of skin.


  1. In green tea (1 tbsp. L.) Add 1 Art. l. Pink petals.
  2. Pour 250 ml of boiling water.
  3. Close the lid and leave it for 1 hour.
  4. Strain.
  5. Add tablet ascorutin.
  6. Pour in advance prepared juice of one cucumber.

The resulting means must be pouring into the container. Wipe the face should be strictly through massage lines.


In addition to the listed methods of suspended facial, there is no less efficient and safe method - Facebilding. With the help of simple exercises, subject to regular execution, it is really possible to achieve a noticeable result without operations and visits to cosmetology salons.

The most effective of them:

  1. To mentally imagine the ball in his mouth and roll it into different directions. Then they strongly squeeze the lips and gently pressed with your fingers on the cheeks for 20 seconds. After that, slightly smolden lips, push the lower jaw and move it from side to the side, speeding up the pace. Language to pull down as much as possible and say the sound "A".
  2. Wide open eyes. Paddle pads slightly pull the skin back and close and open eyelids alternately. Repeat 30 times.
  3. Rass the palms to the feeling of heat, cover the closed eyes with the palms and throw the head back. To raise your eyebrows as much as possible up, but also to pull down. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Make a deep breath, to inflate the cheeks as much as possible and expand the nostrils. Without opening your mouth, we gradually exhale air. Repeat 5 times.
  5. Pull the lips and slowly utter all the vowels.
  6. Slowly open and close the mouth, stopping for a few seconds in the open position.
  7. In turn, raise the corners of the lips, then together.
  8. Strongly squeeze your lips by wrapped them inside. Slowly exhaled with elongated lips, holding the corners of the lips. Repeat 5 times.
  9. Finger attack the face from the middle of the chin to cheeks.
  10. Throw the head back, relying the jaw as much as possible, then gradually strain it, trying to put the lower jaw on the top.
  11. Capture the brushes in the castle, put them under the jaw and carefully throw the head with resistance back within 15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 5 times.
  12. Lower the head on the chest, relax the whole body and perform the circular turns of the head in such a way that it touches the shoulders. Perform 10 turns to each side.
  13. Circular movements lick the lips, pulling the tongue as much as possible.
  14. To smile with a strong voltage, exposing his teeth, roll up the boat and stick it out.
  15. Language cleaned gums.
  16. Open your mouth and knock down the tongue.

With the daily execution of this complex in a month, it is possible to achieve elasticity of the skin, tightening the cheeks, the strengthening of the oval of the face and significantly reduce the "second chin".

Products for skin elasticity

Products that promote the elasticity of skin fibers, including after weight loss, can be purchased almost in any store. They must contain the following substances:

  1. Flavonoids. In large numbers, they are kept in buckwheat. Therefore, nutritionists consider it an anti-aging product. Flavonoids are responsible for the elasticity of collagen fibers and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Silicon. It is an indispensable component for the rejuvenation of the body. It is contained in the sprouted seeds of cereals, bran, fresh greenery, cabbage, seeds, cucumbers and some berries and fruits.
  3. Selenium. Sufficient quantity is present in nuts, coconut, sea fish, garlic, wheat, brown rice, meat.
  4. Iron. With its lack, the skin becomes a flabby and pale. Its a lot in oatmeal, liver, eggs and red meat.
  5. Zinc. It is contained in seafood, increases skin elasticity. It is also a lot of me in meat, yeast, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and cocoa.

For correction and tightening the skin of the face, it is necessary to maintain its healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition. Food is recommended to cook on your own, enriching your diet by natural products. It should be completely excluded from your menu seasoning, fried, sharp and salty dishes. It is necessary to eat less sweet. In addition, you need to give enough time to sleep and walks outdoor.

Face lift (lifting) at home

Each woman wants to look beautiful and well-groomed. And over the years most of the most weak floor representatives are trying to hide their true age, because you just want to seem younger. Unfortunately, many factors, such as improper lifestyle, disease, emotions, the influence of the environment leave a trace on the most open part of the body. Many women who have tools and opportunities are referred to cosmetology cabinets to professionals who with ease can hide the shortcomings of the surgical way. But what if there is no such possibility? It is easy to armonize the necessary knowledge, patience and start working on the restoration of beauty right at home.

The most popular ways of face suspenders without surgery

After 25 years, the process of metabolism slows down, the level of collagen production is reduced, the process of aging of the skin begins. And if at this age can be limited to the use of care cosmetics, then after 35 it is desirable to add more radical methods. Specialists recommend adhere to some rules before the first signs of aging, which will help maximize the beginning of destructive processes:

  • stick to the right nutrition, because we are what we eat. More vegetables and fruits in the diet supplies the skin and the body as a whole vitamins, and the effect of toxins from oily and fried products weakens the tone of cells and disrupts skin exchanging processes;
  • do sport. If you keep the body in a tone, the skin will look young and tightened;
  • less skin exposure to environmental environmental factors;
  • clean, pate and moisturize the skin;
  • Drink enough quiet water daily. For each kilogram of weight should be in the body of 30 ml of water;
  • Do not sleep face in a pillow;
  • Do not abuse bad habits;
  • Avoid sharp weight reductions. After quick fat loss, the skin does not have time to pull out due to weakened muscle fibers.

IMPORTANT: It should be less touched by your hands to the face to avoid hitting bacteria on the epidermis. And also not stretch the skin, for example, leaning on the hand of the chin.

Girl at the computer

Watch out for your own hands when you work at a computer: frequent touch to face can harm skin

Face lift by folk methods Without surgical intervention - a fairly effective, convenient and inexpensive way to return the skin of the face former youth. The list useful in this case of the tips is far from small, but if you perform everything in the complex, you can very quickly achieve the desired result and slow down the aging process. So, cosmetologists offer not neglect the following actions:

  • tightening face masks;
  • massage;
  • gymnastics to increase skin tone;
  • hardware procedures;
  • Injection (mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid).

Important: It will be better if the course of restoration for the skin of the face will appoint a beautician, given the age-related features, as well as the general condition of the dermis.

Starting prophylactic procedures, of course, is better in advance, because it is easier to prevent changes than to correct. However, it is better late than ever. Therefore, after 35 years, there is a massage, gymnastics and injections to the main care, after 45 make an emphasis on rejuvenating procedures using special devices, but after 50 fulfill a full range of activities.

Folk recipes tightening masks

There are many diverse ready-made cosmetic masks aimed at lifting an oval face. They contain in their composition such a substance necessary for the rejuvenation of the skin as hyaluronic acid, collagen, stem cells, etc. Their effect cannot be challenged. Making such masks are recommended regularly, 2-3 times a week. But drugs that truly have the expected effect are notice.

However, you can always cook a more fiscal alternative right at home. It is convenient, affordable, and you will always be sure of the quality and freshness of the cooked cosmetics. There are a number of products that act on the skin tighteningly, thereby having a lifting effect:

  • gelatin;
  • protein;
  • starch;
  • honey;
  • paraffin specially intended for cosmetic procedures;
  • Cosmetic clay.

But any of these products must be used in a complex with other ingredients that will have an additional necessary effect, depending on the type of your skin. If it is required to moisten the skin of dry type, fatty creams are perfect, sour cream, essential oils, fruit additives. Low-fat skin and fermented milk products, freshly squeezed juice from apples or grapes will come to the rescue.


Gelatin contains a large amount of collagen, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition

Gelatin mask with moisturizing effect

Naturally, you do not raise a few years after the one-time application of the gelatin mask, but some improvement will be noticeably immediately. But they still be patient and put this rejuvenating and toning procedure at least 2 times a week. Literally a month later you can enjoy the results of the work done. The dermis will become more elastic, the eating faces will catch up, small wrinkles will be accessed.

For cooking, take the ordinary food gelatin, which is easy to buy at any store. The colossal effect of mask from gelatin is that this product contains a large amount of collagen, which is vital to maintain the elasticity and youth of the skin . Prepare it easy:

  1. Divide 1 tsp. gelatin in cool water.
  2. After swelling the crystals, heat the liquid in the water bath.
  3. Gently add to 1 tbsp. l. Milk and talca, stir up to achieve homogeneous consistency.
  4. Cool

Apply the mask follows after careful cleaning of the face and applying a nutritional cream. When the mask is driving and there will be a feeling of strut, attach a wet warm towel to the face for a couple of minutes, after which you can wash.

Mask with gelatin-gear

Try a mask with lime and gelatin when the second chin appears:

  1. Dissolve gelatin (3 h. L.) In the linden decoction (7 art. L.).
  2. After that, gradually, constantly stirring, add 2 h. Money, 4 tbsp. l. Glycerin and 5 drops of tea tree oil.
  3. Stir until the consistency of homogeneous kilice is achieved.
  4. Cut 5 bandage strips: one 35 cm, two 25 cm and two to 20 cm.
  5. Long strip moisten the mixture, impose from the temple to the temple along the contour of the face through the chin.
  6. Middle bandages attach to the forehead and middle of the ear from the ear to the ear.
  7. Shortly use for neck.
  8. Apply the remaining Cashitz over the bands.

The procedure takes 30 minutes. The effect will be noticeable immediately. The contour of the face will become clearer, the skin will look tumaled and fresh.

Protein masks tightening oval faces

Protein masks are distinguished by a moisturizing effect, so suitable for dry skin. Well, beat the chicken egg protein, add to it soften the flesh of avocado and lemon juice. Apply on the face and wait for complete drying, then apply the second layer of the mask. After 15 minutes, rinse with water.

If you mix the protein with a spoon of olive oil and hold the mixture on the face of 15-20 minutes, the skin will not only become more touched, but also boosts useful substances from oil.

For oily skin, a toning mask will be suitable with the addition of a spoon of liquid honey in a whipped protein and 50 g of barley flour. You can add the droplets of the essential oils of mint and juniper. The whipped mixture is applied for 15-20 minutes.


Employed amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are included in eggs, allow to obtain high cosmetology and aesthetic effect.

Mask from Starch instead of Botox

Many women assure that the mask of starch is capable of providing a huge pulling effect, as well as make the skin with an elastic and moistened. Mode of application:

  1. To begin with, we prepare the basis of their starch. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve 30 g of potato starch in 100 ml of warm water.
  2. After that, add another 400 ml of water and put on the stove.
  3. Heat, constantly stirring, without bringing to a boil.
  4. After thickening, add to a solution of 75 ml of freshly squeezed carrot juice and 25 g of home sour cream.
  5. The mask is applied in a few layers, after the previous dried.
  6. After half an hour, wash the mask with warm water.

Ideally make such a mask in the morning, every other day for a month. Action is directed to:

  • smoothing wrinkles with starch;
  • powered by sour cream;
  • Toning thanks to carrot juice.

It turns out almost the recipe for Botox from Starch - a great remedy for the youth of the skin.

Paraffin, rejuvenating mask

First of all, you should make sure that you have prepared a cosmetic paraffin, which has passed a special cleaning, and not the paraffin from which the candles make. Why are paraffin masks so helpful? The fact is that when he freezes, a peculiar film is formed. It helps substances under it, carefully penetrate the skin. And during its solidification, the pores become already, the muscles of the face are toned, thanks to which wrinkles are smoothed.

Cosmetic paraffin

Cosmetic consider the purified paraffin of the highest quality, without harmful impurities

With caution, it is worth using a paraffin mask with existing vascular stars on the face, dermatological diseases, increased bully. When carrying out such a procedure at home, you should be neat, try to correctly calculate the temperature of heating so as not to burn . Try to attract the assistant to this case so that you can relax when conducting the procedure.

So, having prepared all the necessary materials in advance, proceed to the cooking mask:

  1. First you need to melt 100 g of paraffin in a polyethylene package in a water bath.
  2. Add to several drops of oily solution of vitamins A and E, mix.
  3. Remove from fire and cool if it turned out too much. Before applying should be checked again.
  4. If you wish, you can apply on the face first serum, and then quickly using a whirlpath with warm paraffin.
  5. Then omit in advance prepared pieces of bandage in paraffin, and also impose on the face.
  6. Withstand the mask for 30 minutes, while not talking in order not to strain the muscles of the face.
  7. Carefully remove mask with hands or water.

IMPORTANT: The addition ingredients in paraffin are selected based on the skin type: citrus essential oils are suitable for oily skin, with dry olive oil or avocado, from acne - tea tree oil, aloe juice.

Video: Paraffin face mask at home

Face massage

Face massage is an indispensable method of lifting. During it there is a load on the muscles of the face, which leads them to the tone, as a result of which the epidermis is tightened. When the muscles weaken, the skin becomes weaker, she saves and folds formed. Therefore, it is worth learning to make a self-massage of the face to return the skin youth and freshness.

If you do a procedure regularly, you can achieve positive results:

  • partial or complete smoothing of shallow wrinkles;
  • improvement of colors;
  • increase skin elasticity;
  • disappearance of dark circles under the eyes;
  • Removing edema on the face.

Just 10 minutes of self-massage every day will help forget about the formation of the second chin and balls.

Such a light way of improving the appearance of the face is quite seductive to start doing it right now. However, to begin with, examine contraindications to its holding, so as not to harm even more:

  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • the presence of large acne, uluses, boils;
  • Herpes, warts, major moles;
  • bleeding wounds;
  • hemophilia;
  • Conducting salon procedures in the last 3 weeks;

Cosmetologists advise to comply with important rules, and also prepare for the procedure:

  • explore the basic rules of self-massage, watch his video by professionals;
  • Examine the location of massage lines of the face to perform all movements strictly on them;
  • Before each session, be sure to wash your hands and take decorative cosmetics from the face;
  • Massage only in a good, peaceful mood with relaxed face muscles - negative emotions strain muscles and all efforts will be meaningless;
  • The best time for the massage is the evening, you should not drink a lot of fluid in front of him to avoid the appearance of eats;
  • Each movement to repeat 7-8 times;
  • Massage every other day for a month, after which a two-week break is needed.
Massage lines face

Massage lines of the face are the lines of the smallest skin stretching

Immediately before starting the procedure, apply cosmetic oil on the skin (or lubricate your hands), for example, refined coconut or massage cream. Massage technique simple:

  1. Carefully smooth out the trajectories of massage lines from the lips to the temples.
  2. In the direction of the outbreak arc, spend your fingers from the bottom up to the scalp.
  3. From the center of the chin to the uches, we use 5 fingers at the same time.
  4. The chin is worked out with all the fingers on both sides, ranging from the center.
  5. For 3-5 minutes, tapping this zone with your palm to prevent the formation of the second chin.

After the massage, easy redness is allowed, indicating the influx of blood.

Video: Self-massage

Darsonvalization at home

Darsonvalization is a massage of the face using the Darsonval apparatus, which, acting as a weak current, has a rejuvenating and tightening effect. The effect of microcuria helps to improve the inflow of arterial blood, which provokes an increase in access of oxygen and nutrients. Due to this process, the withdrawal of decomposition products is accelerated and skin soloity decreases. The course of massage sessions with the apparatus Darsonval allows you to rejuvenate the skin, make it more elastic, pull the lower part of the face, gradually reducing the second chin. Now there are small in size and affordable devices that are convenient to use independently at home. Darsonvalization significantly increases the chances of a quick result in the work on the restoration of the contour of the face.

Apparatus Darsonval for Face

Making a massage with the help of the Darsonval apparatus, the chances of returning the youth and the elasticity of your skin are increasing

Cosmetics with lifting effect

It is very convenient to use ready-made cosmetic products - you do not need to look for the right recipes of cooking, buy rare ingredients, follow the expiration date, which is usually very short in the cooked personally cooked. It is enough just to read the testimony and choose the most suitable product for your skin among a huge abundance on the shelves. And all that is required in the future is correct and regularly apply it.

If it is necessary to quickly transform the appearance of the face to the aid, the means of surface lifting will come. Their action is caused by the creation of a film on the surface of the skin, which has a tightening effect and thereby makes the instantage of the facial oval. However, the effect of such funds ends with the removal of decorative cosmetics after washing.

Cosmetics with deep suspended effects have a greater impact, significantly improving skin condition. In this case, the useful molecules penetrate into the depths of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and other substances affecting the process of skin regeneration. But the effect of the use of such funds will appear not so soon. Typically, treatment is from several months to a year.

Serum - Drops of Youth For Skin

Serum, or sulfur - an additional cosmetic facial agent with an increased concentration in its composition of active substances. Most often serum is enriched with collagen and hyaluronic acid, which lead to active work on rejuvenation and elasticity of the skin of the face.

The main difference of serum from the cream is to expose the means. If the effect of high-quality lifting cream should be expected to wait at least 2 weeks, then applying serum, the result will be noticeable the next day. The reason for this is a large concentration of rejuvenating components and their high ability to penetrate the most depths of the skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to use serum on a permanent basis - usually the course of treatment is 4 weeks to avoid addiction. That is why manufacturers produce this tool in small bottles.

Before using serum, you need to carefully examine instructions for use. Most often it is applied to the cleaned skin 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. For the processing of the whole face and neck, just a couple of drops, and the increase in the dosage can cause unpleasant sensations and in some cases - allergic reactions . Therefore, it should be careful to this highly concentrated medium.

Important: Do not use serum for delicate skin around the eyes due to increased concentration of active substances.

Overview of the most effective facilities for face lifting effect

If you prefer ready-made cosmetic products, it should be selected very carefully, given the skin type, the level of the expected effect and the degree of "nestness". It is very important to use high-quality products with proven efficacy having good customer reviews.

Table: List of the most effective means for skin suspenders

Photo Gallery: Cosmetics with Lifting Effect

Le Lift Serum from Chanel
Action Le Lift Serum from Chanel aimed at wrinkle correction and giving the skin of the lifting effect
Almea H.A. Serum.
Serum Almea H.A. SERUM effectively fills the lack of moisture due to the high content of hyaluronic acid
Belita "Laser Like System Serum" perfectly smoothes even deep wrinkles
Advanced Filler Wrinkle Filler from Vichi
Advanced Filler Wrinkle Filler from Vichi - a very high-quality tool with a filler effect, that is, filling wrinkles
Cream "Anti-Wrinkle - elasticity and a suspender" from olay
Cream "Anti-Wrinkle - elasticity and suspension" from OLAY - very affordable and effective lifting-cream-cream for women older than 40 years
SHARY hyaluronic acid
SHARY Hyaluronic acid has a refreshing, strengthening functions, pulls the contour of the face
Lifting mask "Skinlite"
Skinlite lifting mask without problems will remove the second chin after 2 weeks of regular use
Instant Lifting Mask Planet Organica
PLANET ORGANICA Lifting mask instantly adjusts the contour of the face

How to achieve instant effect in a few days

Sometimes there are cases when it is necessary to very quickly pull the oval faces and give the skin a fresh look, for example, before an important event that you want to shine with beauty. And it is quite possible! It will be necessary to carry out a complex of special useful procedures that will allow without constraint to pretend their beautiful appearance.

Contrast massage to increase skin tone

Massage with water of contrasting temperature will help to quickly improve the contour, lead into the tone muscular structure of the face, refresh and make it more expressive. For her, prepare 2 bowls with water - in one there should be cold saline water, in the other - the usual warm. Muffle a terry towel in cold water and attach to the face for a few seconds, then plunge the towel into a bowl with warm water and repeat the manipulation. Change temperatures 8-10 times.

Gymnastics for face lift

There are a number of simple exercises capable of just a few days a little transforming the appearance of the face, make it the contour more clearly, remove traces of fatigue and lack of sleep. By performing a special gymnastics, you can use all the muscles of the person, as a result of which they come to the tone, blood circulation is improved, metabolic processes are accelerated:

  • Exercise "Surprise". Try to reveal your eyes as wide as possible for a few seconds, uttering the sound "y", and then dramatically climb, rebuilding lips for sound "and". Alternate facialy 6-8 times. After that, relax the muscles and sit with closed eyes a few minutes;
  • Exercise "Inflountering Shchik". Deeply inhale through the mouth, then delay your breath, inflatable cheeks. Put your palms on the cheeks so that your fingers are on the ears. Slip palms slightly, putting resistance with cheeks. Slowly release the air from the mouth through a slightly axle lips. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times. If, when performing this exercise, voltage occurs at the base of the language, then the chin muscles are also involved;
  • Exercise "Kisses". Smile as wide as possible, and then fold the lips with a tube. Repeat movement 20-25 times. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the tone of muscles that control the movement of lips.

Video: Rejuvenating face exercises

Milk Loda

Cosmetic procedures using ice helps to tone very effectively, refresh, smooth the epidermis races. Thanks to an ice contact, the skin temperature decreases sharply, as a result of which vessels are narrowed. With the subsequent expansion, the blood enters them more intensively.

Milk Loda

Milk ice - simple in preparation and instantly active anti-felting agent

Ice cubes with milk have a double useful effect on the skin. After all, milk, having a large amount of potassium and calcium, stimulates the production of collagen, which gives the skin elasticity, elasticity, tightness. Vitamin A existing in it eliminates dryness and peeling, and vitamin B6 is working to form new skin cells. When contacting the epidermis after providing a tonic effect, cold cubes begin to melt, turning into a useful liquid, which intensively absorbed into the skin. Performing such a simple and short procedure, you quickly give the skin fresh, shining look.

Video: Fast face lift for a couple of days


It is quite real and without much money. And also optional to go under the knife. The main thing is to arm the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as patience. After all, the main key to success in this matter is regularity. Having a minimal set of ingredients, it is easy to prepare an effective mask for lifting a facial oval. Having studied the right technology, it is possible to allocate 10-15 minutes a day to face massage. You can make simple exercises for the tone of facial muscles by doing other things. Take care of the beauty of the Spring!

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